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Disney, Universal, Warner Bros. Halt TV Productions in L.A. Amid Fresh Coronavirus Lockdowns

Dozens of television productions, from NBC’s freshman Ted Danson-starring sitcom Mr. Mayor to 20th Television’s American Crime Story: Impeachment, have once again been put on hold as L.A. County health officials urge businesses in the area to shut down as coronavirus cases spike and much of the county locks down. Several of the industry’s biggest TV production […]

Disney employee, 33, says she got Covid vaccine – as hospital admits giving doses to non-healthcare workers

A Disney employee in California bragged that she got a shot of the Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine early due to her husband’s aunt being a “big deal” at the Redlands Community Hospital outside Los Angeles. The woman got the vaccine despite not being a frontline health care worker. The woman boasted about the immunization in […]

Nolte: Disney Announces ‘Indiana Jones V’ with Harrison Ford for July 2022

Disney announced this week that the long-gestating fifth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise is in pre-production and slated for theatrical release in July of 2022. Well, the hope is for a theatrical release. Who knows what the lay of the land will look like in 18 months. By then, the coronavirus vaccine might have […]

Disney To Roll Out Jewish Superhero Who ‘Tracks Down And Punishes Antisemites’

    The forthcoming TV adaptation of “Moon Knight,” a Marvel comic series about a rabbi’s son who leaves religion for a life of vigilante justice, could star Oscar Issac, a confused actor who denies he’s Jewish even though he admits he has Jewish ancestry: Oscar Isaac is in talks to play Marc Spector in […]

Oscar Isaac in talks to play Jewish superhero in Marvel/Disney+ ‘Moon Knight’ TV series

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Disney To Roll Out Jewish Superhero Who Tracks Down And Punishes ‘Antisemites’ And Holocaust Deniers

The forthcoming TV adaptation of “Moon Knight,” a Marvel comic series about a rabbi’s son who leaves religion for a life of vigilante justice, could star Oscar Issac, a confused actor who denies he’s Jewish even though he admits he has Jewish ancestry: Oscar Isaac is in talks to play Marc Spector in “Moon Knight,” […]

Popular American Actress Shares That She Was Molested At Disney From Ages 6 to 14

The Facts: A small trial in Germany is set to take place giving participants $1400 a month for three years. They will compare the lives of those who receive it, and the participants who don’t. Reflect On: Why is the concept of universal basic income rejected by the major political parties in most developed nations? […]

Police Bust Disney World, Legoland Pedophile Ring

Police in Polk County, Iowa, have busted a pedophile ring at Disney World and Legoland as part of a “Guardians of Innocence II” sting.  11 people were arrested Monday by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office following a sweeping investigation by the Sheriff’s Office’s computer crime unit. “As you know, this is just the beginning,” Sheriff […]

Disney/ABC Hires Convicted Child Rapist To Work With Young Kids

An X-Men actor convicted of raping a young Nickelodeon child star is STILL working with underage kids at the Disney–ABC Television Group. Brian Peck served 16 months in prison after admitting two counts of raping a child actor at the television network. He was charged with eight counts of sexual abuse, including abuse ‘by anesthesia or […]

As Disney/ABC Fires Roseanne for Racism, They Have No Problem Hiring CONVICTED Pedophiles

Renegade Editor’s Note: I have long said, in our sick world it is far worse to be a “racist” than a rapist, even a child rapist. Imagine my shock when I see (((Bob Iger))) supporting child rapists. By Jack Burns The cancellation of the series “Roseanne,” and the public firing of Roseanne Barr have created a […]

Disney Cancels 35-Year-Old Music Festival Because It’s “Too Christian”

Disney has cancelled popular music festival “Night of Joy” after 35 years due to the fact that it is “too Christian” for modern audiences. “Last year was our last event,” a spokeswoman for the event said Thursday. reports: The event began in 1983 at Magic Kingdom, where it remained for most of its 35-year […]

SICKOS: Planned Parenthood now wishing that a Disney princess would have an abortion (to set an example for children)

(Natural News) The Alt-Left is pushing full-bore to destroy what remains of traditional America and her values, as evidenced by the Pennsylvania affiliate of Planned Parenthood tweeting its desire for a Disney princess who has had an abortion. In a tweet, since deleted, someone from Planned Parenthood Keystone tweeted, “We need a […]

Disney Created ‘Frozen’ To Hide Search Results About Walt Disney Freezing Himself

Internet sleuths have uncovered evidence that Disney produced Frozen in 2013 as a means of hiding search results that discussed Walt Disney cryogenically freezing himself. According to a recent AskReddit thread – Disney produced 2013’s Frozen in a desperate attempt to hide the fact that its founder, Walt Disney, had his entire body cryogenically frozen, so that […]

Disney Unions’ Ballot Drive Seeks To Raise Wages Up To $18 An Hour For Hospitality Companies That Take Anaheim Subsidies

Disney Unions’ Ballot Drive Seeks To Raise Wages Up To $18 An Hour For Hospitality Companies That Take Anaheim Subsidies Above Photo: Hundreds of Disneyland workers came to a town hall sponsored by a coalition of Disney Resort labor unions at the Sheraton Park Hotel in Anaheim on Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018. (Photo by Kevin […]

Top Disney Executive Arrested For Operating Pedophile Ring

Days after police busted a massive pedophile ring at Disney World, a senior executive at Disney has been charged with three felony counts of child sex abuse. Jon Heely, a long-term employee of the family entertainment company, was arrested on three counts of lewd and lascivious acts on a child, according to Variety. Heeley, 58, of […]

Veteran Disney Executive Arrested On Child Sex Abuse Charges

In the latest case of Hollywood’s spiralling sexual abuse scandal, Variety reports that a veteran 58-year-old Disney executive has been charged with three felony counts of child sexual abuse. Jon Heely, the longtime director of music publishing at Disney, was arrested nearly a month ago and charged with three counts of lewd and lascivious […]

Police Uncover Massive Pedophile Ring At Disney World

Police have uncovered a huge pedophile ring at Disney World, Florida, with over 35 employees arrested for alleged child rape offences.  The Disney employees include people from management, a concierge, a tour guide, and a ticket seller. Disney has downplayed the arrests, insisting that the theme park is so large that those arrested account for […]

Corporate America goes bonkers: Marvel, Barbie, Disney all push deranged left-wing agendas onto children and teens

(Natural News) Besides destroying America, one of the things that the liberals have become fairly good at is taking advantage of Hollywood and childhood icons in order to advance their radical social justice agenda. It is a very sneaky way of promoting their deranged values and principles, similar to how companies use product placement to […]

1959: Disney Exposes Military Plans to Engineer Hurricanes – Warm The Climate

Uncanny predictive programming from 1959 Disney works with the Department of Defense to popularize a future of engineered weather and hurricanes using satellites, drones, rockets and ground-based electromagnetic seeding. 1959 Plans to Engineer a Warmer Climate Most interesting is the plan to terraform frozen polar regions into lush temperate zones using atmospheric warming technologies. EYES […]

Weinstein Scandal Exposes Disney for Giving Convicted Pedophile Access to Kids as Film Director

Harvey Weinstein is the tip of the iceberg, his case is exposing how Hollywood has fostered and protected pedophiles for decades. by Matt Agorist, guest author Pedophilia in Hollywood, according to victims and those who expose it, is rampant and exists throughout the industry. Those who expose it are often tarred and feathered in the […]

Illuminati Hypersexualization of Children Exposed – Disney Pedophilia & Satanic Rolemodels

Exposing subliminal sexualizing content aimed at young children from Hollywood, TV shows, Movies, and the pedophile fashion industry. Disney channel and Disney movies exposed. Young girls being turned into miniature sex kittens. Illuminati brainwashing and destruction of Morality. ‘Illuminati Hypersexualization of Children Exposed! Disney Pedophilia and Satanic Role models’ Source Article from 00 […]

Disney, Weinstein company may face lawsuits as scandal continues

     Michael Eisner and Jeffrey Katzenberg, who ran the Walt Disney Company during the Harvey Weinstein years (1993-2005), have both denied any knowledge of Weinstein’s alleged sexual misconduct during those years. This would include any sexual harassment settlements made during that time. The Weinstein Company also denies any knowledge. These denials could be tested in […]

During Weinstein Years, Disney Hired Child Molester to Direct Film

Not long after the Walt Disney Company bought Bob and Harvey Weinstein’s company Miramax in 1993, convicted child molester Victor Salva was pegged to direct Disney’s film Powder. This is important to note because Disney now faces potential lawsuits for doing nothing about Harvey Weinstein’s alleged predatory behavior if Disney knew or had reason to […]

Disney’s Next Movie Could Be Watching You

Disney’s Next Movie Could Be Watching You July 25th, 2017 Via: Fast Company: Now, Disney Research has developed a neural network that seems to be chasing a similar idea–but for the world of movies. The system has been trained to watch an audience of […]

News Video: Hillsborough County Deputy Arrested at Disney on DUI Charges Suspended Without Pay

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7yo girl’s tongue removed from Disney mug with hacksaw

     Disney has removed a children’s mug from its stores and destroyed current stocks of the product after a seven-year-old girl got her tongue trapped in its lid for more than four hours. Doctors used a hacksaw to free Megan Donald’s mouth from the mug. The mug in question, a Monsters Inc-branded screw-top, sucked in […]

Civilization Needs Ideology, Ideology Needs Blood

I read an articulate article in Radix Journal titled “Are We Decadent.” Even though this intellectual made a good point about why our civilization is over and the next one is up for grabs, he fails to do what all the academic types fail to do. He fails “to press his hand on the wax […]

3rd Study in Just 5 Months, Proves Once Again, Cannabis Annihilates Epilepsy in Children

The story of 13-year-old Cyndimae Meehan is a powerful study in the moral imperative of ending the drug war. Cyndimae suffered from Dravet syndrome since she was 10 months old, which caused daily and repeated seizures. by Justin Gardner After trying 23 different FDA-approved pharmaceuticals which did nothing but put Cyndimae in a wheelchair, her […]

Tylenol found to dull the brain and make people less likely to notice errors… the dumbing down of America continues at full pace

(NaturalNews) The active ingredient in Tylenol may interfere with people’s ability to detect errors, according to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia, and published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. It’s not the first time acetaminophen (also known as paracetamol) has […]

‘No Open House on Stolen Land’: CODEPINK disrupts RE/MAX convention to protest settlement profiteering

Since September 2014, the global real estate giant RE/MAX LLC has been the target of a corporate responsibility campaign by  CODEPINK Women for Peace because of the company’s involvement in the sale and rental of illegal settlement properties in the Occupied West Bank. Each year the Denver-based RE/MAX LLC holds its annual convention in Las […]

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