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Amazon Using Social Distancing Technology to Warn Staffers Who Get Too Close

A State Senator in New Jersey wants the coronavirus vaccine made mandatory for all school age children, despite them being the least at risk group. Middlesex Democrat Senator Joseph Vitale also wants to eliminate exemptions that have been used in the past to prevent their children from receiving shots. “When it is that a vaccine […]

New York Pastor: We Can Do Services with Distancing and Masks, No More ‘Hypocrisy’ Like Attending Rallies and Preaching Social Distance

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Father Gerald Murray of New York City’s Holy Family Church praised the Supreme Court striking down New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D) capacity restrictions on houses of worship and called for an end to double standards, like New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio […]

De Blasio, Schumer Break Social Distancing Guidelines to Celebrate Biden Win

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) ignored social distancing guidelines as they took to the streets to celebrate the mainstream media’s announcement that Joe Biden would be the next president, taking photos and talking with other Biden supporters. While de Blasio maintained the use of a face mask, he did […]

Head of Oxford University Vaccine Team: Face Masks, Social Distancing Will Continue Until Next Summer

The leader of the coronavirus vaccine team at Oxford University boasted Tuesday that the public will not return to normal until at least next summer. Professor Andrew Pollard said that face masks and social distancing rules are here with us to stay for the foreseeable future, declaring that a vaccine is still months away and would only […]

Head Of Oxford University Vaccine Team Says Face Masks, Social Distancing Will Continue Until NEXT SUMMER

The World Health Organization’s Regional Director for Europe Hans Kluge says governments should stop enforcing lockdowns, unless as a “last resort,” because the impact on other areas of health and mental well-being is more damaging. In an interview with Euro News, Kluge cautioned against the imposition of more lockdowns unless they are “absolutely necessary.” NEW: […]

Denmark Heads to Pre-COVID Normality: No Masks or Distancing in Schools, Just Common Sense

Counter Information ByPatrick HenningsenGlobal Research, October 05, 2020 One of the more diabolical aspects of the protracted COVID ‘crisis’ in countries like the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia,is the intellectually dishonest claim thatCoronavirusin their countries is somehow different from the Coronavirus in other western countries. It’s like there aretwoparallel universes now. While the […]

Masks and Social Distancing Work Don’t Work Even According to the CDC

BY ALEX50The Politics of Duh In its latest bulletin, the CDC claimed that SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted by aerosol. The CDC updated its coronavirus website on Friday, saying COVID-19 can commonly spread, “through respiratory droplets or small particles, such as those in aerosols, produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, sings, talks, or breathes.” (Well, for […]

Microsoft launches “PEOPLE ANALYTICS” an AI that enforces social distancing

Microsoft has launched AI that enforces social distancing. While an impressive technology with more uses than calculating the distance between people, there are privacy concerns and ethical issues raised in this new coronavirus surveillance age. In a virtual event, Microsoft launched Ignite Spatial Analysis, which is part of Redmond’s Cognitive Services, machine learning services intended for […]

No social distancing worries at ‘UK’s first’ sci-fi robot-themed diner

At the UK’s first sci-fi robot-themed restaurant, droids don’t just decorate the walls, they deliver food and drinks too. It’s the brainchild of co-founder Mark Swannell, who for five years has built robotic creations using recycled materials and toured them around the country. After the success of a robot cafe at one exhibit, he and […]

France: Woman Pulls Out Tape Measure to Enforce Social Distancing

A new report from GOP members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee has concluded that China covered up the coronavirus pandemic, and failed to follow international health guidelines which would have likely prevented the global pandemic. The report, which was released Monday, concludes that “It is highly likely the ongoing pandemic could have been prevented” […]

Joe Biden and Anderson Cooper slammed for scrapping social distancing as the cameras pull away

‘When they think they’ve gone to commercial break, they get so close to each other that Biden is whispering in Cooper’s ear’ The Blaze Joe Biden and Anderson Cooper are making a point of social distancing during the CNN Town Hall while on the stage. But when they think they’ve gone to commercial break, they […]

Biden Violated Social Distancing Rule When He Thought He Was Off Camera

Joe Biden, who emphasized the need for social distancing during his CNN town hall meeting on Thursday, violated his own rule once he thought he was off camera. Presidential nominee Joe Biden and moderator Anderson Cooper stood a significant distance apart on the outdoor stage in Moosic, Pensylvania. Breitbart reports: As Cooper went to a […]

Ukraine deports 2 Israelis for knocking down social distancing barriers in Uman

Ukraine deports 2 Israelis for knocking down social distancing barriers in Uman – Jewish Telegraphic Agency Skip to content Advertisement Advertisement 00 Hits: 3

Pelosi: Trump Gathering People without Mask or Distancing for Speech ‘Slapped Science Right in the Face’

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “All In,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated that President Donald Trump’s speech before the 2020 Republican National Convention on Thursday, was vandalism of the White House, and that the speech was clear proof that the president “doesn’t care less about the spread of this virus” because he brought “all […]

Paris: Riot Police Storm Bar Over No Social Distancing

Footage out of Paris, France shows riot police storming a bar and beating people with truncheons because they were not properly ‘social distancing’. The incident occurred during the Champions League final between Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich, which the bar-goers were watching on television. Around a dozen fully kitted out riot cops raided the bar […]

The case for lockdowns, masks, school closures, ‘distancing’, has just collapsed (Dr Ron Paul)

One by one the inconsistencies of the narrative are raised in this video. A calm, sane must watch. All those anomalies about the CV people are noticing that are being completely ignored. EWR [embedded content] RonPaulLibertyReport 242K subscribers The whole narrative is falling apart. New studies every day are proving beyond a doubt that the […]

Social Distancing Sign Says: “Look Away When Passing Other People”

A coronavirus alert sign in the United Kingdom reminding people to maintain social distancing also tells them, “Look away when passing other people.” The sign was seen in the northern market town of Stockton-on-Tees. It says; “CORONAVIRUS BE ALERT – NARROW WALKWAY AHEAD. Please ensure you keep your distance, pass others quickly, look away when […]

Company Demands Social Distancing For Cars in Parking Lot

A company in the UK has told staff that only 40% of them will be able to return to work in January due to a rule that dictates cars must be “socially distanced” in the parking lot. Yes, really. The story was shared by a reader of the website “I was chatting this morning to […]

New Mexico Governer Lujan Grisham wants mask and social distancing forever

NM GOVERNOR LUJAN GRISHAM SAID THAT THE CURRENT COVID MEASURES ARE THE “RIGHT PUBLIC HEALTH PATH FOREVER IRRESPECTIVE OF COVID.” She was referring specifically to social distancing, mask wearing, and mass gathering restrictions. She said, “Let’s hold these behaviors beyond the vaccine, because these are good public health behaviors that will prevent the spread of […]

When social distancing worked: How Warsaw Ghetto beat typhus

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Israeli Supreme Court says no social distancing necessary in prisons

The Latest: 12,412 Palestinians testing positive for COVID-19; 10,018 in the West Bank; 75 in Gaza 73 Palestinians have died of COVID-19 related causes 59,475 Israelis testing positive for COVID-19; 448 deaths Israelis and Palestinians are now three weeks into a virulent second coronavirus wave and the higher rates of infection are leading to worries […]

The Social Hazards of Distancing and Masking

Love is not wearing a face mask. THE SCIENCE IS NOT SETTLED!!!! Researcher proves that “social distancing” is an unscientific psy-op, developed by the CIA. Face masks are unhealthy.  They are intended for hospital staff (one-time use only) to prevent them from infecting patients.  For general use, face masks are actually unhealthy…Here is the […]

The Social Hazards of Distancing and Masking

Love is not wearing a face mask. THE SCIENCE IS NOT SETTLED!!!! Researcher proves that “social distancing” is an unscientific psy-op, developed by the CIA. Face masks are unhealthy.  They are intended for hospital staff (one-time use only) to prevent them from infecting patients.  For general use, face masks are actually unhealthy…Here is the […]

Democrats distancing themselves from Hillary as her crimes keep piling up

     Yesterday it was announced that Donna Brazile, Hillary Clinton’s long time friend is releasing a book that is very damning of Hillary. Far Left VOX reports – Donna Brazile, a longtime Clinton ally who stepped in as DNC chair last year in the wake of Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation, published an excerpt of her […]

Syrian Islamist group Jaysh al-Islam admits using banned weapons against Kurds in Aleppo

Shocking images show victims of chemical attack on Aleppo neighborhood in Syria (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) The hardline Islamist group did not not specify what substances were used, but claimed that it will punish those responsible. The group’s statement reads: “During the clashes one of the Jaysh al-Islam brigade leaders used [weapons] forbidden in this kind of […]

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