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13 People Develop Facial Paralysis After Receiving Covid-19 Vaccine In Israel: Reports

The Blogging Hounds One of the Covid-19 vaccine recipient’s face was paralysed for 28 hours, reports claimed Outlook Web Bureau 17 January 2021 As many as 13 people in Israel have suffered from facial paralysis after being administered the Covid-19 vaccine, reports claimed. According to WION, the Israeli Health Ministry has indicated that the number […]

Israel’s Biond Biologics to get $125 million from Sanofi to develop cancer drug

Israeli cancer immunotherapy firm startup Biond Biologics said Tuesday it has entered an exclusive worldwide license agreement with Paris-based multinational pharma firm Sanofi for the development and commercialization of its flagship anti-tumor drug BND-22. Under the terms of the agreement, Biond will get an upfront payment of $125 million in cash and could get $1 […]

Biden On if He Disagrees With Kamala: “I’ll Develop Some Disease and Say I Have to Resign”

During a CNN interview, Joe Biden ‘joked’ that, “I’ll develop some disease and say I have to resign” if he disagrees with Kamala Harris. Biden made the comment during a discussion with host Jake Tapper, who asked Biden how he would work with Harris. “And like I told Barack, if I read something where there’s […]

Cannabis Aficionados Develop THC-A Crystalline: The Strongest Hash In The World At 99.99% THC

24K Shares While the sky-high potency may scare some away, Crystalline provides a surprisingly clean, focused, and inspired high. There’s a new kid on the block; her name is Crystalline, and she’s from the Hash Family. Crystalline hash is the latest craze in the hash community, and everyone wants a taste. The demand is so […]

Mo Brooks: ‘I Am Starting to Develop Questions About Whether We Want Anybody from the Ivy League’ on the Supreme Court

During an interview with Mobile, AL radio’s FM Talk 106.5, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) discussed Seventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court and the challenges facing her confirmation. Given Barrett studied law at the University of Notre Dame and not an Ivy League school, Brooks responded to […]

UAE, U.S. and Israel to develop joint energy strategy, say ministers

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Russia Aims To Develop Teleportation In 20 Years

133 Shares President Putin has announced plans for Russia to develop the world’s first teleportation device within the next 20 years.  A Kremlin research program aims to make the same teleportation technology as seen in Star Trek. reports: A proposed multi-trillion pound strategic development program drawn up for Vladimir Putin would seek to develop […]

DARPA Rushes To Develop "Constellation Of Low-Earth Orbit Spy Satellites" Before Next Space Wars

The Pentagon’s research arm, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), will start assessing bids this week from space industry vendors as it wants to disrupt the military space business. DARPA last week published a broad agency announcement ( HR001118S0032 ) for the Blackjack program to develop and demonstrate a low earth orbit (LEO) constellation […]

JAMA Study: Children Given Antibiotics More Likely To Develop Allergies

Infants who are given antibiotics are more likely to develop allergies later in life, according to a study of 800,000 children. Researchers looking at the health records of children born between 2001 and 2013 found that 9 percent of infants who received antacids like Zantac or Pepcid and/or were given antibiotics, developed allergies to food […]

Animal organ HARVESTING farms coming soon? Researchers develop method to "refurbish" harvested animal organs for human transplant

(Natural News) There is an organ-transplant crisis going on. There are far too many people on various organ transplant waiting lists, and not enough organ donors. As such, scientists have thought of various solutions for the problem. One new example is organ refurbishing, which is as straightforward as it sounds – scientists […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2018 [+ Let the games begin & How the war will develop & A brief word on the globalists’ fake ETs (enhanced)]

(Special Note – 9 February 2018) – Let the games begin The Winter Olympics opening ceremony has now taken place, and its theme was “Peace in Motion.” (LOL) We’ll see about that. So here are some things to note as we go forward… > During his pre-Olympic visit to Japan, Vice President Pence made this […]

“Talk to the Trees” – A Simple Exercise to Develop Your Communication with Nature

January 17th, 2018 By Jessie Klassen Contributing writer for Wake Up World This exercise is great for children and adults alike. Nature has lessons for those who listen. Communicating, interacting, and listening to nature is easier than we think. In fact, it’s natural for us to do so. Nature is  aware and sensitive to our feelings, thoughts, […]

US Military Develop ‘Gene Extinction’ Weapon To Wipe Out Entire Race

The US military are developing a “gene extinction” weapon that they say is capable of wiping out entire races and ethnicities during war.  The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is investing $100 million dollars into “gene drive” research in an effort to perfect the ability to wipe out certain types of people based on their […]

Study shows obesity epidemic in U.S. worsening as now more than HALF of all American kids will develop the condition

(Natural News) Despite a renaissance in organic foods and more information available than ever before about how to eat clean and avoid toxic, prepackaged, GMO-laden menus, America’s insatiable appetite for unhealthy fare grows — along with our waistlines. According to the most recent figures, more than half of all children in the country — 57 […]

Mother Nature’s amazing tech: Researchers studied dandelions to develop new parachutes, drones

(Natural News) The science behind how dandelions scatter their seeds is carefully being studied by researchers in biomechanics, fluid dynamics, and microfabrication at Scotland’s University of Edinburgh, lending them information into the physics of parachutes and giving them ideas on how to design small drones or micro air vehicles. The researchers gave the answer as […]

Michael Ryabokon from Noosphere of Max Polyakov Shares How to Develop Tech Potential of Ukraine

It has recently become trendy to talk about the achievements of the Ukrainian startup industry – about how new projects keep popping up in Ukraine and how their number is growing exponentially. Still, most entrepreneurs who set out to find a solution to any given issue, get stuck at the stage […]

Spain running out of jamon after Chinese develop taste for it, prices soar

Jamón ibérico – the culinary pride of Spain – has finally found its “right place in the market, alongside high-end caviar and truffles,” René Lemée, the head of exports for the Cinco Jotas brand, told El Pais on Saturday. He said that the economic crisis in Spain has pushed the country’s exports, allowing many people, […]

US military to develop genetically modified plants to spy in environments ‘unsuitable for traditional sensors’

Source: Independent The US military wants to deploy plants as “the next generation of intelligence gatherers”. Genetically modified plants could be employed as self-sustaining sensors to gather information in settings unsuitable for more traditional technologies. The Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which is responsible for the development of emerging technologies in the US […]

DHS Wants To Develop Advanced Facial Recognition Technology For Use In Airports and Border Checkpoints

By Aaron Kesel In a move straight out of Minority Report, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) wants to develop advanced facial recognition technology that scans the faces of travelers as they enter and leave the U.S. border on highways, NextGov reported. The DHS has posted a public announcement calling on technology […]

Chinese boost helps develop Pakistan’s sea port in Gwandar into major international hub

nsnbc : Chinese financial and construction efforts contribute to developing Pakistan’s Gwandar sea port, located at the Arabian Sea, into one of the world’s […]

Reducing unnecessary surgeries: New tech identifies lesions most likely to develop into breast cancer

(Natural News) Thousands of women each year subject themselves to painful and invasive surgeries to get rid of breast lesions which turn out to be benign, defeating the purpose of the surgeries in the first place. To avoid occurrences of these unnecessary surgeries, scientists are working on making current detection and diagnostic tools more effective […]

Engineers develop a programmable "camouflaging" material

     Woods Hole, Mass.-For the octopus and cuttlefish, instantaneously changing their skin color and pattern to disappear into the environment is just part of their camouflage prowess. These animals can also swiftly and reversibly morph their skin into a textured, 3D surface, giving the animal a ragged outline that mimics seaweed, coral, or other objects […]

Scientists develop Terminator robot "super strength" material that could allow military hunter-killers to strangle you to death

(Natural News) It seems as though the more we experiment with robotics, the more the classic 1984 film Terminator becomes something much more than just a fictional story produced in Hollywood. Scientists today have found ways to develop robots that can speak and think in ways eerily similar to those of real human beings, robotic […]

Scientists develop clean fuel using CO2, proving again how essential carbon dioxide is to human life

(Natural News) Researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory say they have made a breakthrough in clean energy in relation to the process of converting carbon dioxide (CO2) into fuel using photosynthesis. In their experiment, published in the Energy and Environmental Science journal, the U.S. Department of Energy scientists at the Berkeley lab were for the […]

Scientists develop tiny robots that drill into cancer cells to kill them

Tiny new robots are proving to be life-saving tools in the fight against cancer. As first reported in the journal Nature, scientists at Durham University in England, in collaboration with researchers at Rice and North Carolina Universities in the United States, have developed nanomachines that are capable of drilling into cancer cells, killing them within minutes. These […]

Scientists develop self-healing rubber that could mean punctured tires repair themselves as you drive

(Natural News) Flat tires and weak rubber bands may very soon become a thing of the past as researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) recently developed a new tough, self-healing rubber. While self-healing materials are not new, engineering the same properties on dry materials such as rubber poses a bigger […]

Kurdistan, Iran sign two economic protocols to develop trade relations

Kurdistan24– The Kurdistan Region on Saturday signed two trade protocols with Iran aimed at fostering improved bilateral economic ties between both sides. A joint delegation from the Erbil Chamber of Commerce and Union of the Importers and Exporters of the Kurdistan Region were invited to an economic exhibition held in Tehran with the participation of […]

US might “allow” South Korea to to develop more advanced ballistic missiles

nsnbc : The administration of South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in requested Washington, in late June, to amend the current US – Republic of Korea […]

OIEC, Gazprom agree to develop 2 Iranian oilfields

MNA – Oil Industries’ Engineering and Construction (OIEC) has inked a cooperation agreement with Russia’s Gazprom over development of Azar and Changuleh oilfields. Upon finalization of several months of negotiations, managing directors of OIEC and Gazprom signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for partnership in the project for development of Azar and Changuleh oil fields […]

It’s Not Only Necessary To Develop An Alternative To Globalization — It’s Entirely Possible

Above Photo: StopFastTrack / Flickr It was the left who diagnosed the ills of globalization. So why is the right eating our lunch? Free trade and the freedom of capital to move across borders have been the cutting edge of globalization. They’ve also led to the succession of crises that have led to the widespread […]

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