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Desperate Trump hangs pandemic disaster on the WHO

Kremlin on US suspension of WHO funding: G20 supports WHO’s coronavirus response …from Sputnik News, Msocow [ Editor’s Note: We saw this was coming. It did not take a rocket scientist to grasp that Trump would be way in over his head on handling the virus response, not being able to control himself from overplaying […]

French PM unveils plan to ease Covid-19 lockdown citing risk of economic disaster, admits ‘second wave’ still possible

Speaking in parliament on Tuesday, Philippe said people will need to be cautious as the strict national lockdown ends to avoid setting off a second wave of infections which he said would “strike a weakened hospital fabric” and impose a “re-confinement” that would ruin progress made during the initial restriction period. Never in the history […]

The Dengvaxia Disaster Was Twenty Years in the Making—What Will Happen with a Rushed COVID-19 Vaccine?

For several weeks, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates have been beating the drum about a COVID-19 vaccine, seeking to keep the world’s coronavirus optics focused on a medical intervention that Gates acknowledges to be risky enough to require indemnification against lawsuits. The two are casting a COVID-19 vaccine—which they speculate could be ready in […]

Trump Drowning in Lies, the April 22 Press Conference Disaster (warning, this is ugly)

Brix starts around 10 minutes in Trump buries us all at 11:30 onward, god help us Source Article from Hits: 23

A long lockdown will be catastrophic for developed nations – but a ‘biblical’ disaster for the developing world

A report by the UN World Food Program (WFP), published earlier this week, paints a depressing view of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The report suggests the number of people facing severe food shortages – on the brink of starvation – could double over the next 12 months, from 130 million to 265 million. […]

"A Recipe For Disaster" – WTI Holds Huge Gains Despite Inventory Surge

More crude chaos overnight (with AsiaPac oil ETFs trading at “crazy premiums” and Asian oil futures tumbling) has been over-ruled this morning as long-squeezes have morphed into a short-squeeze after Trump ordered the US Navy to “shoot down and destroy any and all Iranian gunboats if they harass our ships at sea”, sending June WTI […]

Covid-19 is a disaster for everyone… except straight white men?

There was a time when a deathly disaster like the current pandemic would lead competing interests and parties to leave their differences to one side in order to support one another against a common enemy. That’s not how things work today. Many identity-mongers simply cannot resist the temptation of turning the pandemic into a platform […]

Solidarity in a Time of Pandemic, While the US Capitalizes on Disaster

Like most everyone else, I don’t get out much lately due to shelter-in-place. But when I walk around my community, I am heartened by neighbors asking if there is anything we might need. I suspect this scenario is taking place everywhere. Around the world amidst the pandemic, people step out at a mutually designated evening […]

US insisting on sanctions drives world toward humanitarian disaster

IRNA – Iran’s ambassador to Russia wrote in a Twitter message on Wednesday that the insistence of the United States on sanctions has made the world face a humanitarian disaster during coronavirus outbreak. Kazem Jalali wrote that in the condition that the coronavirus is still around and the world is facing a depression worse than […]

Fear and Centralization of Power: A Disaster in the Making for Liberty

March 27, 2020 By Michael Boldin We can’t say we weren’t warned. Fear is the foundation, and politicians and bureaucrats use that fear to centralize and expand their own power. 10 timeless quotes from the Founders and old Revolutionaries. SHOW LINKS: JOIN TAC Show Archives Subscribe and Review on iTunes John Dickinson – Letter 12 […]

The dead bodies are starting to pile up in America as New York, Hawaii and North Carolina beg FEMA for "Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Teams" (DMORT)

(Natural News) America is about to be flooded with dead bodies from the coronavirus epidemic that’s now burning its away across the nation. With over 68,000 confirmed infections and over 1,000 confirmed deaths already in America, the nation is on track to see at least 100,000 coronavirus deaths in the coming months. […]

Israel’s caging of Gaza is a recipe for coronavirus disaster

The Palestinian Health Ministry today reported its first two cases of the novel coronavirus in the Gaza Strip. For weeks the Hamas-led authority, which has ruled the blockaded territory since 2007, undertook serious measures to preempt the arrival of the virus to the strip. Up until its decision to seal off its sides of the […]

Disaster amid pandemic: Croatia deploys army to clean debris, advocates ‘distancing’ after strongest quake in 140yrs

Army personnel began working to remove rubble from the city streets hours after Zagreb was rocked by an earthquake on Sunday morning. The troops were also deployed to assist patients in the city’s major hospitals, the Defense Ministry said. Many residents have earlier fled their homes after being frightened by the tremors and sirens. Officials […]

Rare oarfish washes up in the Philippines sparking fears of impending disaster

   A rare Oarfish washed ashore on a beach in the Philippines, sparking fears of an impending disaster. The 14ft long creature was found by concerned locals on the sand in Surigao del Norte, Philippines, on March 3, 2020. Locals transported the giant sea creature from the Punta Beach in the town of Tinago, Malimono, […]

Democrats Fear the Nevada Caucuses Could be Another Tech-Induced Disaster

Lee Rogers Daily Stormer February 17, 2020 Counting votes should be a simple process, but the Democrat Party wants to make it as complex and difficult as possible. Democrats are raising concerns that next weekend’s caucuses in Nevada could be another disaster in the making. Like with Iowa, the state party is […]

Trump Slams Dems’ "Unmitigated Disaster" In Iowa: "Nothing Works, Just Like They Ran The Country"

President Trump just can’t stop winning. Not only did Dems fail to win enough Republican votes to call John Bolton to testify at the president’s impeachment trial in the Senate (which so far has attracted a tiny fraction of the attention paid to the Senate trial of former President Clinton), but in one of the […]

The Disaster Of Utopian Engineering

The Disaster Of Utopian Engineering Above: Final Meal by Mr. Fish for Truthdig This column is drawn from notes that Chris Hedges wrote in preparing for a debate held today by the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. Hedges, speaking from Princeton, N.J., argued for the motion: “Be it resolved, politics […]

U.S in the Middle-East: Preparing for Disaster

“Israel’s” days are numbered Source THE SAKER • JANUARY 30, 2020 Lies, damn lies and statistics Turns out that Trump and the Pentagon were lying. Again. This time about the true impact of the Iranian counter-strike on US forces in Syria. First they claimed that there were no injured U.S. personnel, only to eventually have to fess up […]

Disaster for Europe: Iran blasts EU for buckling to Trump & acting like ‘strong man’ against Tehran

The decision by European signatories of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to trigger a mechanism that could lead to UN sanctions against Iran is a “disaster” for Europe, Zarif said during an interview with Germany’s Der Spiegel magazine. He claimed that, behind closed doors, European leaders have admitted that they dare not defy […]

Iran police ordered to show ‘restraint’ at air disaster protests

Police in Tehran have been ordered to show “restraint” at demonstrations that erupted after the accidental shooting down of a Ukrainian passenger jet, the Iranian capital’s police chief said Monday. “The police treated the people who had gathered with patience and tolerance” in a second night of demonstrations in Tehran on Sunday, said General Hossein […]

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