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Army Psychological Operations (CIA) Officer Directly Involved In D.C. Protest

Comment: Army Psychological Operations in my research are basically always interfacing with the CIA. By JAKE BLEIBERG, SARAH BLAKE MORGAN and JAMES LAPORTAyesterday In this image taken from video provided by WRAL-TV, Capt. Emily Rainey speaks during an interview with WRAL-TV, in Southern Pines, N.C., in May 2020. The Army is investigating Rainey, a psychological […]

Ansarullah Dares Saudi King to Directly Face Iran If He Has Scores to Settle

By Staff, Agencies A senior Yemeni Ansarullah official asked Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz to settle scores with Iran if he dares to face the Islamic Republic directly. Chairman of Yemen’s Supreme Revolutionary Committee Mohammed-Ali al-Houthi made the remarks in a sarcastic tweet on Friday. “King Salman well knows the Yemenis are only fighting the […]

Far from eradicated, sickness is raging in certain parts of the world directly as a result of Gates-funded vaccines, experts say

It is common knowledge to anybody who reads other than lamestream media that eugenicist Bill Gates openly targets poorer countries out of ostensibly philanthropy, in fact these are the people targeted for depopulation. The Royals have also openly espoused that nations like Africa should be depopulated. Note it is never themselves who should be eradicated. […]

Study: Covid-Related Media Consumption Directly Linked Depression

Experiencing multiple stressors triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic – such as unemployment – and COVID-19-related media consumption are directly linked to rising acute stress and depressive symptoms across the U.S., according to a groundbreaking University of California, Irvine study. The report appears in Science Advances, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science. “The […]

UAE envoy: With Israel deal done, we’ll directly advocate for Palestinian state

In his second op-ed for an Israeli newspaper, the United Arab Emirates’s ambassador  to the US said the new normalization agreement with Israel would allow for “direct” advocacy for the Palestinian cause, including the establishment of a sovereign state, now with “stronger” tools. “As we have for fifty years, we will forcefully advocate for these […]

Full stream ahead: Bulgaria wants natural gas pipeline directly from Russia

     Amid talk of European energy security and diversification of gas supplies, Bulgaria has proposed building another pipeline to get gas directly from Russia, according to President Rumen Radev. The Balkan nation currently gets Russian natural gas by transit through Ukraine and other Gazprom customers in Europe. Last year, sales of the blue fuel to […]

CNN’s Iran Fearmongering Would Make More Sense Coming Directly From Pentagon

CNN’s Iran Fearmongering Would Make More Sense Coming Directly From Pentagon Above Photo: From Why doesn’t CNN Defense Department reporter Barbara Starr just leave CNN and instead work directly for the Trump DoD? On Tuesday, hours after President Donald Trump pulled out of the Iran deal (formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), Starr (5/8/18) rushed […]

Revealed: Israeli Justice Ministry directly involved in international ‘lawfare’ activities against BDS movement

For several years, Israeli government ministries have been debating who is authorized to deal with countering the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement abroad. While it has long been suspected that this effort was being led by the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry for Strategic Affairs, a recent Freedom of Information (FOI) request reveals that […]

US city bans police training with israeli military, which is directly linked to police brutality in the country

US city bans police training with Israeli military Law enforcement officers, including a sniper perched atop an armored vehicle, watch as demonstrators protest the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Aug. 13, 2014. The city council in Durham in the US state of North Carolina has banned training and exchanges between Durham’s police department […]

‘Not proxy’: Lavrov says US, British, French special forces ‘directly involved’ in Syria war

US trying to create ‘quasi-state’ on large part of Syria’s land – Lavrov “There are special forces on the ground in Syria from the US – they no longer deny it – the UK, France and a number of other countries,” Lavrov said in an interview to the Kazakh state broadcaster published on the Russian […]

YouTube Will Link Directly to Wikipedia to Fight What They Call ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Google has expanded far beyond its original claim to fame as a search engine. Google bought YouTube in November 2006 for US$1.65 billion; YouTube now operates as one of Google’s subsidiaries. Most of you reading this will know that there is censorship going on with all social media sites,  therefore, blocking the ability for […]

Microplastics are leaking directly from an industry manufacturing site, spreading across a large coastal region

(Natural News) Microplastics have been leaking out into the environment by the millions from a manufacturing site in Stenungsund. But, far from just affecting the immediate area, these tiny plastic pellets have spread all over the coastal region. This was what a team of researchers from Gothenburg University uncovered over the course […]

North Korea Contacted United States Directly Seeking Talks

In comments on Saturday, President Donald Trump reported that North Korea had directly contacted him a couple of days prior with an offer of direct diplomacy. If confirmed, this marks the first such offer directly made by the North Koreans to the administration. “They, by the way, called up a couple of days ago, they […]

CNN is Directly Lobbying YouTube to Shut Down Infowars

CNN is Directly Lobbying YouTube to Shut Down Infowars News network flags Infowars videos about Parkland shooting in bid to get channel terminated Paul Joseph Watson February 23, 2018 CNN is now directly lobbying for YouTube to terminate Infowars from its platform entirely, with the news network brazenly admitting as much in an article […]

First Solid Evidence That Obama Was Directly Involved In Hillary Clinton’s Email Investigation

Most of us who have been watching the biggest political scandal in our country’s history unfold over the past year — the politicization of our federal law enforcement and intelligence institutions to spy on a rival presidential campaign — never for one second believed that the 44th president was completely in the dark. To believe that […]

OBSTRUCTION? First solid evidence that Obama was DIRECTLY involved in Hillary Clinton’s email investigation

(Natural News) Most of us who have been watching the biggest political scandal in our country’s history unfold over the past year — the politicization of our federal law enforcement and intelligence institutions to spy on a rival presidential campaign — never for one second believed that the 44th president was completely […]

UNSC meeting on Iran directly interferes with Iran’s sovereignty – Moscow

These fake images of ‘Iran’ are being shared on social media “The United States continues its policy of open and covert interference into the affairs of other states. Under the guise of concern about human rights and democracy, they shamelessly attack the sovereignty of other nations,” top diplomat Sergey Ryabkov told Russia’s Interfax news agency. […]

israel Pursuing War against Iran Obliquely through Al-Qaeda and Directly via Airstrikes

Israel Pursuing War against Iran Obliquely through Al-Qaeda and Directly via Airstrikes TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (Analysis) — On Saturday, December 2, 2017, Israeli missiles struck a Syrian Army arms depot (allegedly belonging to Iran), which in turn prompted Syria to activate its air defenses, resulting in the destruction of two Israeli missiles. The facility targeted in the […]

NSA Document Says Saudi Prince Directly Ordered Coordinated Attack By Syrian Rebels On Damascus

Behind the attacks, the influence of a foreign power loomed. According to a top-secret National Security Agency documentprovided by whistleblower Edward Snowden, the March 2013 rocket attacks were directly ordered by a member of the Saudi royal family, Prince Salman bin Sultan, to help mark the second anniversary of the Syrian revolution. Salman had provided […]

‘400,000 deaths in Syria “civil war” directly attributed to US & allies’

The US-led coalition against Islamic State has confirmed another 61 civilian deaths are likely to have been caused by its air and artillery strikes in Iraq and Syria. That brings the total number of civilians it has acknowledged killing since the conflict began to 685. US-led forces confirm ‘unintentional killing’ of 61 more civilians in […]

Kids were playing outside as coalition strike ‘directly targeted’ Raqqa civilians – witness to RT

The witnesses told RT’s Ruptly video news agency that they believed coalition forces were aware that there were no insurgents in the area, as what they think was a coalition aircraft had filmed them hours before the strike. The aircraft targeted the civilian houses while children were playing in the streets, one man said. READ […]

Trump Under Attack By 187 Organizations Directly Funded By George Soros

ED Noor: This is not a new article, being written during the early stages of the last Presidential election. I just felt it was time to expose some of the ways and means Soros has been using to infiltrate America with his diversionary and divisive tactics. There are few surprises but many more than I […]

British Police Directly Helped Arrest 14 Saudis Who Face Execution: Report

Training by British police may have directly helped Saudi agents arrest more than a dozen people now believed to be facing execution, with voices in Britain urging Prime Minister Theresa May to move in a bid to halt the killings. In Saudi Arabia today there are 14 pro-democracy demonstrators who face execution after being caught […]

The Ron Paul Institute warns that HR 3364 contains provisions which directly threatens us all

August 04, 2017 – by Daniel McAdams for the Ron Paul Institute It President Trump does not veto this bill, it will signify that he has essentially given up on his presidency. At least when it comes to foreign policy. Will the bill for such a surrender come due should he decide to seek a second […]

US Military Unveils $65 Million ‘Matrix’ Project To Plug Our Brains Directly Into Computers

The US military has unveiled a $65 million dollar project to develop a ‘brain chip’ that would allow humans to plug directly into computers.  According to DARPA officials, the new matrix-style technology could allow for the creation of ‘super soldiers’ and allow doctors to help blind people see again and paralysed people walk. Daily Mail […]

Japan to “drop tanks” full of Fukushima nuclear waste directly into the ocean

Following a major earthquake in March 2011, a 15 meter-high tsunami ravaged the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Though the reactors immediately shut down after the quake, the giant wave that hit Fukushima’s shores disabled the emergency generators that power and operate the pumps that cool the reactors. The insufficient cooling resulted in the nuclear […]

Physics breakthrough can use sunlight to directly transform CO2 into clean fuels like methane, without using fossil fuels

(Natural News) Researchers at the University of Adelaide, in collaboration with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, have found a way to keep on using carbon-based fuel technologies without producing too much of the atmospheric greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2) by doing away with fossil fuels. In the study that was published in the […]

SYRIA: British and American Presence Directly Escalating Conflict Near Al-Tanf

US paratrooper on security duty during a mission to train Iraqi forces (Photo: US Department of Defense. Source: Wikicommons) 21st Century Wire says… In southeastern Syria, the region around al-Tanf has quickly become a focal point for the ongoing conflict in the region. Near to both the Iraqi and Jordanian borders, al-Tanf is currently the location of a […]

Iran claims United States is directly backing ISIS

A high-ranking Iranian military official claims that the U.S. directly backs the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) and says he has evidence to back his allegations. Major General Mostafa Izadi, deputy chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces, announced Sunday that the nation was in possession of proof that the U.S., which […]

Israeli TV: 70 Years Later, Woman Remembers She Worked Directly for Adolf Hitler

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 14, 2017 Funny thing to remember all the sudden after 70 years. But it’s convenient for Jewish TV producers. Please note that Hitler never “invaded” Austria. He annexed it after the Austrians voted, I think like 99% “yes.” Similar to a “Putin invaded Crimea” situation, except not as […]

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