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500 Doctors Write To Trump Warning Lockdown Will Cause More Deaths

“The millions of casualties of a continued shutdown will be hiding in plain sight.” More than 500 doctors have added their names to a letter to President Trump urging him to end the lockdown, warning that it will cause more death than the coronavirus itself. In the letter, sent last week, doctors described the lockdown as a […]

A Website Exposing How Much Big Pharma Pays Doctors

The Facts: A study published in 2015 found that cloth masks can increase healthcare workers risk of infection. It also called into question the efficacy of medical masks. Reflect On: If masks may not protect healthcare workers in an acute setting, what are they doing for the public? Are the decisions made by health regulatory […]

Are Doctors Now Trying To Blame Serious Side Effects From Childhood Vaccines On COVID-19?

As New York investigates at least 85 cases of a mysterious syndrome in children they are calling PIMS or Pediatric Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome, possibly linked to COVID-19, the state’s health chief is urging parents to pay close attention to the symptoms of the potentially deadly condition: New York Health Commissioner and pediatric cardiologist Dr. Howard […]

Stray Cat Mother Carries Her Injured Baby to Emergency Room, Doctors Rush to Offer Help

There is nothing a mother wouldn’t do for their little ones. A dog, a cat, or a human, does it make any difference? An incredible story about one cat mother went viral, and we are so glad everything turned great for her and her little kitten. The incident took place in Istanbul, Turkey on April […]

Dictators & Doctors speak out about Plandemic

Dan Andrews from Victoria is a little Stalin.Jacqui Lambie NRL ‘NO JAB, NO PLAY’The NRL need to get tough and enforce their rules – if player don’t want to get the flu shot, then they don’t get to play. Doctors speak out.Backup Channel:…Get the real ANZAC Australian Flag here.…https://communismbythebackdoor.tvTO BUY THE ORIGINAL CONSTITUTIONWayne Glew24 […]

Western journalists & politicians MOCK Russian doctors driven to suicide by Covid-19 pressures

As the worldwide pandemic rages, you’d expect that the usual suspects would lay off vilification of “the Russians.” Unfortunately, it seems precisely the opposite is happening, with a particular cohort finding great amusement in suicide attempts by Russian doctors. Seemingly, the plight of medical staff and their ever-worsening mental health is cause for jesting and […]

Doctors, Scientists & More Gather Online For A Summit About The Health Concerns of 5G Technology

The Facts: 20% of all children and adolescents in the United States have a diagnosable mental illness. This number accounts for approximately 15 million children, half of which display oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) characteristics. Reflect On: How much do you know about ODD? What natural approaches can you take to help manage and overcome it […]

French doctors say country’s first coronavirus case may have been in December

PARIS (AP) — French scientists say they may have identified a possible case of the new coronavirus dating back to December — about a month before the first cases were officially confirmed in Europe. In a study published in the International Journal of Microbial Agents, doctors at a hospital north of Paris reviewed retrospective samples […]

UK’s Johnson: At low point in virus bout, doctors prepared to announce my death

LONDON (AP) — Prime Minister Boris Johnson has offered more insight into his hospitalization for coronavirus, telling a British newspaper that he knew doctors were preparing for the worst. The 55-year-old Johnson, who spent three nights in intensive care during his week of treatment in a London hospital after falling ill with COVID-19, told The […]

Belgian Doctors Warn About “Massive and Reckless Deployment of Wireless Technologies”

By B.N. Frank Since 2017 doctors and scientists have been requesting moratoriums on 5G deployment (see 1, 2, 3).  Since 2018 there have been reports of people and animals getting sick where it’s been turned on (see 1. 2, 3, 4).  There are other valid reasons to NOT want 5G in addition to biological and […]

If YouTube can now censor doctors for their opinions, they can censor anyone talking about nutrition or healthy eating

(Natural News) Two California doctors who published a video to YouTube stating that the chances of dying from the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) in the Golden State are slim-to-none have had their content censored by the Google-owned platform. In the nearly one-hour video, which is no longer available on YouTube because it supposedly […]

BEST OF THE WEB: Why Did YouTube Remove the California ER Doctors’ Briefing?

This statement had some things in common with the two physicians in California on their YouTube video. Nothing they said was inflammatory. They were not instructing anyone to harm themselves. They were doing nothing but questioning the current narrative and the current recommendations from the authorities. Again, a few of the things they said I […]

‘No need to generate undue alarm’: Doctors call for calm amid media hype over Covid-19-linked inflammatory syndrome in children

On Monday, the UK’s Paediatric Intensive Care Society (PICS) sent a memo to British doctors warning them about a rise in cases of a “multi-system inflammatory state requiring intensive care” that had been exhibited in “children of all ages” in several regions across the UK, including London. It further noted that the symptoms of the […]

Wu-Flu: Doctors Now Giving Men Women’s Hormones to “Cure” Virus

I knew that they would use this virus as an excuse to turn men into transsexuals. Dnyuz: As the novel coronavirus swept through communities around the world, preying disproportionately on the poor and the vulnerable, one disadvantaged group has demonstrated a remarkable resistance. Women, whether from China, Italy or the U.S., have been less likely […]

UK Warns Doctors About Mysterious New Respiratory Syndrome Appearing In Children

The issue was brought up again during a briefing on Monday, when Chris Whitty, the chief medical advisor to HMG, and his Public Health England colleague Steve Powis, said colleagues were urgently investigating the link, stressing that cases were rare and it was too early to say anything more with certainty. Scientists around the […]

YouTube Strikes Again – Video of Doctors Calling to End Lockdown Removed After Millions of Views

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer Waking Times  After recently deleting a wildly popular London Real interview with David Icke, YouTube again censored a viral video late Monday night of two doctors discussing whether California’s lockdown order is justified when presented with current Covid-19 data. The video received over 5 million views before it was removed for “violating […]

Chicago Doctors See “Truly Remarkable” Success Using Ventilator Alternatives To Treat COVID-19

The Facts: Doctors at the University of Chicago Medicine are seeing “truly remarkable” results using high-flow nasal cannulas rather than ventilators and intubation to treat some COVID-19 patients. Reflect On: Are there better ways of doing things when it comes to COVID-19? Has this issue been politicized, which prevents us from receiving accurate information about […]

US Doctors Are Pumping Men Full of FEMALE SEX HORMONES To ‘Fight Coronavirus’

Two hospitals in the US are now experimenting on men with coronavirus by pumping them full of estrogen and progesterone to see if the female sex hormones boost their immune systems and reduce the severity of the illness. Stony Brook University in New York and Cedars-Sinai in California are giving male coronavirus patients estrogen and […]

Two Emergency Medicine Doctors On Why Quarantine “Just Doesn’t Make Sense”

The Facts: Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi of Accelerated Urgent Care raise multiple concerns they are seeing with COVID-19 and how we are handling it. Reflect On: Are deaths being miscalculated? Are the number of deaths really far less, and the number of infected far greater? Is everything that’s told to us by […]

Doctors concerned as skin of recovering COVID-19 patients in China turns dark brown

(Natural News) We’re still in the process of learning about what life is like for those who have survived coronavirus infections. Anyone who has overcome the virus has plenty to be thankful for, but it’s often a difficult road to return to normal. And in the case of a pair of Chinese […]

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