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Lying Ted Cruz – Goldman Sachs Slave – Sabotages Trump to Help the Horror of Hillary!

Lying Ted Cruz – Goldman Sachs Slave – Sabotages Trump  & GOP for Huckster Hillary! The total traitor Ted Cruz sabotaged conservatives and betrayed all Republicans for Hillary and Goldman Sachs in a shocking act of treason at the Republican National Convention. This vicious traitor says he is a “conservative” and “constitutionalist” and repeatedly said that […]

Three police officers shot dead in Baton Rouge, mayor says

Three police officers were shot to death and several others wounded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on Sunday, the city’s mayor said, as the country remained on edge in the wake of police shootings of black men and the killings of five Dallas officers. The officers in Baton Rouge were responding to a call of shots […]

Selected Articles: The West’s Establishment Lies and Crimes Are Leading Us to The Unthinkable

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SELL OUT: Whole Foods partners with Monsanto to endorse fake GMO-labeling bill that’s actually an ANTI-labeling bill with zero penalties for non-compliance

(NaturalNews) What is it about large corporations and transparency that the two seldom mix? And here’s another question: If you don’t have any morals or a soul, then is there ever a point where you think you’ve gone too far or have actually done something wrong? These two questions immediately came to my […]

13 hostages freed from Dhaka cafe after overnight attack saw 20 victims killed

“The operation is over and the situation is under control,” army spokesman Colonel Rashidul Hasan told Reuters. At around 8 am, following a 13-hour siege and failed negotiations with the terrorists, over 100 heavily armed Bangladeshi forces launched an operation to free the people being held inside the upscale cafe in Dhaka’s diplomatic district. It […]

Istanbul Airport Terrorist Attack – An Act of the Israeli Mossad?

Istanbul Airport Terrorist Attack – An Act of the Israeli Mossad? Who is behind the horrific attack against travelers in the Istanbul International Airport? It does not make any sense that faithful Muslims would slaughter other Islamic people, innocents in an airport, especially during the holy month of Ramadhan. However, the Zionists would do so, and […]

Putin: Brexit Proves UK Can Destroy The New World Order

Russia is hoping for a ‘new understanding’ with a post-Brexit Britain, according to Kremlin sources, with President Putin said to be ‘deeply encouraged’ by the British people voting to back themselves and reject the New World Order’s destructive goals. According to sources, Putin believes that Brexit is proof the globalist’s destructive agenda is deeply unpopular […]


A mysterious phenomenon has been affecting the waters of the Jordan River in Eastern Israel, near its junction with the Yarmouk River. Thousands of dead fish and aquatic animals have accumulated on the shores of the river over the last hours, as the color of the water has turned to an eerie blood red and began […]

The EU needs to get a grip before the USA’s NATO drags us into WW3

NATO Launched Largest Military Exercise Since Cold War on Russia’s Doorstep NATO countries are taking part in a large-scale military drill in Poland. Some 31,000 servicemen from 24 countries are participating in the land, sea and air exercise called Anakonda-16 (June 7-17) – the largest training event of its type since the end of the […]

2,500-Year-Old Phoenician DNA Linked to Rare and Ancient European Ancestry

Researchers have sequenced the first complete mitochondrial genome of an ancient Phoenician. The results of the studies of the remains of a man called the “Young Man of Byrsa” and “Ariche” has linked him to a very early and rare haplogroup found in Europe. GenomeWeb reports that the Young Man of Byrsa had a mitochondrial […]

SOTT FOCUS: Police State Roundup! What’s with cops and sex crimes, killing dogs & terrorizing kids while they’re at school?

     Disturbingly, an officer given the label of ‘Officer of the Year’ in 2011 was convicted of multiple crimes involving sexual exploitation of minors. Michael Edwin Harding, pictured above, worked in Fort Pierce, FL as well as Port St Lucie before accruing enough disdain from fellow officers and the prosecutor’s office to be charged and […]

Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Just About Intelligence, but Manipulating Humanity

Imagine a flying saucer lands in Time Square and an alien steps out carrying the game of Go.  He walks up the nearest person and says the classic line – “Take me to your best player.”  Now, let’s assume that the alien spent years studying how humans play Go, watching replays of every […]

Zika Pesticide Spraying Over New York Causes Birth Defects

New York authorities have decided to launch an all-out war against mosquitoes by spraying the public with a pesticide that has been linked to birth defects.  The NY Department of Health insists that the Zika virus has not spread to the city, but claims mosquitoes are spreading other diseases such as the West Nile Virus. […]

Man Seeks to Raise $1.5 Million to Buy a Plane and Crash It Into Building at 500 MPH To Test 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Paul Salo (Image source: YouTube) “We’re going to purchase a 747 or equivalent aircraft that’s about to go out of service, we’re going to fill it full of jet fuel, we’re going to purchase a building that’s about to be torn down in the countryside,” Salo says in the video, adding, “and we’re going to […]

Mt. Ruapehu crater lake recording increased temperatures

     Temperatures have risen to a 16-year high and surface activity has been reported at Mt Ruapehu’s crater lake in the central North Island. A tourist flight over the lake on Saturday afternoon reported vigorous steaming of the surface, which was also disturbed by upwelling bubbles. GNS duty volcanologist Brad Scott said although these signs […]

Cop Puts 6-Year-old Child in ‘Arm Bar’ Submission, Assaults 2 Other Children

Claire Bernish | The Free Thought Project Abilene, TX — A new lawsuit alleges an out-of-control Texas school resource officer ‘roughed up’ a six-year-old student, then twisting the child’s arms behind his back to lift him off the ground and carry him back to class. Officer Barry Bond, the […]

Video Of First B-52 Airstrike Against ISIS In Iraq

The Pentagon has released a video showing a B-52 bomber eliminating ISIS targets in Iraq. While the US and its coalition partners have waged war on ISIS from the air and the ground, only recently did the legendary B-52 bomber join the fight Business Insider reports: The first video released from the Combined Joint Task […]

Health Ranger: Three shocking things you never knew about what’s in your food and where it comes from

About the author:Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is the founding editor of, the internet’s No. 1 natural health news website, now reaching 7 million unique readers a month. In late 2013, Adams launched the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, where he conducts atomic spectroscopy research into food contaminants using high-end ICP-MS […]

Robert De Niro Defends Anti-Vaccine Stance: “They Gave My Child Autism”

Robert De Niro has been forced to explain his anti-vaccine views amid a huge media storm about claims that they cause autism.  Various media outlets have condemned Andrew Wakefield’s documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe – screened during the Tribeca Film Festival – of which Robert De Niro is co-founder. In a personal statement he defended his choice […]

South Korea: Earthquake Caused By North Korean Blast

A 2.2 earthquake has been caused by a North Korean blast according to South Korea agencies. A report about the Korea earthquakes in The International Business Times reports: The Yonhap report said that the tremor was detected in an area about 21 miles, southeast of Pyongyang at about 12:30 p.m. local time (11:30 p.m. EDT Tuesday). […]

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