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Bahrain gives back citizenship of 92 Shia dissidents, upholds their jail terms

Bahrain’s top court of appeal has reversed a decision to revoke the citizenship of 92 jailed Shia nationals who have been convicted of allegedly forming a “terrorist group,” but has upheld their original prison terms. On Sunday, the Court of Cassation, Bahrain’s highest court, “overturned the decision to strip the 92 people of their citizenship,” […]

China Organ-Harvesting Dissidents, Whistleblower Claims

Communist China is still harvesting the organs from political dissidents and prisoners, according to a former medical insider. Zheng “George” Qiaozhi, a former intern-turned-whistleblower at China’s Shenyang Army General Hospital, provided his accounts to the Epoch Times earlier this year. In one instance, Qiaozhi described a horrific organ harvesting procedure on a prisoner. “The prisoner […]

From Jesus Christ to Julian Assange: When Dissidents Become Enemies of the State

John W. Whitehead, Guest Waking Times “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” — George Orwell When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals. In the current governmental climate, where laws that run counter to the dictates of the Constitution are […]

Could American dissidents one day face extraordinary rendition to Israel and be tortured legally in Israeli prisons?

Criticize Israel?—Cause distress to a Jew anywhere?— And wind up in an Israeli prison?—or be executed? by Tom Mysiewicz Abridged by Lasha Darkmoon IN AN  ISRAELI  PRISON Max Boot and other Jewish neoconservatives have long argued that mere criticism of Israel, or anything Jewish, is anti-Semitism. Even the goyish George W. Bush gave his blessing to this theory at the May 18th, 2004 meeting of  AIPAC. […]

China uses big data to target dissidents, internalize them in “re-education camps”: HRW

nsnbc : Chinese authorities have been found to be systematically building and deploying a “predictive policing program” based on big data analysis in Xinjiang, […]

Saudi government secretly abducting its critics from abroad, say dissidents

At least three prominent Saudi dissidents living in Europe, who openly criticized Saudi Arabia’s system of government, have been illegally abducted by the country’s monarchy in the past two years, according to a report by the BBC. All three, who are members of the Saudi royal family, are missing, believed to be dead […]

The Alternative Media and Its Role in Demoralizing Dissidents

Christopher Jon Bjerknes For a very long time, I have observed that many popular heads of the alternative media continually flip flop in their message, except when supporting communist countries and specific political candidates they promote as if our saviors and last hope for survival. They relentlessly bash the West, except when their preferred political […]

Saudi FM to Syrian Dissidents: Assad to remain in power

FNA- Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir has told the Syrian dissidents that President Bashar al-Assad will keep power, the Russian media reported on Sunday. According to the Arabic website of Russia Today (RT), a senior Syrian dissident source has quoted al-Jubeir as saying in a meeting with a delegation of negotiating dissidents on August 3 […]

‘Dissidents like me depend on Mondoweiss’: an Israeli describes challenging apartheid from within

HERE’S A GLIMPSE of life inside Israeli society—a culture that tolerates no dissent. A few years ago I taught a course at an engineering college in central Israel. The content was entirely technical, so of course politics never came up. But one week, I noticed that very few students showed up. And one who did […]

Bahraini court hands down lengthy sentences to 26 dissidents, revokes their citizenship

Press TV – A court in Bahrain has handed down lengthy sentences to more than two dozen anti-regime activists and revoked their citizenship as the ruling Al Khalifah family continues with its oppressive measures against political dissidents in the tiny Persian Gulf kingdom. On Thursday, a judge handed down 18 defendants life sentences, while the […]

New Sanctions Against Kim Jong-un

Konstantin Asmolov (NEO) : On July 7, 2016, the United States included the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in the sanctions list for human rights violations. The statement made by the U.S. Treasury lists a total of 15 individuals, including Kim Jong-un, and 8 organizations directly involved in human rights violations, tracking down defectors and […]

Israeli forces kill Palestinian boy in West Bank

Days of Palestine, West Bank -Israeli occupation forces killed on Tuesday night 12-year-old Palestinian boy in West Bank town of Al-Ram, north of Jerusalem. The boy, who was identified as Muhye Tabbakhi, was shot during night protests against Israeli raid and arrest campaign in the town. Palestinian paramedics immediately moved him to Palestine Medical Centre, […]

Jade Helm 16: Military Prepare For Civil War, Withhold Food From Public

The U.S. military have launched Jade Helm 16 – otherwise known as UWEX 16 – a military exercise to prepare troops for an American civil war.  These latest exercises follow last year’s Jade Helm 15 exercises which some feared were being used as a means to introduce martial law in America. According to an anonymous […]

Maya Angelou stood with Palestinians, but Israeli military uses her for Black History Month hasbara

On the morning of February 8, the IDF spokesperson’s office tweeted this: To commemorate #BlackHistoryMonth, we find strength in the words of the late author & poet, Maya Angelou. — IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) February 8, 2016 Perhaps they has forgotten that Angelou stood in solidarity with the Palestinian people when she honored the late Rachel […]

2015: Year of the Gun, 2016: Year of Gun Control

The all-time record for yearly sales comes after May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December 2015 each set sales records for their respective months. In December the FBI conducted 3,314,594 checks, an increase of more than half a million checks over the previous single-month record set in December 2012.…… Source […]

Russia slaps down British PM over dissident’s radiation killing and say they will never hand suspect over

  James Chapman Daily Mail September 13, 2011 David Cameron was told last night Russia will ‘never’ hand over the prime suspect for the murder of Alexander Litvinenko. The Prime Minister – making the first visit by a British leader to Moscow for six years – got short shrift from Russian president Dmitry Medvedev over […]

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