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Western Media Excited About ‘New Iran Revolution’, But Reality Is Different

Western Media Excited About ‘New Iran Revolution’, But Reality Is Different Data from two foreign polls tell a very different story about protests in Iran. The economy is tough, but a majority of Iranians back their government’s security initiatives and reject domestic upheaval. On November 15, angry Iranians began pouring onto the streets to protest […]

Western media excited about ‘new Iran revolution’, but polls tell a different story about protests

On November 15, angry Iranians began pouring onto the streets to protest sudden news of a 50% fuel price hike. A day later, peaceful demonstrations had largely dissipated, replaced instead by much smaller crowds of rioters who burned banks, gas stations, buses and other public and private property. Within no time, security forces hit the […]

Note to progressives – it is not possible to have a different set of rules for Israel

On November 14, 2019, The New York Times published an opinion piece titled, “On the Frontlines of Progressive Anti-Semitism.” The first thing that caught my eye is that the author is a Mr. Blake Flayton, a sophomore at George Washington University who describes himself as a Jewish progressive and an advocate for gay rights, abortion […]

First aid basics: Home remedies and treatments for different kinds of open wounds

(Natural News) Injuries like open wounds may not seem serious at first, but the potential complications that follow them could pose a risk to your health. In this situation, knowing the basics of first aid can help prevent potentially fatal health consequences. This article discusses the treatments and home remedies for a few types of open […]

Men and women are different, even when drunk: Research says men’s brains are more affected than women

(Natural News) Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol is not conducive to health, but it affects men differently than women. A recent study showed that the brain regions associated with emotions, memory, and social behavior displayed diminished activity in alcoholic men than in their female counterparts. Researchers reported that alcoholism impaired the function of […]

“A leaker is different than a whistleblower” Kevin Shipp – Former CIA Director Brennan Will Rat Out Trump Coup Criminals

Source Article from Related Posts Syrian Gas Attack Was Staged Says 2nd Whistleblower At OPCW December 2, 2019 By The Jimmy Dore Show Activist Post Editor’s Note: As the mainstream OPCW Whistleblower Destroys Douma Gas Attack Theory Derrick Broze breaks down new reports of a whistleblower from the Organization for the Prohibition Sack of […]

A Different View of JFK

  September 16, 2019 Hi Henry!  JFK was a Bilderberger, and elitist, until his mistress, Mary Meyer, dosed him with LSD.  I’m convinced of that because his speeches changed dramatically in the last few months of his life.  Mary Meyer joined a group of wives who had husbands in powerful positions and wanted to dose […]

Science confirms: Women athletes have DIFFERENT nutritional needs than men; transgenderism is a delusion

(Natural News) Likely without intending to do so, a collaborative study by researchers from New Zealand’s Universities of Otago and Waikato has reinforced the fact that, contrary to popular belief, gender is not transferable between men and women and cannot be put on and taken off at will. The study, which was […]

No, Apple, we don’t need 72 different emojis to represent gay, straight & lesbian couples in 5 races

On Wednesday, World Emoji Day, the two California companies revealed their expanded repertoire of “newest designs that bring even more diversity to the keyboard.” Seventy-two new iOS emojis of couples holding hands, instead of a generic symbol. Thus, a blonde woman with a blond man, a blonde woman with a tan skinned man, a blonde […]

Photos: Several unidentified martyrs laid to rest in different cities

Mizan | Rahimi, Heshmati & Mohsen Zade: The remains of Iranian soldiers, who became martyred during eight years of Iraqi Saddam Hussain regime’s imposed war on Iran, were laid to rest in the holy cities of Qom and Mashhad as well as Sabzevar during a funeral ceremony on the anniversary of the martyrdom of the […]

A different perspective: Why getting upside down with aerial yoga is so good for your body

(Natural News) Yoga is becoming more and more popular: It’s now one of the most commonly used complementary health approaches. In the U.S. alone, around 14 percent of adults practice this form of meditation. Children are also jumping in on the trend. According to a report released by the National Center for […]

"They’re Right, It ‘Is’ Different This Time…"

Authored by Sven Henrich via, They’re right. It IS different this time. It’s worse. Much, much worse. What is? Everything. In terms of preparedness for the next recession that is. Debt is higher than ever, be it corporate debt, government debt, central banks balance sheets, available ammunition to deal with a new recession, wealth […]

Hong Kong Protests Today No Different Than the U.S.-Directed Umbrella Revolution in 2014

  Demonstrators march from Causeway Bay to government offices in Admiralty on Sunday to protest against the proposed extradition bill. Photo: SCMP/Robert Ng   By Tony Cartalucci Global Research, October 01, 2014 Land Destroyer Report Just as the US admitted shortly after the so-called “Arab Spring” began spreading chaos across the Middle East that it had […]

Why the world looks different from one person to the next

   If a picture is worth a thousand words, scientists now find that not everybody looks at the same words first. When shown a series of pictures some people might focus more on, say, faces, while others might fixate on food. The new findings emphasize how the world might look different from one person to […]

Dr. Ron Paul: UK Mistreatment of Assange ‘No Different Than North Korea’

This week, a UN expert on torture who visited Julian Assange in London’s notorious Belmarsh Prison confirmed fears which many had already suspected. “My most urgent concern is that, in the United States, Mr. Assange would be exposed to a real risk of serious violations of his human rights, including his freedom of expression, his […]

8 Different Types of Love According to the Ancient Greeks

January 25th, 2019 By Mateo Sol Guest writer for Wake Up World There are many paths in life. But the longest of them all is the path to the heart. If you resist this path, you will take lifetimes to find it again. If you surrender and embrace it, you’ll be home. We’ve all been blinded by the blanket of emotions […]

Understanding The Moment: A Different Perspective on “Being In The Now”

It’s almost old-spiritual-hat to speak of “being in the moment” these days. New-Age bookshelves are brimming with suggestions of how to let go of the past, forget the future and simply “be in the now”. Yet what if every distortion conceals a hidden truth? If I regret something of the past, then perhaps I’m still […]

Corporations See A Different Kind of “Green” In Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal”

Corporations See A Different Kind of “Green” In Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” Above Photo: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez participates in a town hall held in support of Kerri Evelyn Harris, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate in Delaware, Aug. 31, 2018, at the University of Delaware in Newark, Del. Patrick Semansky | AP There is nothing “progressive” about the […]

Trump’s neocons have always hated arms control agreements, INF is no different

President Vladimir Putin is correct when he said recently that the US pullout from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, or INF, had been in the planning stages for some time prior to the announcement in October. The withdrawal comes as tensions between Russia and the US are mounting on an array of other issues. Yet, […]

Slavoj Zizek: Racism is alive and well in both Europe and Israel – with different victims

The results are eye-opening and working. With 20 percent of young French people unaware of the Holocaust. Indeed, a similar number believe anti-Semitism is a response to Jewish people’s own behavior. Also, a third of respondents think Jews have too much influence. ‘Never heard of it’: Third of Europeans know ‘little’ or ‘nothing’ about Holocaust, […]

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