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Flat-Earther’s homemade rocket is set to launch him from California desert

The self-taught rocket engineer will attempt the launch from the Route 66 ghost town of Amboy, California, which is home to less than a handful of residents. He is attempting the daring mission in a homemade, steam-powered, rocket that he built himself out of scrap metal. The 63-year-old first shot himself skywards in […]

Iraq moves to secure desert near Syria border from jihadist sleeper cells

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Iraq’s military announced a new operation Sunday to secure the vast western desert leading to the Syrian border, amid fears jihadist sleeper cells were using the area to regroup. The operation, dubbed “Will of Victory,” began early Sunday morning and would push to clear the remote territory between the provinces of Salahaddin, […]

12,300 year old campsite replete with bird bones and tobacco found in Utah Desert

   In the dead-flat desert of northwestern Utah, archaeologists have uncovered a scene from a distant, and more verdant, time. Just a few centimeters below the sun-baked surface, researchers have discovered a campsite used by prehistoric hunter-gatherers 12,300 years ago — when Utah‘s West Desert was lush wetland. Artifacts found at the site include the […]

ISIS Remnants Regroup and Attack Syrian Army Posts in the Desert with U.S. Help

ISIS Remnants Regroup and Attack Syrian Army Posts in the Desert with U.S. Help By Arabi Souri ISIS terrorists, defeated by the Syrian Arab Army in the major battles of Der Ezzor and Albukamal east of Syria, have regrouped and launched a new wave of attacks against the SAA posts in the desert with the […]

Man Faces 20 Years In Prison For Leaving Food And Water in Desert For Migrants

By John Vibes / Truth Theory A college professor and charity worker is facing up to 20 years in prison for leaving food and water for immigrants near the border, and also providing a safe house for them to stay the night. Scott Warren, was arrested by border patrol and charged with two […]

Army secures Syria’s southern desert The Syrian army has completed its military offensive in the country’s south, putting an end to the presence of Daesh terrorists in the region.

The Syrian army has completed its military offensive in the country’s south, putting an end to the presence of Daesh terrorists in the region. Source Article from Related Posts SYRIAN ARMY SHELLS TURKISH POST IN SOUTHERN IDLIB A Turkish army tank stationed near the Syrian border, in Suruc, Turkey, Sept. 3, 2016. Syrian Army […]

Woman flies 50 feet off Arizona highway in car, survives crash and six days in desert

     A woman miraculously managed to survive alone for six days in the Arizona desert after her car plunged 50ft off a highway and landed in a tree. The 53-year-old woman was driving along the rain-slicked US 60 in Wickenburg, Arizona, on October 12, when she lost control of her car, crashing through a fence […]

How dare they! Russia depriving US of excuses to keep occupying southern Syrian desert

     Russia has successfully negotiated the withdrawal of one of only two last remaining US-sponsored rebel groups in al-Tanf and is now in talks to relocate the 60,000 refugees in the nearby Rukban refugee camp — to their pre-war homes, now largely held by the Syrian government. This is bigger news than you would think. […]

This Is A Desert – But Once A Year It Turns Into Something Else

In the South and East areas of the vast State of Utah lie sprawling national parks, cliffs and deserts that are devoid of any plant life save a few moisture grabbing shrubs. Largely known as The Badlands, this region barely seems to belong on planet Earth, seeming more like a vista from Mars. When thinking […]

Feds Crack Down On Volunteers Helping Migrants Survive The Arizona Desert

Feds Crack Down On Volunteers Helping Migrants Survive The Arizona Desert Above Photo: From Race Forward/Youtube Screenshot Nine humanitarian volunteers with the group No More Deaths are facing federal charges after leaving water bottles for migrants in the Arizona desert. They are charged with misdemeanors for driving in a wilderness area, entering a wildlife refuge without a […]

2,200yo Greco-Roman temple uncovered in Egyptian desert

The temple was discovered at the al Salam archaeological site, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced on Wednesday. Two limestone lion statues, bits of pottery, coins, and a sculpture of a man’s head were also found at the site. The front section of the temple and foundations were found, along with a three-foot thick outer […]

Justice Action Bulletin: Holy Week Protests Include Desert Walk, Arrests

The 60-mile walk began March 24 in Las Vegas and ended March 30 at the Nevada National Security Site, formerly known as the Nevada Test Site, with the goal of drawing attention to the dangers of nuclear weapons, drones and nuclear waste. One stop on the walk was the Creech drone base in Indian Springs, […]

Sahara desert is 10 percent bigger than 100 years ago

READ MORE: Countdown to Day Zero: Why is Cape Town running out of water? (VIDEOS) Researchers from the University of Maryland studied rainfall data to measure boundary changes of the desert and found that higher summer temperatures coupled with dry winters are increasing the overall aridity of the land. The expansion of the desert also […]

Israel ‘made a desert bloom’ — and I helped — Kamala Harris to AIPAC

Senator Kamala Harris of California, who is viewed a progressive leader with higher political prospects, spoke to the rightwing Israel lobby group AIPAC last week. Her remarks to students were private and were not recorded, AIPAC told the Intercept’s Zaid Jilani. The appearance is a reminder that Harris is taking the inside lane in the […]

U.S. Marine Films ‘Demon’ In California Desert

A U.S. marine claims to have witnessed and filmed a real-life encounter with a demon in the California desert in Death Valley.   In an astonishing series of videos, the marine documents numerous paranormal occurrences in the hot desert – many of which have been subsequently verified by other ex military people. reports: The California desert is […]

Desert town in Algeria is covered in snow for the second time this year (PHOTOS)

     Locals were stunned to see snow on the sand dunes in the Sahara Desert yesterday – after it snowed in a small Algerian town for the second time this year. Following a 37-year spell of no snow which ended in December 2016, Ain Sefra in the country’s northwest, has seen snow no less than […]

A Top Secret Desert Assembly Plant Starts Ramping Up to Build Northrop’s B-21 Bomber

A Top Secret Desert Assembly Plant Starts Ramping Up to Build Northrop’s B-21 Bomber November 13th, 2017 Via: Los Angeles Times: A once-empty parking lot at Northrop Grumman Corp.’s top secret aircraft plant in Palmdale is now jammed with cars that pour in during […]

Atacama desert in Chile erupts in floral beauty after unexpected rain falls in driest place on Earth

     Deserts are meant to be dry and lifeless places but this one in Chile has just had a dazzling bloom of flowers. The plants grew in the Atacama Desert following unexpectedly heavy rainfall in the north of the country during the winter months. Flowers usually grow there once every seven years (because it’s the […]

Saudi Arabia: The Tragedy of the “Ships of the Desert”

After his visit to the Kingdom in May, Donald Trump decided to back the Saudi-led blockade of tiny Qatar (2015 population 2.235 million, but just 313,000 citizens) imposed less than a month later. The siege was also joined by Bahrain, Doha, the Maldives, the UAE – Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah and […]

Desert Hawks, Liwa al-Quds Recapture Imporatnt Hill From ISIS In Eastern Hama

06.07.2017 Click to see the full-size map Syrian government forces, led by the Desert Hawks Brigade and Liwa al-Quds, have liberated the important Tabarat Al-Deibeh Hill from ISIS terrorists in the eastern Hama countryside. The hill has been place of an intense fighting for about two weeks and has been captured and recaptured a few times […]

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