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Israel and its US lobby finally achieve a long-term objective: Direct US-Iranian military conflict

   In 1953 the United States and United Kingdom overthrew the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh. The catalyst was the Iranian government’s decision to exert more sovereign control over the extraction, export and revenues from its domestic energy industry, which British Petroleum and the UK opposed. The dictatorial rule of Shah Mohammad Reza […]

‘Direct threat to peace’: China raises alarm as US Space Force receives first funding

Foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang told reporters on Monday that Beijing was “deeply concerned” and “resolutely opposed” to the Space Force, which received its first funding after US President Donald Trump signed the annual military budget last week. The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said Washington’s new military branch sets a dangerous precedent for the militarization […]

Direct Democracy And The Passion For Political Participation

Direct Democracy And The Passion For Political Participation Above Photo: The People’s Parliament of Rojava. Photo: Studio Jonas Staal For a radically democratic and ecological society we need to build democratic and resilient communities capable of deepening citizen participation at all levels of public life. Yavor Tarinski is an independent researcher and activist whose publications and talks […]

Direct From Bolivia: Popular Resistance Mounts Against The Coup

Direct From Bolivia: Popular Resistance Mounts Against The Coup Above Photo: From Interview with a Political Activist in El Alto [Note: The following interview with a Bolivian activist in El Alto, whose name is being withheld for obvious security reasons, was conducted by The Organizer editorial board member Alan Benjamin on Sunday, November 17. The interview […]

BIDENgate: Biden’s direct working relationship with whistleblower exposed

    Joe Biden worked with whistleblower when he was vice president, officials reveal by Rob Crilly, Steven Nelson, & David M. Drucker Washington Examiner The 2020 Democratic candidate with whom the CIA whistleblower had a “professional” tie is Joe Biden, according to intelligence officers and former White House officials. Lawyers for the whistleblower said he had […]

Israeli army raids Palestinian NGO’s office, a direct attack on human rights

Reposted from Addameer Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association Israeli occupation forces raided today, Thursday, 19 September 2019 at around 2:00am the office of Addameer Prisoners Support and Human Rights Association. The Israeli forces stole five laptops, memory cards, three laptop memories, one laptop card, several books and additionally searching through the belongings of the […]

“Monster” Hurricane Dorian Taking Direct Aim at Florida; Stores “Nearly Empty” of Supplies

By Michael Snyder Well, that certainly escalated quickly.  On Wednesday we were told that Hurricane Dorian would only be a Category 3 storm when it hits the Florida coastline, but now we are being told that it will be a Category 4 storm.  Hurricane Dorian is rapidly gaining strength over very warm waters in the […]

Taliban says no direct peace talks with govt in Kabul until foreign troops leave Afghanistan

Negotiations will start only after the withdrawal of the US-led NATO mission from Afghanistan is announced, the spokesman for the Taliban’s political office in Qatar, Suhail Shaheen, said. The Taliban has held seven rounds of direct talks with US officials in Qatar’s capital, Doha since October, but refused to do the same with the government […]

Sudan protesters agree to direct talks with military council

Leaders of Sudan‘s protests have agreed to hold direct talks with the ruling military generals after the African Union and Ethiopian mediators urged both sides to resume stalled negotiations about a new governing body.   The TMC and the opposition coalition have been wrangling for weeks over what form Sudan’s transitional government should take after […]

Direct Line with Vladimir Putin 2019, by Vladimir Putin

Tatyana Remezova: Good afternoon. As of now, we have received some 1.5 million questions from the public. Actually, the figure exceeded 1.5 million this morning. The most popular form of address is a telephone call. We have received nearly one million of them. Each call is recorded and processed by operators and is presented in […]

Direct Action Shuts Down Coal Infrastructure In Germany

Direct Action Shuts Down Coal Infrastructure In Germany Above Photo: From Viersen, Germany – Unicorn Riot is on scene of the Ende Gelände action camp. This is the fifth year climate activists have gathered to block German coal infrastructure around mines owned by energy giant RWE in the Rhineland region. WATCH: Thousands of #EndeGelaende #ClimateJustice activists […]

Downing of US MQ-9 Drone Over Hodeida Shows Direct US Involvement in Yemeni War

HODEIDA, YEMEN — News that a U.S. government drone was shot down over Yemen’s port city of Hodeida has provoked anger among local residents, who say it is clear evidence of direct U.S. involvement in a war which has resulted in the world’s worst humanitarian crisis, according to the UN, and has left almost 25 […]

Donald Trump’s Direct Links to 9/11 Perps Are Indisputable, Giuliani Was NYC Pointman

    Linking Donald Trump To Likely 911 Suspects, And Israeli Hands All Over Patsy Hijackers by Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel OPDeepState This week Greg and Jeremy begin by discussing Donald Trump being listed by Benjamin Netanyahu as a possible American donor to his campaign for Prime Minister as well as his commercial endorsing […]

Direct Democracy Is the Future of Human Governance – Part 1

Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men, even when they exercise influence and not authority: still more when you superadd the tendency or the certainty of corruption by authority. There is no worse heresy than that the office sanctifies the holder of it. […]

“He Died As A Direct Result of the HPV Vaccine” – Mother Of Dead Teenager Speaks Out

The Facts: David Huggins, an artist from New Jersey has been painting his encounters he’s had extraterrestrials since childhood. The more he paints, the more he remembers. He is one of thousands who have had and been having contact experiences. Reflect On: With the existence of UFOS now being inarguable, and hundreds if not thousands […]

‘Direct nexus between US sanctions & death’ – UN rapporteur slams ‘economic war’ on Venezuela

In an interview with RT, de Zayas, who is also a former secretary of the UN Human Rights Council, said it was “obscene” for Washington to invoke human rights as motivation for its actions in Venezuela while it continues to wage an economic war on Venezuelan citizens. “Who is causing, who is aggravating the problem? […]

Direct Doha-Isfahan flight to be launched in January

MNA – The director general of Isfahan Province Airports Company said Sun. that the first flight in Doha-Isfahan route will be launched on January 4, 2019. Hassan Amjadi went on to say that Qatar Airways will have two weekly flights on Mondays and Fridays on this new route with an Airbus 320 passenger jet. If […]

Secular Talk: It’s Time For A More Direct Democratic System In America

Secular Talk: It’s Time For A More Direct Democratic System In America By Secular Support The Show On Patreon: Here’s Our Amazon Link: Follow Kyle on Twitter: Like the show on Facebook: Clip from The Kyle Kulinski Show, which airs live on Blog Talk Radio and Secular Talk Radio Monday – Friday 11:00 AM […]

Self-induced DISASTER: California fires the direct result of shortsighted environmentalist policies that prohibit forest management

(Natural News) Actions have consequences, and bad actions often have bad consequences. In much the same way that liberal policies have burned Venezuela’s economy to the ground, California environmentalist policies have unleashed a catastrophic fire that has so far claimed the lives of 11 people and countless animals. This is what liberal […]

Extinction Rebellion: Direct Action Is Our Last Chance To Phase-Out Carbon

Extinction Rebellion: Direct Action Is Our Last Chance To Phase-Out Carbon Above: Extinction Rebellion members protest in Westminste. Photograpgh by Graeme Robertson for the Guardian. Note: EcoWatch reported that more than 1,000 UK climate activists launched a massive civil disobedience campaign Wednesday when they blocked several roads near London’s Parliament Square, The Guardian reported. The newly formed […]

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