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California’s Electric Vehicle Dream Is Turning Into A Nightmare

Authored by Julianne Geiger via, California might be blazing a trail with getting a large number of electric vehicles on the road, but the only trail California is currently blazing is the wildfire/PG&E fiasco that could once again plunge millions of Californians into the dark in the next wave of blackouts, expected today, the […]

Iran Guards chief: Destroying Israel now not a dream but an ‘achievable goal’

The commander of Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said on Monday that destroying Israel was now an “achievable goal.” Four decades on from Iran’s Islamic revolution, “we have managed to obtain the capacity to destroy the impostor Zionist regime,” Major General Hossein Salami was quoted saying by the IRGC’s Sepah news site. “This sinister […]

Pod People: Living the dream!

Email Us For general inquiries and advertising, email: Admin (at) Article submissions, tips, and feedback, email: Tips (at) Voicemail/TXT: Feel free to send us a message anytime (512) 222-3067 Source Article from Related Posts Rioters caught shooting at people in Iran’s Khuzestan province […]

When Plants Dream

Daniel Pinchbeck, Guest Waking Times During the last decades, a visionary medicine escaped from the Amazon, spreading like a fast-moving vine across our globalised world. The growing popularity of ayahuasca is part of greater psychedelic renaissance—a new exploration of the visionary and healing properties of a class of compounds once deemed to hold extraordinary promise, […]

New Age is a Dream Religion of the "Elites"

Throughout the ages, countless philosophers, scientists, and explorers of the mind have attempted to discover the properties and principles of an objective, “substantial reality”.  It is immediately apparent to any other sentient being’s perspective that we most likely live together in a single world of matter and physics. Certain principles of this “substantial reality” seem […]

The Beidaihe Political Summit: Is the “Chinese Dream” Still Viable? China’s Debt Crisis

The resort town of Beidaihe has just held one of the world’s most important, and secretive, political gatherings. Members of the public flock there in the summer months to relax on the beach gently lapped by the shallow waters of the Yellow Sea. But far from the madding crowd, the resort, 200 km north of […]

Daesh realises the dream of the Muslim Brotherhood – the Caliphate, by Thierry Meyssan

This article is an extract from the book Fake wars and big lies. See Contents. Daesh became known due to its tortures and public throat-slitting. Daesh and the Caliphate The early membership of the al-Nusra Front (al-Qaeda in Syria) were Syrians who went to fight in Iraq after the fall of Baghdad in 2003. They […]

Last night I had the strangest dream

Last night I had the strangest dream. My country had turned into a Christian nation, and everybody who wasn’t part of the church, lost most of their rights. Suddenly, only Christians could drive on our nation’s major highways. Only Christians could buy property. Our legal system had split into two forms of justice, one for […]

The West’s Trumped-Up Hatred of Iran Serves The Zionist Dream of a Greater Israel Dominating the Middle East

By Stuart Littlewood Source There’s no doubt about it. We’re at the height of the Silly Season. First we have Boris ‘I-am-a-passionate-Zionist’ Johnson, the hot favourite to become the UK’s prime minister. His biographer Sonia Purnell, who worked alongside  Johnson as a journalist, writes in the Sunday Times that he’s “temperamentally unsuitable to be trusted with any […]

Gideon Levy: A Young Gazan’s Dream, Amputated

Palestinian paramedics carry a woman injured during protests along the border with Israel east of Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza strip, June 21, 2019. Credit: AFP Alaa ad-Dali is a young man who had a dream – quite a rare thing in Gaza – and it was crushed by the IDF. What does he […]

Dumping My Dream Girl

by Henry Makow PhD  I am proud of a dream I recently had. I was young again and single. My beautiful girlfriend and I were shopping. I suggested we go back to my apartment. I was feeling loving and wanted to hang out and cuddle. Just be happy together. Sex wasn’t an issue. Shortly after arriving, […]

Escalating Color Revolution: The “Georgian Dream” Might Turn into an American Nightmare

The ruling “Georgian Dream” party of the former Soviet Republic of Georgia is at risk of falling in the face of an ever-escalating Color Revolution that was preplanned to coincide with the symbolic visit of a Russian parliamentarian during the ongoing Inter-Parliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy meeting in the South Caucasian country’s capital, possibly giving way […]

Unearthing The Black Newspaper That Sold The California Dream To Freed Slaves

Unearthing The Black Newspaper That Sold The California Dream To Freed Slaves Above Photo: Detail fromThe Liberator, volume 9, issue no. 26. Courtesy the Edmonds Family Collection | Los Angeles Public Library Special Collections STANDING ON SLAUSON AVENUE last month, Arianne Edmonds joined Angelenos who gathered along the 25-mile route of rapper Nipsey Hussle’s funeral procession. Thousands of fans […]

WATCH: Palestinians ‘Dare to Dream’ as Eurovision event in Israel nears

In a play on the competition’s slogan for this year, ‘Dare to Dream,’ Activestills show what living under Israeli occupation looks like and ask Palestinians about their dreams. Israel will be hosting the Eurovision Song Contest this year, with some 200 million people expected to watch from around the world. The event, which will take […]

From Portugal to Israel: You too can dream of a post-colonial future

I’m spending a vacation in Portugal with my girlfriend. Having posted various photos and videos on social media, the responses are basically all positive and endearing. “I love Portugal”, “what a place”, they write etc. I’m from Israel, and with my political involvement and historical awareness, this immediately throws me into comparisons. I can’t help […]

Khan al-Ahmar: We are defending the dream of Palestine from demolition

As residents of the Khan al Ahmar prepare for demolition, community leader Eid Khamis reflects on Israel’s attempt to destroy not just a village, but the possibility of a Palestinian state. Residents of Khan al-Ahmar have been fighting for their existence since 1951, seeking nothing more than basic human rights. Israeli authorities say the village was […]

A Million Americans Are Living In Their RVs As The American Dream Continues To Be “Redefined”

Image: Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times Could you imagine living in an RV on a permanent basis? On the one hand, such a lifestyle can offer a sense of freedom that is absolutely exhilarating. Instead of being tied down to just one place, you can freely travel the country and live anywhere […]

Auctioning The American Dream

Americans are a competitive lot, eager to prove skill and determination in everything from the Olympics to the space race of the 1960s. But there’s one contest in which the U.S. has been ranked in first place on the international stage among the major developed nations– one where the top prize is certainly not coveted. […]

American Jews Are Funding the Far-right Dream of Greater Israel. We Have to End This – Now

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Join 5,981 other followers Source Article from Related Posts Left and right unite in denouncing Liberman’s ‘anti-Semitic’ speech Yisrael Beytenu leader Avigdor Liberman may have failed in his efforts to push for a California Democratic Party rejects […]

American Jews Are Funding the Far-right Dream of Greater Israel (apartheid state) . We Have to End This – Now

American Jews Are Funding the Far-right Dream of Greater Israel. We Have to End This – Now ed note–the reader should prepare thyself for a schmorgas-board of the typical schmoozing that is part and parcel of all liberal Jewish clap-trap, where ‘good Jews of conscience’ from the left moralize how it is ‘not nice’ to oppress […]

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