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Best Espresso Machine Under 300 Dollars – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best Espresso Machine Under 300 USD – Coffee, cappuccinos, espresso, and latte.! Everybody loves them, And we love them so much so that we all want our own espresso machines in our homes, and why shouldn’t we? Making espresso at home is a fraction of the cost of buying it at a retail chain like […]

Best Studio Headphones Under 100 Dollars – Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best Studio Headphones Under 100 Dollars – With a great pair of studio headphones, you can hear every minor detail while tracking, mixing, laying down beats and recording tracks on your electronic drum kit without disturbing the neighbors, or you can just listening to your favorite music. But buying studio headphones can be confusing. There […]

10 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under 200 Dollars – Buyer’s Guide

Best Bookshelf Speakers Under 200 Dollars – A lot of music lovers interested in a good set of bookshelf speakers generally tend to go for a set that costs under $200. While purchasing a new bookshelf speaker under a 200 dollar range, you need to pay attention to certain details such as the number of […]

Cargo ship busted with over a billion dollars worth of cocaine was owned by JP Morgan Chase

(Natural News) JPMorgan Chase, one of the largest banks in the United States, is the owner of a cargo ship found carrying over $1 billion worth of cocaine at a port in Philadelphia recently. More than 20 tons of cocaine were seized from the MSC Gayane, the ship in question. Mainstream media […]

Omar: US must reconsider billions of dollars of aid to Israel

Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar has said that billions of dollars of US aid to Israel should be tied to its treatment of Palestinians, urging Washington to reconsider the funds to the Tel Aviv regime which is engaged in oppression of the Palestinian people.   Omar on Monday said that Congress should reconsider the annual US […]

Rep. Omar got vilified for saying just what Rep. Slotkin says about pro-Israel dollars

Last week, Elissa Slotkin, a first-year congresswoman from Michigan and former assistant secretary of Defense under Obama, addressed a Jewish Democratic fundraising party in Detroit, and said just what we have long insisted on saying at this website: that Jews are important players in national politics not because of our vote totals (which at most […]

Procter & Gamble Loses $5 Billion Dollars Following ‘Woke’ Gillette Ad Campaign

Procter & Gamble has reported a net loss of $5.24 billion, prompting speculation as to whether a boycott of the company’s Gillette shaving products after a divisive ‘woke’ ad campaign hit the company’s bottom line. The ad, entitled ‘We Believe’, was released in January. It asked men to “shave their toxic masculinity,” while blaming an […]

The Federal Government Sold Your Social Security Number for FIVE Dollars

By Simon Black, Sovereign Man Welcome to our Friday roll up, where we highlight the most absurd and concerning stories we are following this week. Equifax fined $700 million… for 147 million person data breach Do you remember back in 2017 when Equifax (the giant consumer credit agency) admitted that it had been breached? Hackers broke […]

‘Hundreds of millions of dollars’ needed to stave off Ebola outbreak in Congo, UN aid chief warns

Speaking at a meeting in Geneva, Mark Lowcock, who heads the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), urged the international community to increase funding for his agency’s aid efforts in the African nation. He also called on UN states to work together to end the violence in the region that has plagued […]

Israeli court says terror victims can sue PA for hundreds of millions of dollars

In a potentially dramatic ruling, the Jerusalem District Court ruled Monday that both the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Liberation Organization bear responsibility for 17 terror attacks carried out during the Second Intifada early last decade. The ruling opens the Palestinians’ coffers to claims for damages from terror victims and their families that could amount […]

A World Without Dollars? Are We Approaching The End Of America’s Financial Order?

A World Without Dollars? Are We Approaching The End Of America’s Financial Order? Above Photo: From For Washington, the U.S. dollar is leverage, a financial weapon to dominate the world economy, to impose its foreign policy agendas and to secure a steady flow of natural resources over sovereign countries who use the currency. In […]

Multiple Investigations Reveal Secrets About Where US Tax Dollars Are Really Going

The Facts: In light of recent events in Venezuela Wikileaks published a revealing document that highlights the fact that financial institutions are not independent, that they are owned by, and in turn own/work together with the US government to fulfill agendas. Reflect On: The secrecy in our world runs rampant, under the guise of ‘national […]

Russia is dumping US dollars and hoarding gold

Vladimir Putin’s quest to break Russia’s reliance on the U.S. dollar has set off a literal gold rush. Within the span of a decade, the country quadrupled its bullion reserves, and 2018 marked the most ambitious year yet. And the pace is keeping up so far this year. Data from […]

Pentagon: 95,613 Whistleblower Complaints, Trillions Of Tax Dollars Unaccounted For

Pentagon: 95,613 Whistleblower Complaints, Trillions Of Tax Dollars Unaccounted For Above Photo: Neil Moralee/Flickr Pentagon: 95,613 Whistleblower Complaints, Trillions of Tax Dollars Unaccounted For According to a new report from the Government Accountability Office, in fiscal years 2013 – 2018, the Department of Defense Inspector General (DOD IG) received 95,613 whistleblower complaints.  As trillions of tax […]

Your Tax Dollars At Work: Govt Officially Forgiving Student Debt

Already we’re seeing student loan defaults creep up… Loans issued in 2012 are defaulting at a faster rate than ever before. Interest rates are only rising. Over 44 million Americans owe student loans, and according to the Federal Reserve, 11.2% of them are delinquent (at least 90 days late) or in default. It’s hard enough […]

Washington’s Silent Weapon for Not-so-quiet Wars. “A World Full of Dollars”, A 2019 Global Economic Crisis

First published on November 1, 2018 Today by far the deadliest weapon of mass destruction in Washington’s arsenal lies not with the Pentagon or its traditional killing machines. It’s de facto a silent weapon: the ability of Washington to control the global supply of money, of dollars, through actions of the privately-owned Federal Reserve in […]

Keanu Reeves Has Secretly Given Away Hundreds of Millions of Dollars

Keanu Reeves has suffered a series of tragic events in his life, before and after becoming a popular film star, yet that hasn’t stopped him quietly and selflessly giving away hundreds of millions of dollars to those in need, including children’s hospitals, without ever seeking any kind of credit for his selfless actions. Throughout his […]

We Can’t Measure Everything in Dollars

  November 29, 2018 Source Article from Related Posts Zarif: Implementing HOPE initiative needs collective measure, consensus Uranium enrichment is up as ‘remedial measure’ within nuclear deal, will end if EU complies – Iran “Today, Iran is taking its second round of remedial steps under [Paragraph] 36 of the Iran threatens ‘consequences’ if US […]

India Announces it Will Pay for Russian S-400s in Rubles and Rupees, Not Dollars

Last month, Washington issued a threat of sanctions against India if it were to move forward in purchasing the Russian s400 missile defense system. US President Donald Trump warned India that if it went ahead with the $5 billion deal to purchase S-400 Triumf air defense systems from Moscow, that certain repercussions would soon follow […]


Global debt has hit another high, climbing to $247 trillion in the first quarter of 2018, according to a report published Wednesday. Of that figure, the non-financial sector accounted for $186 trillion. The debt-to-gross domestic product (GDP) ratio has exceeded 318 percent, marking its first quarterly rise in two years, the report by the Institute […]

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