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Matador Tells Perverted Faggot Dressed Like a Pig to Do Roman Salute

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Mother Who Dressed 9 Yr Old Daughter In Playboy Costume & Let Pedophiles Rape Her, Jailed For 10 Years

A so called Mother who dressed her nine-year-old daughter in playboy costumes and restrained her while pedophiles raped her, has been jailed for ten years. The child from the Gold Coast in Australia, was repeatedly woken up to find ‘strange’ men on top of her. The abuse only came to light when the girl, now […]

WATCH – Roma (Gypsy) Women Dressed As Muslims Begging In The Streets Of London

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Reported Florida Shooter Dressed as Communist, Supported ISIS

Reported Florida Shooter Dressed as Communist, Supported ISIS Reported Instagram account made references to Islam Kit DanielsPrison Feb. 14, 2018 The Florida high school shooter was reportedly inspired by ISIS, given his alleged Instagram account making references to “Allahu Akbar:” Additionally, the shooter’s garb is very similar to the style worn by ISIS fighters […]

King David Hotel bombing was a terrorist attack by Jews dressed as Arabs

King David Hotel bombing was a terrorist attack by Jews dressed as Arabs From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia King David Hotel Bombing Part of the Jewish insurgency in Palestine The hotel after the bombing Location Jerusalem, Mandatory Palestine Date July 22, 1946 12:37 pm (UTC+2) Target King David Hotel Attack type Bombing Deaths 91 Non-fatal […]

Amazon Wants To Watch You Get Dressed: New “Echo Look” Camera To Spy On You In Your Own Bedroom and Bathroom

Not content to merely track your interests in books, movies and products,, predominantly owned by globalist Jeff Bezos — the same owner of the fake news Washington Post — now wants to watch you get dressed in your own bedroom. The company has introduced a $199 camera called “Echo Look” that uploads images of you (from […]

Amazon wants to watch you get dressed: New "Echo Look" camera to spy on you in your own bedroom and bathroom

About the author: Mike Adams (aka the “Health Ranger“) is a best selling author (#1 best selling science book on called “Food Forensics“), an environmental scientist, a patent holder for a cesium radioactive isotope elimination invention, a multiple award winner for outstanding journalism, a science news publisher and influential commentator on topics ranging from […]

Dog Viciously Attacked By Burglar Helps Put Crook Behind Bars

Brave dog, Boo, was viciously knifed by a thief while defending her family’s home in Harpurhey, Manchester. Boo, a five-year-old Shar Pei confronted the burglar who repeatedly stabbed her in the head in a vicious attack with a machete. The assault on Boo by Shaan Malik nearly killed the dog but helped police catch the […]

Radical performance artist who started fire at Russian FSB HQ entrance set free on bail

Controversial artist Pavlensky, from St. Petersburg, was found guilty of “damaging cultural heritage” after he set on fire the wooden doors of the FSB’s Lubyanka building last November, a Moscow court ruled on Wednesday. The arguments of the defense were found to be inconsistent and the artist had no criminal intention, the court said. Pavlensky […]

The Boule: US Black Elite All Illuminati Shills

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West Island Residents Hear Unexplained ‘Trumpet Sounds In The Sky’

West Island residents in Montreal, Canada were intrigued and slightly creeped out last week by mysterious trumpeting sounds that seemed to come from the sky. There has been no explanation as to what could have been causing the strange noise, which you can listen to here The Montreal Gazette reports: Early theories suggested people in […]

Who is the Real Breadface?

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Former Libyan Prime Minister: “Gaddafi escaping, dressed as a woman”

GADDAFI (HOLDING CHILD), PASSING REBEL CHECKPOINT DRESSED AS WOMAN   By AFP ROME   Embattled Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi is either in southern Tripoli or has already fled to the desert, his defected former prime minister Abdessalam Jalloud said on Thursday. “He has only four people left around him. There are two possibilities: either he […]

SAS troops dressed in Arab clothes join hunt for Gaddafi as £1m reward is offered for dictator’s head

  UK Daily Mail Aug 25, 2011 SAS troops are on the ground in Libya helping rebels to scour buildings and entrances to tunnels in the hunt for runaway leader Colonel Gaddafi. The crack squad of elite soldiers are dressed in Arab clothes and carrying the same AK47s and Kalashnikovs that the rebels have used […]

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