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Where to find the Plandemic documentary with Judy Mikovits in Portuguese, Greek, Spanish, Danish, French, Lithuanian, Turkish, Italian and English

About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from […]

A Documentary Series Exploring The Most Powerful ‘Alternative Medicines’ Known To Man

The Facts: Below is a clip of Senator Richard Blumenthal during a hearing that took place last year, questioning wireless industry representatives about the safety of 5G technology. Reflect On: Why doesn’t the industry conduct studies along with independent scientists to see if 5G technology is safe? Do they care? Do they know something we […]

Part 1. Deceptive Conduct. A Rod Culleton Documentary

Part 2 can be viewed here. Thank you.…Proof cops work for the bankster criminals. Request to upload from our friends at the Great Australia Party channel. Vote for these guys to white ant the criminal major parties LibLab parasites & return our Constitutional Government like it is supposed to be. At this channel we […]

Be Like Mike? Who’d wanna be after watching this sycophantic, hagiographic, nostalgia-porn documentary on Michael Jordan…

Michael Jordan is arguably the greatest basketball player of all time, and the much-hyped ESPN 10-part documentary on his career and final championship season with the Chicago Bulls, ‘The Last Dance,’ which comes to a close this Sunday night, claims to reveal the man behind the legend. I’ll save you the suspense – spoiler alert – and […]

Trayvon Martin Hoax Utterly Exposed in New Documentary

Joel Gilbert’s new documentary assiduously exposes the fraudulence of the Trayvon Martin race hoax. Watch this video on YouTube The Jewish media is attempting another race hoax with Ahmaud Arbery, so it’s pertinent to revisit the Trayvon hoax. Gilbert meticulously proves that Trayvon Martin’s family, their attorney Ben Crump, negro activists and the media all […]

Censors Crack Down On ‘Plandemic’ Conspiracy Documentary – What’s So Dangerous About It?

Dr. Judy Mikovits (L) © Screenshot from ‘Plandemic’; Dr. Anthony Fauci © Reuters / Leah Millis Pulled from YouTube, censored in internet searches, and denounced by every single mainstream media outlet, what kind of information could make everyone so mad about ‘Plandemic’? We watched it to find out. A 23-minute teaser clip of the documentary […]

Documentary Proof: University of North Carolina Generated COVID-19

The emergence of SARS-CoV heralded a new era in the cross-species transmission of severe respiratory illness with globalization leading to rapid spread around the world and massive economic impact3,4. Since then, several strains—including influenza A strains H5N1, H1N1 and H7N9, and MERS-CoV—have emerged from animal populations, causing considerable disease, mortality and economic hardship for the […]

The Earth Day Documentary That Will Change Your Whole Perspective On Climate

The Facts: A new study published several academics from the Stanford School of Medicine suggests that COVID-19 has a similar infection fatality rate as seasonal influenza. Reflect On: Are the lockdown and social distancing measures necessary, or is there something else going on here? Special Note To Our Readers: We are concerned that our Facebook Page will be […]

Vimeo Bans Documentary Exposing “Big Pharma’s” Influence Within The World Health Organization

I recently had a conversation with a very intelligent and discerning person regarding “alternative” narratives. In today’s terms we could say that he hadn’t been “red-pilled” yet. I don’t care for the term because it over simplifies a very delicate and personal process of dismantling and rebuilding a conceptual framework to support a new interpretation […]

New Documentary Makes Compelling Case that Wuhan Virus Was Manufactured in a Chinese Lab

The Epoch Times had produced a documentary making the case that the Wuhan Virus, also known as the Slant-Eyed Bat-Eating Chink Flu, was first manufactured by Chinese lab-rats in a research facility in Wuhan as part of bio-weapons research. Watch this video on YouTube It doesn’t claim that the virus was intentionally released by the […]

New Documentary Explores How Humans Can Make Contact With Extraterrestrials

The Facts: In a recent interview, Bill Gates paints the picture that a vaccine that reaches the masses is the only solution to the new coronavirus. Reflect On: Why do other methods of intervention for the new coronavirus that have shown great promise continue to be completely ignored, and in some cases ridiculed by mainstream […]

How We Can Regenerate Our Environment & Planet (Documentary)

The Facts: Governments may start tracking the location and movement of people with Coronavirus, or those who have come into close contact with people who have the coronavirus. Reflect On: Are these measures justified? Is this a new phenomenon or, as Edward Snowden has emphasize, are we all being tracked all the time? Has the […]

Corey Feldman’s Explosive Documentary Names Charlie Sheen As Hollywood Pedophile

Only a few hundred people have seen Corey Feldman’s bombshell documentary in its entirety after the streaming service hosting the film repeatedly crashed amid claims the screening was hacked by forces desperate to suppress the information. Those who were present at the LA premiere, however, have seen Feldman’s film My Truth: The Rape of Two […]

Corey Feldman To Name Pedophile ‘Everybody On The Planet’ Knows In Documentary TONIGHT

Corey Feldman will name one of the elite pedophiles he claims sexually abused him as a child in Hollywood and alleges “everybody on the planet” knows this person. Feldman will identify at least one alleged child abuser in his documentary My Truth: The Rape of The Two Coreys, which will be streamed globally from March 9. […]

The 5G Trojan Horse (Documentary) Director’s Cut

The Conscious Resistance Network Presents: The 5G Trojan Horse (Director’s Cut) Researched, Written, and Narrated by Derrick Broze Produced and Edited by Jeremy Martin  Purchase Your Copy for $7 USD. After making a payment you can click the “Download” arrow and own your copy of The 5G Trojan Horse! Note: The video doesn’t work on […]

When the river runs dry documentary. Please watch & do something Australians

WHEN THE RIVER RUNS DRY documentary tells the story of the ecological disaster happening on the Barka Darling River right now, all because of Corruption from the unlawful/unconstitutional political party HACKS. WAKE UP-Take them out Australia it is your rule of law Constitutional duty.There are 18 screenings right across the country, but tickets need to […]

911 Missing Links Israeli Mossad Involvement – Full Documentary

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The 5G Trojan Horse (Documentary)

The Conscious Resistance Network Presents: The 5G Trojan Horse Researched, Written, and Narrated by Derrick Broze Produced and Edited by Jeremy Martin This 96 minute documentary will expose the truth behind the global “Race to 5G”, the health, privacy, and local power concerns, and the corruption between the Big Wireless industry and the U.S. government. […]

Corey Feldman To Release Documentary On The ‘Biggest Problem In Hollywood’ – Pedophilia

The Facts: Child actor Corey Feldman recently released a trailer for his upcoming documentary “(My) Truth: The Rape of Two Corey’s” that is set to expose his experience with pedophilia as a child actor in Hollywood. Reflect On: For years this problem has continued, and does today. How does it continue to happen with so […]

Corey Feldman’s New Documentary That Exposes Hollywood ‘Pedophile Ring’ Will Air Only ONCE

Former Hollywood child star Corey Feldman’s new documentary is touted to be an explosive exposé where the one-time teen idol will reveal the details about “high-profile Hollywood pedophiles” and associated child predators who prey on young children in the industry. However, there’s a catch for the much-anticipated documentary — viewers will only get one chance […]

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