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Cops Attack Lockdown Protestor As He Begins to Read Aloud “Mark of the Beast” The Draconian Lockdown Ending Of the World Begins In Australia!

Truth To Power Man attacked by cops in Australia as he begins to read Bible’s warning about the “Mark of the Beast”. It’s “On the Beach” in reverse, as the draconian lockdown ending of the world is begins in Australia! Link To Banned Video: For Those Of You Who Are Still Asleep, Still Walking […]

Half of NYC’s Iconic Restaurants and Bars to Permanently Close Due to Draconian Shutdown

Half of all New York City bars and restaurants could close permanently within the next six months due to the harsh coronavirus restrictions in place, a new audit released by state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli said. “The industry is challenging under the best of circumstances, and many eateries operate on tight margins,” said DiNapoli. “Now, they face an […]

Hundreds of small protests mushroom across Israel over ‘draconian’ restrictions

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UK: Singing and Dancing Banned Under Draconian New COVID Rules

Researcher and attorney Michael P. Senger suggests that the Chinese government launched an aggressive propaganda campaign to exaggerate the severity of coronavirus in order to force the rest of the world into a draconian lockdown that would serve to benefit Beijing. In an article for Tablet Magazine, Senger details how in late January, “international COVID-19 […]

Dutch Celebrity Society Rebels Against Draconian COVID-19 Restrictions

Screenshot from Instagram #ikdoenietmeermee (“I’m out” or “I no longer participate”) When Dutch Instagrammer Famke Louise launched the hashtag #ikdoenietmeermee (I’m out) in protest over Covid-19 restrictions, she quickly drew lots of support. It seems many people are finally sick of being told what to do. If you had told me that the central […]

Students Say They’re Being Treated Like ‘Prisoners’ Due to Draconian COVID Measures

Germany’s Minister of Economic Cooperation and Development, Gerd Muller, has warned that lockdown measures throughout the globe will end up killing more people than the Coronavirus itself. In an interview with German newspaper Handelsblatt, Muller warned that the response to the global pandemic has resulted in “one of the biggest” hunger and poverty crises in history. […]

Jewish ‘Expert’ Claims Submitting To ‘Draconian’ Mandatory Corona Vaccine ‘Our Patriotic Duty’

Dr. Michael Lederman is the lead author of a recent opinion column in USA Today proposing that not only should COVID-19 vaccines be mandatory without exceptions, but there should be admittedly “draconian” and severe penalties for those who refuse to comply: To win the war against the novel coronavirus that has killed nearly 163,000 people […]

“Don’t let history repeat itself” – Australian speaks out on draconian lockdown

“Don’t let history repeat itself” – Australian speaks out on draconian lockdown – David Icke Latest Articles From our advertisers Popular Articles From our advertisers From our advertisers From our advertisers David Icke Websites Support & Advertising Your Privacy Hits: 9

NZ’s PM Adern adds more new draconian powers of apprehension & detention to the corporation

The corporation parades as your government. Watch from 1min 15sec in for specific info on the changed law rushed through that Jami-Lee Ross spoke about in Parliament also. The first video below (Jami-Lee & Billy Te Kahika) was recorded outside Parliament at Thursday’s rally. The video below that is Jami-Lee’s speech in Parliament on 5 […]

Alcohol Companies Calling for Draconian Police State Measures to Combat Driving on WEED

(Support Free Thought) – The Governor’s Highway Safety Association calls itself “The States Voice on Highway Safety” and holds annual training meetings to indoctrinate law enforcement agencies all across the country. However, the GHSA should genuinely call itself “The Alcohol Industry’s Voice,” as its latest report is entirely funded by the alcohol industry […]

Israeli occupation army imposes ‘draconian restrictions’ on Nablus residents

Israeli occupation forces are routinely “imposing draconian restrictions” on Palestinian residents of Balata refugee camp in Nablus, in order to protect Jewish worshippers visiting Joseph’s Tomb. During August-October, Israeli NGO B’Tselem “documented incidents in which soldiers accompanied Jewish worshippers on visits to Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus, imposing sweeping restrictions on the movement of Palestinian residents,” and using […]

Russia to expel 750 American diplomats from country following draconian sanctions from Washington

More than 750 American diplomats will have to leave Russia as a result of Washington’s own policies, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said in an exclusive interview with the Rossiya 1 TV channel. “The American side has made a move which, it is important to note, hasn’t been provoked by anything, […]

Disturbing Manchester Blast Aftermath. Draconian Security Measures

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Trump’s Draconian Budget. Eliminating Social Safety Nets, Enormous Medicaid and Food Stamp Cuts

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Amorous Couple Kiss During Armed Robbery

A loving couple enjoying a drink and a night out at a bar in Billings, Montana were captured on surveillance cameras kissing their way through an armed robbery. Three suspects wearing dark clothing with bandannas and brandishing weapons held up the bar, ripping open the cash register just inches away from the couple’s closed eyes […]

Activist Pulled Over and Extorted (issued 6 tickets) After Showing CopBlock Badge

*This following post was submitted by Michael Bollard to via the submission tab. You can share your stories, thoughts and more (about police) as well, simply click here.* DATE: 10/20/15 I was sitting at the intersection of Packanack Lake traffic light and Route 23 (in picture) when the traffic light turned to a green arrow […]

Profiled by Road Pirates in Boone County Arkansas

This post was submitted by Antonio Deshawn Ausler, via the submissions page. It seems like from the description that this was a pretty typical case of Road Pirates hoping to generate some revenue. They generally prey on out of state drivers, partly because they know people are likely to be carrying cash that they […]

COBRA Update: The Secret Space Program

Are you really ready to hear the whole story? Really ready? How do you suppose people who refuse to accept that extraterrestrial life exists will react to this news when The Announcements come? It’s going to be interesting. Posted: 24 Apr 2013 04:57 PM PDT The Secret Space Program Time has come to finally release […]

Congress Contemplates Draconian Punishment for Internet Lies

  Orin S. Kerr WSJ Online September 17, 2011 Imagine that President Obama could order the arrest of anyone who broke a promise on the Internet. So you could be jailed for lying about your age or weight on an Internet dating site. Or you could be sent to federal prison if your boss told […]

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