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Donald Trump Implies Jeffrey Epstein Was Murdered In A Retweet About The Clinton’s

The Facts: Donald Trump recently retweeted a post from famous actor and comedian Terrence K. Williams suggesting that the Clinton’s might have had something to do with the death of sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Reflect On: How could have Epstein hanged himself on his second attempt, on suicide watch? How would he be able to […]

Is Donald Trump Coming For Your Guns?

In the wake of ongoing “mass shootings” Donald Trump and Democrats seem to agree that the time has come for a federal “Red-Flag Law”. Sources: Trump Says NRA Views Must Be Respected in Gun Debate President Trump is talking about red-flag laws. Texas lawmakers have blocked those bills in the past. Kafkaesque ‘red flag laws’ […]

Jeffrey Epstein, Roy Cohn & Donald Trump: The Back Story

    Government by Blackmail: Jeffrey Epstein, Trump’s Mentor and the Dark Secrets of the Reagan Era Appalling for both the villainous abuse of children itself and the chilling implications of government by blackmail, this tangled web of unsavory alliances casts a lurid light on the political history of the U.S. from the Prohibition Era […]

Donald Trump Reveals That He’s an Anti-Semite With Attack on Congresswomen

U.S President Trump with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – against the backdrop of an Apartheid wall. Robert Inlakesh 21st Century Wire It is quite amusing to watch U.S. President Donald Trump try to justify his racist remarks by painting comments critical of Israeli policy and AIPAC as somehow being anti-Semitic and hence a justification, […]

THE SAD TRUTH: Donald Trump and His Evangelical Base

  MOBILE, AL- AUGUST 21: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump greets supporters after his rally at Ladd-Peebles Stadium on August 21, 2015 in Mobile, Alabama. The Trump campaign moved tonight’s rally to a larger stadium to accommodate demand. (Photo by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images)   Why Evangelicals Love Donald Trump by Chuck Baldwin Without the overwhelming […]

MAGAgate: The Hidden Agenda Behind Donald Trump

    Trump has only ONE metric by which he measures his success… … so when the stock market comes crashing down, and it will, his failed presidency will be exposed for the utter disaster it has truly been, not only for the American people but also for the world-at-large. State of the Nation Our […]

How is Donald Trump handling the Israëlo-Palestinian question?, by Thierry Meyssan

President Donald Trump decorated the Oval Office with a portrait of his predecessor, Andrew Jackson. President Donald Trump has declared several times that his method of government was enough to solve many different conflicts, and that he even hoped, during the course of his mandate (or mandates), to attain peace between the Palestinians and the […]

‘Completely unacceptable’: Theresa May reprimands Donald Trump over US Democrat women rant

Trump’s launched a triple-tweet tirade at left-wing Democrats: New York’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Michigan’s Rashida Tlaib, Minnesota’s Ilhan Omar, and Massachusetts’ Ayanna Pressley on Sunday. Also on Go back to your crime infested countries and Pelosi will pay for it – Trump to progressive Dems The US president provoked accusations of racism, after telling the […]

Bitcoin and the Hypocrisy of Donald Trump

Op-ed by Peter A. Kirby Big Bitcoin news dropped today. In a series of tweets, President Donald Trump attacked Bitcoin, Facebook’s Libra, and cryptocurrencies in general. His tweets are reproduced here: I am not a fan of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies, which are not money, and whose value is highly volatile and based on thin […]

North Korea Slams US Hostility. Donald Invites Kim to the White House

Last week, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and Trump met at the DMZ separating both Koreas. DJT became the first sitting US president to set foot on North Korean territory, a symbolic gesture only while unacceptably hardline US policies against the country remain unchanged. Following their meeting, lasting about an hour, Kim said he’d meet […]

Reddit ‘quarantines’ pro-Donald Trump group ‘r/The_Donald’ over threats

   A Reddit forum for self-described supporters of President Trump was “quarantined” on Wednesday over threats against police and public officials in Oregon, the tech giant said. Reddit officials said the moderators on the subreddit “r/The_Donald” – which counts about 750,000 followers – had encouraged or allowed behavior that broke the site’s violence policy. “We […]

Donald Trump Finally Shares His Thoughts About UFOs

The Facts: Donald Trump was recently asked about UFOs, and he hinted towards the fact that he’s not really a believer, despite the fact that the reality of these objects can no longer be denied. Reflect On: How much do presidents really know about UFOs and other programs that don’t really have any government oversight? […]

A VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT: Donald Trump is NOT who we thought he was

    TRUMP IS A TOTAL FRAUD & By far the Biggest Con Man in U.S. Presidential History Yes, he’s even a bigger CON than Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama and we thought that was impossible. State of the Nation First, we here at SOTN have a very serious admission to make. From the very […]

Donald Trump’s Direct Links to 9/11 Perps Are Indisputable, Giuliani Was NYC Pointman

    Linking Donald Trump To Likely 911 Suspects, And Israeli Hands All Over Patsy Hijackers by Greg McCarron and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel OPDeepState This week Greg and Jeremy begin by discussing Donald Trump being listed by Benjamin Netanyahu as a possible American donor to his campaign for Prime Minister as well as his commercial endorsing […]

The new D-Day? Donald Trump brings a delayed Second Front with UK visit

Donald Trump’s visit to the UK coincides with the anniversary of D-Day, and while the two events may seem worlds apart, George Galloway examines the very real threat Great Britain is facing exactly 75 years later. June 6, 1944 marked D-Day, the launch of the Second Front intended to liberate the western part of Europe […]

Another Donald Debacle: Poland’s ‘Fort Trump’ and Holocaust Victims Compensation

It’s no surprise that Trump’s new vanity project in Poland – to name a military base after a sitting President, is quickly descending into a farce. Yet another embarrassing debacle for the current US administration overseas, as clueless Polish officials desperately try to dress-up the US military occupation of their country, with Washington effectively using […]

Memo To Donald Trump: It’s Time To End-Run Your Advisers On North Korea

Memo To Donald Trump: It’s Time To End-Run Your Advisers On North Korea Above Photo: From It is sometimes difficult to tell whether President Trump is just making bad decisions on North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba as well as the never-ending wars in Syria, Afghanistan and the Middle East, and his relationships […]

Donald Trump Jr. Considers Running for NYC Mayor

Donald Trump Jr. is considering running for mayor of New York City, according to a report from Page Six. “We are not talking some parched sod in Iowa, where the corn is as high as a Democrat’s eye. Kiddies, mother is saying friends are saying he is saying he’d like to run for mayor of […]

Donald Trump Says U.S. Underestimated Venezuela’s ‘Tough Cookie’ Nicolas Maduro: Report

Donald Trump Says U.S. Underestimated Venezuela’s ‘Tough Cookie’ Nicolas Maduro: Report Above Photo: President Donald Trump and National Security Adviser John Bolton leave the G7 summit in La Malbaie, Quebec, June 9, 2018. Trump is reportedly frustrated by Bolton’s handling of the Venezuela crisis.LARS HAGBERG/AFP/GETTY IMAGES President Donald Trump reportedly described Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro as […]

Donald Trump’s State visit to the UK

Donald Trump, the most controversial President of the United States, will make a state visit to the United Kingdom from Monday 3rd to Wednesday 5th of June, Buckingham Palace has announced. The President and his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, will be guests of Her Majesty the Queen when they […]

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