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The desperate search for Guy Montag by John Kaminski

Guy Montag, Guy Montag, you think, tapping your fingers on your desk. Where have we heard that name before? Suddenly you remember. He was the conflicted hero in arguably the most famous science fiction story of all time, something almost everybody in America read in school, and marveled over its frightful foresight. Guy […]

DNC Chair Perez: Trump’s Scam-By-Mail Opposition a ‘Desperate Effort to Steal an Election’

Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairman Tom Perez accused President Trump of attempting to “steal the election” by opposing the shady vote-by-mail scheme during the coronavirus pandemic. Perez made the comments during an appearance on MSNBC on Wednesday. Host Chris Hayes said: “For more on the president’s efforts to subvert the democratic process, I’m joined by […]

‘Desperate even before Covid-19’: Underequipped French nurses roast Macron at Paris hospital

French President Emmanuel Macron was met with an angry reception when he came to visit the Pitie-Salpetriere hospital in Paris this Friday. Talking to the healthcare staff, he told them not to let “good energy fall and despair set in,” but the morale-raising jibe didn’t play well with some of the nurses listening. READ MORE: […]

Why Does The Mainstream Media Seem So Desperate To Keep The COVID-19 Lockdowns Going?

Authored by Michael Snyder via, Something doesn’t smell right.  The number of newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the U.S. each day has been declining, as has the number of deaths.  This is great news, and we should be hoping that the falling numbers are a sign that the pandemic is beginning to subside.  […]

We’re all desperate for life to return to normal, but will we ever again feel comfortable "out there"?

(Natural News) In the past week or two, media reports have increasingly featured images of hordes of angry protesters taking to the streets – many not wearing masks – insisting that lockdown restrictions be lifted so that they can get back to work and normal life can resume once more. Based on […]

Thousands of desperate Americans line up at food banks as coronavirus unemployment toll skyrockets

(Natural News) With the pandemic taking hold just after the new year began, 2020 has proven to be one of the worst years in history for people everywhere, and residents of the United States are no exception. For many, fears about getting ill with the coronavirus have now been eclipsed by desperate […]

Desperate Trump hangs pandemic disaster on the WHO

Kremlin on US suspension of WHO funding: G20 supports WHO’s coronavirus response …from Sputnik News, Msocow [ Editor’s Note: We saw this was coming. It did not take a rocket scientist to grasp that Trump would be way in over his head on handling the virus response, not being able to control himself from overplaying […]

No One Wanted to Helped This Desperate Pit Bull So She Roamed the Streets in Agony

Pit Bulls have proven many times that they make awesome pets and loyal companions, but people somehow still think of them as aggressive and avoid adopting them, or in the case of sweet Matilda, even saving them from dying. Matilda spent a long time on the streets covered in wounds and left to fend for […]

‘A problematic white savior flick’: Starved & desperate woke mobs target Netflix’s ‘Extraction’ starring Chris Hemsworth

The film –which stars Chris ‘Thor’ Hemsworth and is produced by ‘Avengers: Endgame’ directors Joe and Anthony Russo– follows black market mercenary Tyler Rake (Hemsworth) fighting against the odds to extract the kidnapped son of a crime lord in Southeast Asia.  One look at the trailer and it’s pretty obvious the sort of B-action movie […]

Desperate to rewrite coronavirus narrative, Beijing goes on a warpath against whistleblowers… and science

(Natural News) The coronavirus continues to devastate the world. The latest tally from Johns Hopkins University reveals that the global caseload is now past 2.1 million, four months after it was first detected in the Chinese city of Wuhan. According to Beijing’s official timeline, however, the last part of that sentence should be revised […]

Masks Don’t Do Anything, But the US is in Desperate Need of 3.5 Billion of Them from China

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer March 24, 2020 Masks don’t work, according to the Jewish media. They are literally completely pointless and no one even knows why they were invented. But we need to convince our great nemesis China to send us 3.5 billion of them for some reason no one can explain. […]

Macron’s France Seizes Lorries Carrying 130,000 Masks for Desperate British Hospitals

French authorities impounded two lorries carrying over 130,000 masks destined for desperate NHS staff in the United Kingdom, following President Macron’s pledge to “requisition” all stocks in his territory. The seizure occurred just 24 hours after French border guards took another heavy goods vehicle carrying hand sanitiser to Britain. The incidents triggered a diplomatic row […]

In Israel, Corruption and Political Turmoil Mark Netanyahu’s Desperate Bid to Stay in Power

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, must be channeling the spirit of Houdini as he continues to plot his escape from one of the most convoluted political dilemmas in Israel’s history. It is no secret that Netanyahu’s political behavior is almost entirely shaped by his desire to survive in office for as long as possible in […]

Video: Syrians Are in Desperate Race to Outrun Brutal Regime Offensive

Syrians are in a desperate race to outrun the offensive of the brutal Assad regime. The ruthless government forces are aggressively destroying helpless mines and car bombs, treacherously restoring roads, schools and residential houses, cruelly launching road patrols, and (oh, the horror!) oppressing moderate oppositionists from al-Qaeda. On February 18, the brutality of the regime […]

Influenza? Instagram influencers post Coronavirus PHOTOS in desperate bid to go VIRAL

With the virus spreading further every day, public interest around the world has continually ratcheted up. The coronavirus hashtag has become a trend on Instagram and over 200,000 posts using the tag have been uploaded to the social media platform. Also on China develops rapid Coronavirus test that works in under 15 MINUTES Some […]

China’s Geely Considers Investment In Cash-Desperate Aston Martin

As things get dire in the auto industry across the global, consolidation of companies looks like it could be the next step. China’s Geely is in talks with Aston Martin, as the EV maker considers partnering what FT calls some “much needed cash” into the luxury automaker.  Geely is in the midst of due diligence […]

Jeremy Corbyn Goes For Broke With Last Desperate Act, US Democrats Take Note

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, Labour’s manifesto is a final act of desperation. US democrats, especially Elizabeth Warren, should take note. Corbyn Goes for Broke with Radical Manifesto The Guardian reports With the Polls Offering Little in the Way of Hope, Corbyn Goes for Broke There is not much in the article worth reading. […]

How fake news happens: Inside Trump-Pokemon controversy & the media’s desperate bid for attention

Hot on the tails of controversy surrounding the newest Pokemon title due to its lack of content, a petition popped up on the White House’s We the People website asking President Trump to halt sales of the recently released game. From all appearances it looks to have been made by a disgruntled fan, or a […]

Desperate Democrats impeaching Trump to avoid defeat in 2020 – as well as possible jail time

The sound of millions of TV remote controls clicking in unison rumbled across the heartland on Wednesday as the top American diplomat in Ukraine Bill Taylor told the stony-faced gallery: “What I can do, um, for you here today is tell you what I heard from [dramatic pause] people.” Translation: The inquisition’s star witness ‘witnessed’ […]

Mad Maxine: “Desperate Trump” Hellbent on Exposing “Patriotic Whistleblower”

Rep. Maxine Waters slammed President Trump for stooping “so low” in attempting to expose the “patriotic whistleblower,” whose name cannot be mentioned on social media. The Trump-hating California lawmaker warned that the “impeachment train is coming” in a massive tweetstorm on Friday evening, blasting the “desperate” president, who she claims “stooped so low so as […]

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