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Floods and landslides in north east India leave at least 5 dead, 16,000 displaced – almost 5 feet of rain in 6 days

   At least 5 people have died and 16,000 are displaced by flooding and heavy rain in north eastern India over the last few days. Assam In Assam, heavy rain in the wake of Cyclone Amphan caused rivers to rise last week. As of 24 May, around 10,000 people were affected in Lakhimpur, Sontipur, Darrang […]

Thousands remain displaced after bushfires

Where is the support? Photo: LSE The summer of 2019-20 was devastating for Australia. Hundreds of fires resulted in communities destroyed and many deaths nationally, as well as huge losses of land and wildlife being recorded. In wake of the COVID-19 international operation, attention has been conveniently diverted away from recovery efforts, while the mainstream […]

Seven decades on, internally displaced Palestinians wait to return home

The restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic and the ban on large gatherings have somewhat softened the emotional, symbolic, and physical friction around Israeli Independence Day/Nakba Day this year. Each year, Israel smugly celebrates itself through huge military flyovers and fireworks displays, rejecting with all its might the fact that it is a day of […]

10,000 displaced by floods since late April in Burundi

   The International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports that over 10,000 people were displaced from their homes after heavy rain and floods in several provinces of Burundi during the period 27 April to 02 May. Floods struck in Muyinga Province on 27 April, displacing 109 people and damaging around 20 homes in Muyinga Commune. Two […]

Russian-backed Syria offensive displaced close to 700,000 since December — UN

Iran opposition figure goes on trial — report An Iranian opposition figure who had been living in exile before being arrested in a Revolutionary Guards operation has gone on trial in Tehran, Fars news agency says. The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps announced the arrest of Ruhollah Zam in October, describing him as a “counterrevolutionary” who […]

Displaced Syrians Continue to Return Home from Lebanon

Displaced Syrians Continue to Return Home from Lebanon Thursday, 26 December 2019 18:00 HOMS- More Syrians, displaced because of terrorism in Syria, returned home on Thursday from Lebanon through the crossings of Jussyia in Homs and Jdeidet Yabous in Damascus countryside and they were taken to their areas of residence which have been liberated from […]

Over 9,000 Palestinians displaced in a decade of West Bank demolitions

Israeli authorities demolished over 6,000 Palestinian structures in the West Bank and East Jerusalem between 2010 and 2019, according to the United Nations. More than 9,000 Palestinians were displaced as a result. The figures, collected by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – Occupied Palestinian Territory, show the scale of Israel’s demolition […]

India and Bangladesh – Cyclone ‘Bulbul’ leaves 24 dead, over 2 million displaced – 11 inches of rain in 24 hours

   At least 24 people have died and more than 2 million displaced after Tropical Cyclone ‘Bulbul’ hit coastal areas of Bangladesh and the states of West Bengal and Odisha in north east India. Bulbul made landfall in West Bengal on 09 November, 2019, with wind gusts of 135 km/h. According to media reports, the […]

Thousands displaced by flooding rivers in Central African Republic

   Thousands of people have been displaced and dozens of homes destroyed after rivers overflowed in the Central African Republic. Over 6,000 people have been displaced by flooding in the capital, Bangui. Local media reported that the Ubangi (Oubangui) river broke its banks last week after a period of heavy rain. The overflowing river flooded […]

Internally Displaced Syrian Refugees Tormented by US Forces

Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees are trapped in northern and southern camps controlled by the US and its jihadist foot soldiers. On October 1, Russian and Syrian Joint Coordination Committees on the Repatriation of Syrian Refugees said US forces, illegally occupying southern Syria, “disrupted” operations to permit Rukban camp refugees from leaving their virtual […]

Record 7 Million People Displaced By Extreme Weather Events In First Half Of 2019

In another sign of the climate crisis, a record seven million people were displaced from their homes by extreme weather events during the first half of 2019, The New York Times reported Thursday. The number comes from the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC), which has been using data from governments, UN humanitarian agencies and news accounts to publish annual reports since […]

Displaced again: Palestinian refugees from Syria struggle to survive in Gaza

With surging unemployment rates and high rents, Palestinian refugees who fled the Syrian war for Gaza are struggling to climb out of poverty. Like many Gazans, they hope to leave the strip in search of a better life. By Amjad Yaghi Omar Odeh helped establish a follow up committee dealing with the affairs of Palestinian refugees from […]

Hundreds of displaced Syrians return home from neighboring Lebanon

Hundreds of Syrian refugees have returned to their homeland from various areas in neighboring Lebanon after Syrian government forces and allied fighters from popular defense groups managed to liberate their hometowns from the clutches of foreign-sponsored Takfiri terrorist groups. The return of refugees took place under the supervision of Lebanon’s General Security in cooperation […]

More People Displaced Inside Their Own Countries than Ever Before

The number of people living in internal displacement worldwide as of the end of 2018 is the highest it has ever been, according to the Global Report on Internal Displacement, launched today at the United Nations in Geneva. This is an increase of more than a million since the end of 2017 and two-thirds more […]

Six killed, thousands displaced in South Sulawesi floods, Indonesia

     Six people died and 10 went missing in a flood that hit Makassar City and six other districts in South Sulawesi on Tuesday. The previous day, dozens of houses and several bridges were destroyed hours after torrential rainfall hit. The six people were from Gowa district, which was inundated because of rising water levels […]

Israeli occupation demolishes house in Jerusalem, displaced 22 inhabitants

Israeli occupation forces demolished on Wednesday afternoon Palestinian house in Jerusalem neighbourhood of Shu’fat and displaced 22 inhabitants. Local witnesses said that a large number of Israeli occupation forces stormed the neighbourhood equipped with a bulldozer. They forcefully evacuated the Palestinian inhabitants of the house and demolished it without giving the inhabitants enough time to […]

Five dead, nearly 100,000 displaced by floods in Myanmar (Burma)

     At least five people have been killed and over 95,000 people have been forced to flee their homes by widespread flooding in seven states and regions during the past week, the Disaster Management Department said. It said two people died in the floods in Magwe, and one each in Tanintharyi, Bago and Nay Pyi […]

Going Underground – Ep. 612: 30.6 Million Internally Displaced in Conflict & N. Ireland Hard Border w/ Sinn Fein & DUP

Going Underground – Ep. 612: 30.6 Million Internally Displaced in Conflict & N. Ireland Hard Border w/ Sinn Fein & DUP Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, we speak to the Director of the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center, Alexandra Bilak, about the organization’s new Global Report on Internal Displacement. Westminsters newest MP, rfhlaith […]

13 million displaced Syrians reside in these 11 countries

     America’s seven year regime change war on Syria has left nearly 13 million people displaced, and without a home. Unfortunately, US UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has signaled that instead of simply disengaging from a disastrous policy in Syria, the United States plans on doubling down, by keeping occupation forces within Syria for the indefinite […]

Displaced Coal Miners Turn To Beekeeping

Above Photo: Appalachians learn beekeeping skills. John Farrell  Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us break through. Mark Lilly, 59, grew up and still lives in West Virginia. He spent three decades as an insurance adjuster, often talking to […]

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