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New Study Finds Only 2% of Millennials Fully Adhere to Biblical Doctrine

Christian Headlines recently lamented how few people in America actually adhere to a Biblical worldview –  6% of Americans overall and only 2% of Millennials. This is a drastic drop from previous decades. where over twice as many Americans believed believed the whole Bible. Just so we are clear, the majority of Americans are still […]

Lockdowns Motivated by Occult Doctrine: “Creative Destruction” (Kabbalah)

“The Protocols [of the Elders of Zion] elevate the theory of destruction to this status of “a fundamental truth, a primary or basic law, a governing law of conduct’…In many passages, the Protocols appear, at first sight, to recommend destruction as a thing virtuous in itself, and consequently justifying all the methods explicitly recommended to promote it (bribery, blackmail, corruption, subversion, sedition, mob […]

TikTok Diplomacy: A Digital Containment Doctrine

The Trump Administration’s forced sale of TikTok is part of a broader effort to thwart Chinese economic independence in the tech sector. With TikTok, Donald Trump is adding State Department coercion to his “art of the deal” toolkit. After months of feigned concern that the viral TikTok app represents a “trojan horse” for the Communist […]

TikTok Diplomacy: A Digital Containment Doctrine

The Trump Administration’s forced sale of TikTok is part of a broader effort to thwart Chinese economic independence in the tech sector. With TikTok, Donald Trump is adding State Department coercion to his “art of the deal” toolkit. After months of feigned concern that the viral TikTok app represents a “trojan horse” for the Communist […]

DoD Doctrine on Nuclear Operations Published, Taken Offline

DoD Doctrine on Nuclear Operations Published, Taken Offline July 26th, 2020 Via: Federation of American Scientists: Height of Burst (HOB). A weapon may be set to detonate at or near the Earth’s surface. Some weapons may be employed at higher altitudes. Selection of HOB enables planners to take advantage of the incident blast wave, with […]

UK COLUMN: ‘Fusion’ Deep State Doctrine, Russiagate Clap-Trap, NATO in Iraq & More

In terms of the authoritarian police state – Russiagate and ‘Russian threat’ is the gift that keeps on giving. Also, a bumpy road for Italy’s new reformist government, NATO sneaking into Iraq, and radical progressive think tank waging ‘war on the nostalgia’. All this and more… UK Column anchor Mike Robinson is joined by guest […]

The US Can’t Revive the Monroe Doctrine or Expel China from Latin America, but it Can Inflict Pain on the Region

WASHINGTON (Analysis) — Is the United States getting its groove back in Latin America? It’s certainly talking like it is. In February, U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson toured the region in a bid to drum up support for Washington’s regime-change agenda in Venezuela. He began the tour in a bizarre fashion, celebrating the relevance […]

Russia ‘expert’ admits the ‘Gerasimov doctrine’ was a load of fake news

     For years, Western ‘experts’ on Russia spoke of the ‘Gerasimov Doctrine’ as a sinister Moscow plot to use subversion to complement military force, ignoring objections from journalists who challenged its existence. Until now. “I’m sorry for creating the Gerasimov Doctrine,” Mark Galeotti, a senior research fellow at the Institute of International Relations in Prague, […]

Media Ignoring Puerto Rico’s ‘Shock Doctrine’ Makeover

Media Ignoring Puerto Rico’s ‘Shock Doctrine’ Makeover Above Photo: From Nearly five months after Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, more than a hundred thousand US citizens there still lack clean drinking water, and almost one-third of the island has no reliable electric power. As initial life-sustaining recovery efforts still grind toward completion, Puerto Rico’s Gov. […]

Poor Posture: Trump’s Nuclear Doctrine Resumes Cold War

While elected officials of our increasingly dysfunctional democracy debated “memogate,” the world became more dangerous as Trump’s Nuclear Posture Review was officially released on Friday, February 2. Ignoring scientific studies of the past decade and growing global sentiment by the world’s non-nuclear states to abolish nuclear weapons, with this announcement the new arms race begins and the […]

Trump’s New National Security Doctrine: Israel Is Not the Cause of the Middle East’s Problems

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Iranian FM slams Trump administration’s “withdrawal doctrine”

IRNA – Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif censured the US administration’s walkaway from the 2015 nuclear deal, saying that the deal is not a bilateral one between Iran and US but an agreement signed by six major world powers and ratified by the United Nations. He made the remarks in an exclusive interview with […]

Russia Resurrected: The Putin Doctrine of Leadership Steel

Russia Resurrected: The Putin Doctrine of Leadership Steel Russia in 2017 under the brilliantly resilient, tough and strategically visionary leadership of President Vladimir Putin is back in international relations in a way it has not been since the final days of its dominant leadership of the USSR under Mikhail Gorbachev in the late 1980s. The Western Alliance […]

Pepe Escobar: Unmasking his new Doctrine, Trump vows carnage for "wicked" N. Korea, Iran and Venezuela

     This was no “deeply philosophical address”. And hardly a show of “principled realism” – as spun by the White House. President Trump at the UN was “American carnage,” to borrow a phrase previously deployed by his nativist speechwriter Stephen Miller. One should allow the enormity of what just happened to sink in, slowly. The […]

Humanitarian Interventions: The Doctrine of Imperialism

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The Trump Doctrine: A Non-Doctrine of Foreign Policy

The Trump Doctrine: A Non-Doctrine of Foreign Policy Every American president since Franklin D. Roosevelt has been known for a doctrinal U.S. foreign policy. That was the case until Donald Trump became president. Unlike his predecessors, Trump’s foreign policy doctrine is one of not maintaining any doctrine beyond a bullet point list of lofty and […]

VIDEO: Luciferian Doctrine Explained By Hans Wilhelm

Hello Zionist Report Followers! As you know, our mission is to EXPOSE THE TRUTH. And, we need your help to achieve it. We are a team of two journalists that are tirelessly working on this mission. We have grown tremendously since we launched in January. And now we are looking to take our growth to […]

America’s Nuclear War Doctrine, In-depth Analysis, Devastating Consequences of Nuclear War

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Antedote Radio: The Trump Doctrine – Neocon 2.0

Greg and Jeremy discuss recent interviews given by top Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka which suggest that the foreign policy of the Trump administration will be very similar to that of Bush’s, despite assertions that Trump’s will be nothing like Bush’s. We also discuss the historical roots of the neoconservative movement might help shed some […]

Venezuela’s National Assembly Declares Supreme Court Unconstitutional

Ryan Mallett-Outtrim (VA) : Venezuelan legislators demanded Thursday that three members of the country’s Supreme Court step down. Supreme Court of Venezuela (VTV) In a vote widely backed by the opposition, the National Assembly (AN) endorsed a controversial report claiming the current Supreme Court (TSJ) is unconstitutional. The report was produced by a special AN […]

Jewish Agender

Richard Von Krafft-Ebing, who wrote ‘Psycopathia Sexualis’ in 1886, discussed the bases of his own belief that sexual lust was engineered by procreation, that our sexual desire and drive complied with nature and that any other sexual behaviour was seen as unnatural and therefore sexual deviancy and a mental disorder. This book was pretty much a classification […]

Cop who shot Philando Castile received special training: Conditioned to believe that the public is the enemy

     Jeronimo Yanez, the St. Anthony, Minnesota Police Officer who fatally shot Philando Castile, underwent “Bulletproof Warrior” officer survival indoctrination that imparts what one police trainer calls a “paranoid” and “militaristic” mindset. In May of 2014, reports the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Yanez underwent a 20-hour seminar on “Street Survival” taught by Illinois-based Calibre Press, which teaches […]

Egypt prime minister says cannot rule out terrorism behind vanished plane

Egypt’s Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said on Thursday that the search was underway to find the missing EgyptAir plane and it was too early to rule out any explanation for the incident, including terrorism. “Search operations are ongoing at this time for the airplane in the area where it is believed to have lost contact,” […]

Projects to add 960k tons to Iran petchem output

TEHRAN, May 03 (Shana) –- Iran will boost its petrochemical production capacity by nearly a million tons per year once its launches three major petrochemical plants in western regions. Iran has launched Lorestan Petrochemical Plant in the western province of Lorestan and will inaugurate two other plants in Kurdistan and Mahabad by the yearend, adding […]

America’s Entitled (and Doomed) Upper Middle Class

The upper middle class is well and truly doomed by self-delusion and the pathology of entitlement. Two recent articles describe America’s entitled (and doomed) upper middle class: the top 5% of households with incomes above $206,500 annually and individuals with incomes of $160,000 or higher annually. (source: Historical Income Tables: Households The first […]

What Would Society Look Like With Universal Basic Income?

Print Friendly It may seem blasphemous to neoliberals, but a universal basic wage may be the only choice we have. What  would you do if somebody gave you a few hundred pounds each month to spend on whatever you wanted? Would you quit your job? Retrain and look for a better one? Spend more time with your […]

Kyle Hunt Calls Portland Community College About “Whiteness History Month”

Youtube link A few weeks ago I reported on how Portland Community College has decided to dedicate the month of April to shaming White people about their “privilege”, and after watching some videos of their events, I had to call them. Source Article from Hits: 1

Kerry from Saudi Stresses Need to End Syria, Yemen Conflicts

US Secretary of State John Kerry stressed the need to move now to end the conflicts in Syria and Yemen in talks with top Saudi officials on Friday, a senior US official said. Kerry also sought to reassure officials of the importance of US-Saudi ties a day after President Barack Obama was quoted in a […]

For western elites, another savior of Israel: Benny Gantz

Ofer Neiman responds on Facebook to a report in the Israeli press on the growing political appeal of Benny Gantz: A poll showing that Israel’s most recent ex-army chief Benny Gantz would defeat Benjamin Netanyahu “if a race for the prime ministership were held today… [with Gantz] at the head of a center-left party.” As […]

3 ISIS field commanders in Aleppo province killed in Russian airstrikes – Veterans Today

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