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Growing Nostalgia for the USSR and China’s Drift Towards Capitalism in the Post-Mao Era

Recently, polls have outlined that up to 66% of Russians “want to go back to the USSR”, almost 30 years after its disintegration. Those outside of Russia may find such realities surprising – especially considering that Vladimir Putin’s approval ratings have, at separate times this decade, been ranked among the highest in the world – […]

Israel’s drift to authoritarianism: An illiberal ‘Jewish democracy’ embraces the populist nationalist model

Two important events happened towards the end of the third week of July in Israel: The ethnocratic settler-colonial state of Israel passed its new Jewish nation state law, which has been in the making for over two years now, and Hungary’s anti-Semitic Prime Minister Viktor Orban made a two-day visit to Israel. Despite the international […]

Amazon’s Fusion With the State Shows Neoliberalism’s Drift to Neo-Fascism

In Part 1 of our investigative series on Surveillance Capitalism, MPN spoke to author Yasha Levine and Monthly Review editor John Bellamy Foster about the rise of the empire and its fusion with the U.S. state apparatus. In our next installments, we will continue exploring the rise of Surveillance Capitalism and the implications of […]

EPA, Monsanto face lawsuit over pesticide drift that damaged millions of acres and threatened endangered species

(Natural News) If a farmer wants to grow organic crops, he or she can simply elect not to use pesticides and everything should be fine, right? Unfortunately, the situation is not as straightforward as it seems as pesticide drift is thwarting well-meaning farmers’ efforts and rendering their crops entirely unusable. It’s also […]

Organic family farm ruined by herbicide drift: A case study (and warning for humanity)

(Natural News) Herbicide drift continues to plague millions of acres of American crops, and the experience of one Missouri organic family-run farm shows just how devastating this problem can be. Vesterbrook Farm has been in Carol Brabo’s family for almost a century. Fed up with the prices of organic foods at stores […]

Radical Agenda Ep. 299 – Leftward Drift

Christopher Cantwell May 12, 2017 Gigi Bowman was the first activist I ever met. I went to a Tea Party rally in Huntington, New York just as the movement was getting underway, and we became friends instantly. She introduced me to the Libertarian Party, Campaign for Liberty, and other Tea Party Groups. […]

UK Prime Minister Cameron Receives Major Last Minute Blow to his Plans for War, from his own Party

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