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Understanding the diet-diabetes connection: What you need to know about preventing and managing your risk

(Natural News) Type 2 diabetes is a life-threatening illness, but it’s one that you can largely prevent through lifestyle choices. At the Nutrition 2019 conference held in Baltimore earlier this year, several interesting studies were presented that show just how much what we eat – and the way that we eat it […]

Stevia leaves can potentially be used for improving Type 2 diabetes

(Natural News) Stevia rebaudiana, a member of the Asteraceae family, is widely known as a natural sweetener. Also called candyleaf, sweet leaf or sugarleaf due to its sweet-tasting leaves, the stevia plant has been used as an herbal medicine in many Eastern countries. According to studies, S. rebaudiana is bursting with medicinal properties, which include antibacterial, […]

If you’re at risk of diabetes, you should start pumping iron

(Natural News) People often practice strength training or resistance training exercises to build muscle and achieve their dream figure. But strength training can benefit the body in more ways: A study published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings suggested that this type of exercise can be beneficial for reducing the risk of Type 2 diabetes. In […]

Low Magnesium Linked to Diabetes and High Blood Pressure

Dr. Mercola, Guest Waking Times Magnesium1 is involved in hundreds of biochemical reactions in your body,2,3 and deficiency can contribute to significant health problems. Two common pathologies associated with magnesium deficiency are Type 2 diabetes4,5 and heart disease. According to one scientific review,6 low magnesium may actually be the greatest predictor of heart disease, and other recent research7 published in […]

What causes diabetes leg pain? Symptoms, home remedies, treatments, and prevention

(Natural News) Diabetes is a metabolic disease characterized by high blood sugar levels. According to the American Diabetes Association, over 30 million Americans are living with diabetes, 7.2 million of whom are undiagnosed and have a much higher risk of getting complications like leg pain. Diabetes leg pain can be due to neuropathy or nerve damage caused by high blood sugar levels. So how […]

Studies show vitamin D can help reverse diabetes and heart disease

(Natural News) Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is important for the health of various organs and plays a role in many biological processes. This essential nutrient can be obtained either through sun exposure or by eating excellent food sources, such as fatty fish, cheese, and egg yolks. Today, vitamin D supplementation […]

This common food additive may cause insulin resistance and increase your risk of diabetes and heart disease, warn health experts

Google has declared war on the independent media and has begun blocking emails from NaturalNews from getting to our readers. We recommend as a free, uncensored email receiving service, or as a free, encrypted email send and receive service. That’s okay. Continue with my Gmail address… […]

Turmeric Extract May Prevent, Even Reverse Diabetes (Type 1 and 2)

The Facts: The idea that we need to consume as much protein that is recommended to us by federal health regulatory agencies is not backed by much evidence. On the contrary, there is evidence suggesting that these guidelines are too high. Reflect On: How truthful have our federal health regulatory agencies been? How much influence […]

Kudzu shows promise in treating Type 2 diabetes

(Natural News) Diabetes is one of the most challenging public health problems in the world. Because of its increasing prevalence and mortality rates, as well as its serious complications, more effective and natural treatments are needed. Traditional herbs have a long history of being used for treating diabetes, and one of these […]

BEST OF THE WEB: Have we found the true cause of diabetes, stroke and Alzheimer’s?

   For decades, health experts have been lecturing us about our bad habits, blaming them for the surge in “lifestyle diseases”. These often come on as we age and include heart disease, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. Worldwide, 70 per cent of all deaths are now attributed to these conditions. In the UK, […]

Mulberry leaves can be used to keep diabetes symptoms at bay

Google has declared war on the independent media and has begun blocking emails from NaturalNews from getting to our readers. We recommend as a free, uncensored email receiving service, or as a free, encrypted email send and receive service. That’s okay. Continue with my Gmail address… […]

Healing With Iodine: Supplementation is Essential for Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer

We knew a hundred years ago that we needed more iodine and governments started putting a tiny bit in table salt. It was not enough and after the nuclear accident at Fukushima, we need more because of the radioactive iodine released into the environment. Humans in the 21st Century have an absolute need for iodine […]

A few minutes of resistance training is all you need to lower your risk of CVD and diabetes

(Natural News) Physical exercise is necessary for your overall health. According to a study, regular resistance training helps lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). A related study also suggests that having moderate muscle strength lowers Type 2 diabetes risk. The two studies evaluated data from the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study conducted […]

iThrive: Rising from the Depths of Diabetes and Obesity – FREE Docu-Series

Obesity and diabetes are twin killers, with one Oxford University researcher even going so far as to call diabetes ‘the Black Death of the 21st Century’. New research shows that obesity now accounts for more cases of the four most common cancers than smoking does. The obesity and diabetes epidemic is growing – and killing. […]

Resistance training: Prevent type 2 diabetes by building more muscle

(Natural News) Resistance training is not only for people who want to build muscles. New research shows that this type of exercise helps prevent Type 2 diabetes, particularly in high-risk people. Researchers from China and the U.S. looked at the long-term effects of aerobic training, resistance training, and a combination of both on […]

Studies Show What A Whole Foods Vegan Diet Does For People With Diabetes

[Note: This is Part IX in a series of articles adapted from the second Children’s Health Defense eBook: Conflicts of Interest Undermine Children’s Health. The first eBook, The Sickest Generation: The Facts Behind the Children’s Health Crisis and Why It Needs to End, described how children’s health began to worsen dramatically in the late 1980s following fateful […]

FDA Study Finds Link Between Diabetes Drugs & ‘Flesh-Eating’ Genital Infection

A new study by US Food and Drug Administration scientists has found a link to some of the newer diabetes drugs to a “flesh-eating” genital disease. The FDA announced that SGLT2 inhibitors are linked to a rare but life-threatening bacterial infection. The infection can spread rapidly killing skin tissue as it grows RT reports: Symptoms […]

Study shows that psychotropic plants can help treat diabetes

(Natural News) Ayahuasca is a mind-altering drink made from two different South American plants, the ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) and the shrub Psychotria viridis. Researchers reported that this ancient drink contained harmine, a psychoactive compound that could potentially treat diabetes if taken alongside a new synthetic compound. The combination of harmine and transforming growth factor-beta superfamily […]

Man Found “Cures For All Diseases” HIV, AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer, Stroke, STDs, Arthritis & More – and Has The Supreme Court Ruling To Prove It

A true healthcare reformer, who stood up against the American Medical Association in court, the list of diseases he can cure stretches to some of the most unsettling conditions people face today including: bipolar disorder, depression, ADHD, Mesothelioma, acid reflux and drug addiction. Everyday it seems to become evermore clear that the human body has […]

Eating apples and pears can reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes

(Natural News) Type 2 diabetes is on the rise, but this chronic disease can be prevented with the help of dietary and lifestyle changes. A study published in the journal Food & Function suggested that eating apples and pears can cut your risk of this dreaded disease. Researchers at Zhejiang University in […]

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