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Iran’s ballistic missiles destroy mock enemy warships 1,800 kilometers away during drills

TEHRAN– Iran’s home-grown ballistic missiles have destroyed mock enemy warships with pin-point accuracy, hundreds of kilometers away, in the northern Indian Ocean as the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) conducts massive military drills. During the second and last stage of the drills, codenamed the Great Prophet 15, the IRGC’s missiles detected and destroyed the targets […]

WATCH Iran’s Revolutionary Guards destroy mock WARSHIPS with ballistic missiles

Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has successfully destroyed naval targets amid massive military drills. Mock warships were moored some 1,800 km from the ballistic missiles launch site. The tests were carried out on Saturday as part of large-scale military drills dubbed ‘The Great Prophet 15’. Footage released by the country’s media shows launches […]

Iran says ballistic missiles destroy target 1,800 km away in anti-warship drill

Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps conducted a drill on Saturday launching anti-warship ballistic missiles at a simulated target in the Indian Ocean, state television reported, amid heightened tensions over Tehran’s nuclear program and a US pressure campaign against the Islamic Republic. Footage showed two missiles smash into a target that Iranian state television described as […]

Tucker Carlson: Big Tech, Big Business and the Democrats About to DESTROY America as We Know It

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has warned that Big Tech, Big Business, and the Democratic Party are working together to completely eliminate the Trump movement and destroy America as we know it. The crackdown that has ocurred over the last few days amounts to a massive overreaction to a crime committed by a handful of […]

Watch: Protesters Destroy Media Crews’ Camera Equipment

Protesters destroyed media outlets’ camera equipment following the “Save America” rally in Washington, DC, while others stormed the United States Capitol building. In video footage posted to Twitter, protesters can be seen knocking down equipment from various media outlets in attendance at the rally where President Trump spoke on Wednesday morning. JUST NOW: protestors charging […]

‘He’s Gonna Destroy That Place’: Greg Locke Claims God Has Big Plans to Topple Democrats In 2021

During his Sunday sermon, radical right-wing pastor Greg Locke prophesied that in 2021 God will “dethrone” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, destroy the state of New York, remove California Gov. Gavin Newsom from power and expose the Clinton’s supposed involvement in “pedophile sex-trafficking rings.” Locke, who was invited to attend President Donald Trump’s RNC acceptance speech […]

Draining the swamp? French couple ordered by court to destroy pond after losing years-long legal battle over loud frog sex

A years-long legal battle between pond owners in a French village and their neighbors, pestered by loud frogs, has come to an end after a court ordered the basin be drained. The fate of the frogs, however, still remains uncertain. The infamous pond of discord, that repeatedly made headlines over the years, is located in […]

Pro-Trump white nationalist leads ‘destroy the GOP’ chant at D.C. rally

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Jason Kohne Tells His Followers to “Attack and Destroy” Renegade Tribune

I have seen Jason Kohne being promoted across the “pro-White” space for a few years now. I didn’t like him and didn’t trust him. I never really listened to him in-depth, given his associations, his MAGA hat, and the whole new lexicon he is always trying to promote. He just seems fake, and honestly comes […]

Did a Chinese professor just reveal Biden’s plot to destroy the USA?

By RYAN SAAVEDRASons of 1776 A Chinese sociologist recently delivered marks at a forum reportedly in Shenzhen where he declared that it was only a matter of time before China overtakes the United States and effectively puts an end to it. The remarks from Dr. Li Yi were reported by MEMRI TV, a research organization […]

Scientists in Washington destroy murder hornet nest in ‘nick of time’

Scientists in Washington claim they destroyed a nest of so-called murder hornets in the “nick of time”. They discovered 500 live hornets in various stages of development in addition to nearly 200 queens that could have started their own nests. “We got there just in the nick of time,″ said Sven-Erik Spichiger, an entomologist leading […]

Modern Harlots Want to Destroy the White Race (SPANISH)

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AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE Jocelyn Benson is Michigan’s Secretary of State. She is a British Pilgrim Society groomed, NPR, Five Eyes “special relationship” operative put in place to destroy Donald Trump’s lead in Michigan. . .NEONAZI, white supremacist runs the SOS office in Michigan!‘Betsy and Thomas’ join Michael to discuss the resume of this George […]

Jews and Their Puppets Want to Murder Aryan Babies & Destroy Churches – Meet Fierce Polish Resistance

🇵🇱 A gang of leftist freaks are getting ready to attack a defenseless church. Suddenly, they meet the fans of Lech Poznań and the war with the church ends with a panic escape. The Polish police does nothing, too afraid to give bad — Based Poland 🇵🇱 Return (@BasedPoland2) October 26, 2020 Coward jews […]

Bette Midler Begs God to Destroy ‘Racist Criminal’ Trump

Bette Midler is praying to God to destroy the “racist criminal” President Trump and help Joe Biden win on November 3. In an ugly Twitter rant, Midler wrote out her prayer, asking God to deliver the election to Biden. “Are you there, God? It’s me, Bette. I’m so scared God.  We have a fascist in […]

No 2nd stimulus? Time to admit both parties want to destroy the average American

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden arrives at McCarran International Airport October 9, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by AFP) Saturday, 10 October 2020 3:20 PM  [ Last Update: Saturday, 10 October 2020 3:24 PM ] By Ramin Mazaheri cross posted with The Saker With both parties unwilling to agree on a desperately-needed 2nd stimulus package amid Great Depression-levels […]

Did God destroy the walls of Jericho? A brief history of Bible literalism

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Train Wreck Relationships: Why We Choose Lovers Who Destroy Us and How To Heal

October 7th, 2020 By Jack Adam Weber Contributing writer for Wake Up World I regularly see friends get completely destroyed by falling in love with someone who is unavailable to them and who has little depth and ability to show up. I’ve done the same myself. I call this a train wreck relationship. A train wreck relationship […]

Coronavirus won’t destroy the Israeli economy, but Netanyahu’s hysteria could

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4 Hidden Toxins That Can Silently Destroy Your Health

September 24th, 2020 By Nick Polizzi Guest Writer for Wake Up World As a father of two small children, there is a part of me that’s always on the lookout for any danger or unthought-of detail that might hinder them. I know I’m not alone. It’s the loving sacrifice that we humans make for one […]

Doing the laundry too much is going to destroy waterways

The Most Revolutionary Act > Scientific Enquirer The amount of synthetic microfiber we shed into our waterways has been of great concern over the last few years, and for good reason: Every laundry cycle releases in its wastewater tens of thousands of tiny, near-invisible plastic fibers whose persistence and accumulation can affect aquatic habitats and […]

Candace Owens: ‘We Are Not in a Race War’ – That Narrative Is Created to Destroy America

On Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” author Candace Owens stated that America is “not in a race war” and the media is “trying to create that simulation” to destroy the country. Owens cited LeBron James’ tweet that black people are being “hunted” and said that the shooting of police officers in […]


Posted on August 26, 2020 by martyrashrakat Posted on 24/08/2020 by Elijah J Magnier By Elijah J. Magnier: @ejmalrai The US had threatened to withdraw its annual financial support of $135 million (27% of the $500 million annual costs) for the 10,000 UNIFIL men deployed in Lebanon unless its mandate was strengthened. The US, at the request of Israel, asked […]

Non-Binary Dyke Gets a Lecture About Jew Agenda to Destroy Whites

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Posted on August 22, 2020 by uprootedpalestinians 21.08.2020  South Front The Euro-Atlantic establishment and global corporations seem to be so terrified by SouthFront: Analysis & Intelligence that they stop at nothing to suppress SouthFront’s voice and damage our work. On August 21, Google unilaterally disabled SouthFront’s official Google AdSense account claiming that it “was found […]

The Judeo-Communist Plan to Destroy America

The Judeo-Communist plan revealed in 1962: [embedded content] That was then.  This is Portland OR today: [embedded content] Please support EFR by sending a donation to ANP POB 411373 Chicago IL 60641  make the check out to ANP. Thank you. 00 Hits: 1

Useful idiot: Donald Trump and the right’s project to destroy the U.S.P.S.

As the weeks in lockdown turned into months (and sadly, in many places have been reimposed or never ended) many of us on both sides of the U.S./Canada border came to rely on the mail as a lifeline. Postal services in democracies inevitably serve an egalitarian function. In the U.S. from the 1890s to 1960s, […]

Chinese Elite Billionaire: China Has 25,000 Spies Ready To Destroy The US

419 Shares A chilling message from Chinese Billionaire investor, Guo Wengui, who fled China and moved to New York following criticisms of the Chinese regime, has claimed there are 25,000 spies in the US. Wengui claims that the spies are waiting for the right opportunity to “destroy the US” and that the numbers have been derived […]

Israel Told Lebanon it Would Destroy its Infrastructure

This disaster in Beirut has Israeli fingerprints all over the scene. Remember when Israel was carpet-bombing Gaza in 2014 and Israelis brought couches out to a hill overlooking Gaza so they could watch the mass-murder in comfort? Israel Is in Shock, in a Sickening Show of Hypocrisy Was it not that same defense minister that […]

How Commies Destroy: “Seattle is Dying”

This video shows what happens to a city like Seattle when the Commie-loving pAntifa thugs take over the City Council and Mayor’s office: The city goes slowly to waste. Seattle’s Mayor Durkan, the one who blessed the Commie pAntifa thugs taking over part of downtown, until they got her address and started raising hell. Then […]

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