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Trump’s Latest Video Exposes Biden’s Dodgy Ties to Ukraine

President Trump has released a new video which exposes Joe Biden’s dodgy dealings with the Ukrainian government. The $10 million ad campaign also takes aim at Democrats and their cronies in the mainstream media who are spinning the scandal against Trump and cheerleading for his impeachment. Trump posted the video to Twitter on Friday with […]

Dodgy Dossier Author Christopher Steele to be Questioned by US Investigators

With the release of the Mueller Report showing nothing to back-up the phony ‘intelligence report,’ it may be that the media might finally come clean on one of the biggest fake news stories of the last decade. As a result, this week the corporate media are slowly beginning to revisit the infamous Steele Dossier, apparently […]

Extra Time: Trump & Kushner’s Dodgy ‘Deal of the Century’

More than any other administration in US history, the Trump’s White House is deeply wedded to Israel, making any chance of an independent US foreign policy almost impossible. Israel is now actively trying to ensnare the US into a conflict with Iran. Meanwhile, the President’s mercurial son-in-law, Jared Kushner has been given the job of […]

Judge Sentencing Flynn Demands To See ‘Dodgy’ FBI 302 Report

The judge presiding over General Flynn’s case is demanding to see the ‘dodgy’ FBI 302 report about the ambush Flynn interview, according to a new court filing. Counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok ambushed Flynn at the White House on January 24th, 2017 along with Special Agent Joe Pientka. The meeting was arranged by former FBI Deputy […]

Drinking dodgy booze kills, poisons 300 Iranians

Iranians in the cities of Bandar Abbas, Karaj and Bojnourd all came down with severe alcohol poisoning on the same day. Eleven people died in Bandar Abbas alone. Officials at Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences say the number of those coming to visit medical centres in Bandar Abbas with alcohol poisoning symptoms has dropped since […]

Congress Appoint Special Counsel To Investigate Obama’s Dodgy Russia Probe

Congress are preparing to appoint a special counsel to investigate claims that the Obama administration coerced the FBI into launching their dubious Russia probe. Congressional investigators are looking into the origins of Special Counsel Mueller’s Russia probe – and will examine whether a series of text messages between FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and DOJ lawyer […]

SOTT FOCUS: FBI Lies and Coverups on Trump ‘Dodgy Dossier’ Exposed at House Judiciary Committee Hearing, Mainstream Media Ignores It

     Trump recently tweeted that the FBI’s “reputation is in tatters”. Some may put that down to more unsubstantiated mud slinging by a President who is under investigation by the same FBI for ‘colluding’ with the Russians. Yet anyone with two neurons firing knows that the entire ‘Russia collusion’ circus that has embroiled the Trump […]

Dodgy Blair accuses BBC of ‘putting words into mouth’ of Iraq War report author Chilcot

     Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has accused the BBC of “putting words into the mouth” of Sir John Chilcot, the chair of a seven-year inquiry into the 2003 Iraq War, during the latter’s first interview about the findings on Thursday. Blair made the complaint after Chilcot was asked if the former Labour leader had […]

The Zombie Doctrine

Print Friendly Crisis after crisis is being caused by a failed ideology. But it cannot be stopped without a coherent alternative. By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 16th April 2016 It’s as if the people of the Soviet Union had never heard of communism. The ideology that dominates our lives has, for most of us, […]

Hundreds Arrested At ‘Democracy Spring’ Sit-In At The US Capitol

Hundreds of “Democracy Spring” protesters have been arrested on the steps of the US Capitol. Thousands of activists arrived in Washington DC, after a ten day, 140-mile (225km) march from Philadelphia’s Liberty Bell, in protest against corruption in politics. Starting today, April 11th, thousands of Americans will sit-in on the US Capitol in Washington, DC […]

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