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WATCH: Palestinians ‘Dare to Dream’ as Eurovision event in Israel nears

In a play on the competition’s slogan for this year, ‘Dare to Dream,’ Activestills show what living under Israeli occupation looks like and ask Palestinians about their dreams. Israel will be hosting the Eurovision Song Contest this year, with some 200 million people expected to watch from around the world. The event, which will take […]

From Portugal to Israel: You too can dream of a post-colonial future

I’m spending a vacation in Portugal with my girlfriend. Having posted various photos and videos on social media, the responses are basically all positive and endearing. “I love Portugal”, “what a place”, they write etc. I’m from Israel, and with my political involvement and historical awareness, this immediately throws me into comparisons. I can’t help […]

Khan al-Ahmar: We are defending the dream of Palestine from demolition

As residents of the Khan al Ahmar prepare for demolition, community leader Eid Khamis reflects on Israel’s attempt to destroy not just a village, but the possibility of a Palestinian state. Residents of Khan al-Ahmar have been fighting for their existence since 1951, seeking nothing more than basic human rights. Israeli authorities say the village was […]

A Million Americans Are Living In Their RVs As The American Dream Continues To Be “Redefined”

Image: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times Could you imagine living in an RV on a permanent basis? On the one hand, such a lifestyle can offer a sense of freedom that is absolutely exhilarating. Instead of being tied down to just one place, you can freely travel the country and live anywhere […]

Auctioning The American Dream

Americans are a competitive lot, eager to prove skill and determination in everything from the Olympics to the space race of the 1960s. But there’s one contest in which the U.S. has been ranked in first place on the international stage among the major developed nations– one where the top prize is certainly not coveted. […]

American Jews Are Funding the Far-right Dream of Greater Israel. We Have to End This – Now

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,981 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Head of Austria’s far-right FPOe resigns government amid corruption scandal VIENNA, Austria — Austrian far-right Vice-Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache resigned Saturday following explosive revelations from a Austria’s far-right vice-chancellor […]

American Jews Are Funding the Far-right Dream of Greater Israel (apartheid state) . We Have to End This – Now

American Jews Are Funding the Far-right Dream of Greater Israel. We Have to End This – Now ed note–the reader should prepare thyself for a schmorgas-board of the typical schmoozing that is part and parcel of all liberal Jewish clap-trap, where ‘good Jews of conscience’ from the left moralize how it is ‘not nice’ to oppress […]

Iran’s coverage: Iran top aide dismisses U.S. meeting offer as ‘Trump’s dream’

Daily look at Iran’s late-breaking news and upcoming events:   Top aide to Ayatollah Khamenei rejects U.S. offer to meet Iranian leaders: IRNA The top adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday that an offer by Washington to meet with Iranian leaders including Ayatollah Khamenei would never be accepted.   JCPOA participants […]

Iran’s coverage: Iran says American ‘dream’ of halting its crude exports won’t come true

Daily look at Iran’s late-breaking news and upcoming events:   US never to fulfill dream of bringing Iran oil exports to zero: Zanganeh Iran’s Minister of Petroleum Bijan Zanganeh said the US dream to bring Iran’s oil exports to zero would never come true, adding no countries, except for South Korea, had cut their oil […]

Scientists Discover The Most Effective Way To Induce A Lucid Dream & It Works For Everyone

The Facts: It is becoming clear that pedophilia, child sex-trafficking and other related activities stems from a highly organized, well-funded global system that, by one chilling estimate, victimizes eight million children each year. Reflect On: What is the role of the awakening human community in the face of these revelations? What kind of intentions are […]

Senior cleric: US dream of negotiations with Iran never comes true

MNA – All of the US presidents have sought to negotiate with Iran, but they all have failed to achieve that goal, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami said at Eid al-Adha prayers this morning. “The United States must know if it causes the Iranian nation the slightest harm, the nation will humiliate it,” Ayatollah Khatami said at […]

How Big is Your Dream for Yourself?

August 16th, 2018 By Open Contributing writer for Wake Up World When you truly step onto the path, and feel the directive of the Shift, it’s sure to set you against the majority of people around you, clinging to the vestiges of a crumbling reality. Still they hang on, shrivelled in fear, and a part of that reality control, […]

Dare To Dream Of A World Without Borders

Dare To Dream Of A World Without Borders Above Photo:  Cressida Knapp If politics is the art of the possible, then radicalism must be the capacity to imagine new possibilities Imagine that Martin Luther King never had a dream. Imagine that instead of working outside the narrow confines of time and place, he had resolved […]

Judaizing Palestine, distant dream never to come true: Leader

MNA – Iranian Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei said in a meeting on Sunday that neither Judaizing Palestine nor the Deal of the Century will come true. “Judaizing Palestine is their distant dream. Neither this nor the Deal of the Century will come true,” said the Iranian Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, on Sunday, during […]

Barack Obama: American Dream Is To Be Donald Trump

Long before Barack Obama took to bashing Trump, he was praising the President as being the “American Dream” come true. Whilst studying at Harvard, Barack Hussein Obama II penned an essay gushing over how incredible Donald Trump is. The Daily Caller reports: A recently unearthed essay co-written by Barack Obama in 1991 stated that the American dream […]

Plans Moving Forward for Miami-Dade Mega Mall: The American Dream

Plans Moving Forward for Miami-Dade Mega Mall: The American Dream May 9th, 2018 Ski slopes in gator country… I wish Hunter S. Thompson was here to tackle this one. Via: CBS: A mega mall and entertainment complex in Northwest Miami-Dade that would dwarf any […]

Young Jews won’t cry over the end of the Zionist dream, Beinart says

Peter Beinart has been doing great work lately. Last Friday he had a long piece in the Forward on Gaza that step by step took apart every rationalization for the brutal collective punishment of 2 million people and said American Jews are responsible. “Our community’s complicity in the human nightmare in Gaza should fill every […]

Out of the Dream – Spiritual Awakening, Ego Death, and the Infinite Beyond

April 12th, 2018 By Juliet Tang Contributing writer for Wake Up World Awake In the Dream For most people, spiritual awakening entails waking up in the dream, dissolving all perceived limitations, transforming their mindset, and embracing conscious creation. This is also known as ego death because it is a process in which your ego continues to shed […]

King’s Dream Included Economic Equality, Too

King’s Dream Included Economic Equality, Too Above Photo: Penn State Special Collections Library/Flickr The late leader didn’t just criticize racial segregation. He called for an end to economic injustice. April 4th was the 50th anniversary of the death of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Just after 6 p.m. on April 4, 1968, King was […]

The American Dream Is An Illusion On Hollywood’s Skid Row

Thousands of homeless people in one of America’s richest cities live on filthy sidewalks infested with flesh-eating bacteria and tuberculosis. For years Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles  has been home to the greatest concentration of homelessness in the United States. The poverty and deprivation there has turned the American dream into a mere illusion […]

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