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Israeli settlements are a regular destination on Birthright trips

For years, Birthright has been taking participants into the occupied territories, usually without their knowledge or consent. ‘At the end of the day, we Israelis always have been less than truthful about where those lines and boundaries are for tourists,’ one former tour operator says. Illustrative photo of Birthright visitors lining up to race […]

UK Says They Will Release Iranian Oil Tanker After Guarantees of Destination

By Jason Ditz (ANTIWAR.COM) — British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt spoke with his Iranian counterpart, Javad Zarif, over the phone on Saturday. The two discussed the Grace I, the Iranian oil tanker seized by British Royal Marines off the coast of Gibraltar on July 4th. Hunt said in a tweet on Saturday, “Just spoke to Iranian Foreign […]

Photos: Isfahan, perfect destination for culture aficionados

MNA | Morteza Rahmani: The mesmerizing Safavid architecture and world heritage sites have made Isfahan province a popular destination for both Iranian and international holidaymakers. Isfahan province has over 22,000 historical sites and monuments, of which 850 are nationally registered and four have been designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites, namely Naqsh-e Jahan Square, Imam […]

Is Spirituality Keeping You Asleep? Are You Mistaking the Bridge for the Destination?

April 23rd, 2018 By Nanice Ellis Contributing writer for Wake Up World Although many paths lead to awakening, and there’s no one right way to “get there,” spiritual seekers often get lost in the system of spirituality and never reach the awakened state. In fact, while on the spiritual path, it is quite common to trade one […]

Asylum seekers have 60 days to leave for an ‘unnamed African destination,’ or face indefinite incarceration in Israel

Welcome to the seventh edition of the monthly Health and Human Rights Media Watch. Members of the Health Advisory Council monitor relevant organizations and websites and compile a list of important news and issues which are summarized here. These newsletters will be posted on our website and archived as a resource. If you wish to […]

Iran dismisses media claims on destination of sunken oil tanker

FNA- Iran’s foreign ministry categorically dismissed media reports claiming that the Iranian oil tanker which sank after colliding with another vessel in the East China Sea was heading to North Korea, stressing that the vessel was heading to South Korea. “As it was declared since the start of the bitter incident, the destination of the […]

Final Destination: Two More Vegas Survivors Die Weirdly

Content originally published at Just weeks after surviving the Las Vegas massacre at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival, a married couple from California died in a fiery wreck when their car rammed into the gate of their gated community and burst into flames less than a mile away from their Riverside County home. Dennis […]

Final destination: Flight 666 makes last trip to HEL on Friday the 13th

The flight from Copenhagen to Helsinki is scheduled to depart at 1.20pm local time, arriving in the Finnish capital at 3.55pm. Finland’s national airline has flown passengers to HEL on Flight 666 for 11 years, with 21 of these flights on the “unluckiest” day of the year, a spokesman for the airline told RT. While […]

Tehran Was Always America’s And Thus The Islamic State’s Final Destination

By Tony Cartalucci Several were left dead and many more injured after coordinated terror attacks on Iran’s capital of Tehran. Shootings and bombings targeted Iran’s parliament and the tomb of Ayatollah Khomeini. According to Reuters, the so-called “Islamic State” claimed responsibility for the attack, which unfolded just days after another terror attack unfolded […]

FAO appeals for $87mn to support 3mn Syrians

FAO called on governments to provide a boost in funding targeted at helping farmers keep their lands in production to prevent the situation from deteriorating even further. The agency’s appeal comes ahead of a February 4 international donors’ conference in London being convened by the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Kuwait and the United Nations to mobilize […]

Don’t panic go organic: Homeless activists feed an entire shelter with rooftop garden

     Every activist has read the increasing number of stories where homelessness is being criminalized, as if simply being homeless isn’t punishment enough. However, there is a rising tide among all walks of life that is beginning to view homelessness in a very different light. As a sinking economy and the criminal actions of the […]

Reasons why Saudi proposed inter-Yemeni ceasefire

Alwaght- A delayed truce announcement by Saudi-led force was scheduled for Tuesday morning. While it is a much needed truce for both sides as Yemen, particularly, is suffering from a humanitarian crisis, many have questioned the motives that pushed the Saudi regime to propose the ceasefire ending 9 months of bloody violence. Coincidently, Un-backed peace […]

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