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Fortnite streamer ‘disgusted’ as his Twitch channel used to promote RUSSIAN PORN

Since August 1, Blevins’ old Twitch channel did not display any of his archived videos but instead displayed a 404 error page and recommendations for other Fortnite-related content, chief among which was a Russian-language pornography stream. Fellow streamer Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem shared a thumbnail of the offending thumbnail (NSFW) on Twitter.  Blevins posted a video […]

If You Knew What’s In McDonald’s Fries You’d Be Seriously Disgusted And Never Eat Them Again

We all know that eating processed foods or fast foods is very harmful to our overall health. There was a recent expose of the french-fry making process in McDonald’s  that revealed that the ingredients used in it cause serious brain damage, autoimmune disorders and more. Grant Imahara, of Myth busters fame, recently visited the McDonald’s […]

Snowfall record shattered as blizzard paralyzes Cheyenne, Wyoming

     A powerful late-season snowstorm had dumped more than a foot of snow on Cheyenne through 11 a.m. today, with strong winds causing widespread highway shutdowns and the closure of businesses and government offices. According to the local National Weather Service office, snow began falling on Cheyenne around 1 a.m. today, and conditions rapidly deteriorated […]

Israel suspends meetings with EU after Brussels’ move to label settlement products

“Because of the latest EU decision, Israel is suspending its diplomatic dialogue with the EU in various forums which had been scheduled to take place in the coming weeks,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. This will concern discussions on political issues in the Middle East, human rights and international organizations. Deputy Foreign Minister […]

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