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AI healthcare shouldn’t get more trust than self-driving car; it’s useful amid pandemic emergency, but speed is not always good

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned into a gateway for the adoption of AI in healthcare. Staff shortages and overwhelming patient loads have fast-tracked promising new technologies, particularly AI tools that can speed triage. But this accelerated process contains dangers: regulatory oversight, which has hampered innovation in healthcare over the years, nevertheless remains critical. We are […]

Coronavirus pandemic driving increased racism against Indian Jews in Israel

Last Saturday, Am Shalem Singson, a 28-year-old yeshiva student, was walking toward downtown Tiberias with some friends when two Israeli men scrunched up their nose and called them “corona, corona.” Singson told them that he wasn’t even from China, but India — he and his friends are Bnei Menashe, a community of Indian Jews, several […]

CORONAVIRUS SPECIAL REPORT: Worldwide Outbreaks of 5G Syndrome and 5G Flu Driving Pandemic

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Dog Spotted Covered in Snow in an Open Truck Bed Driving Down the Road

People are left outraged after a photo of a dog in the back of a truck covered in snow spread all over the social media. It’s not clear who took the photo or how long this poor animal had been laying there. But, it certainly raised the question of the dog’s security. Not only the […]

US ‘defense’ budget soars, driving world military spending to 10-year high

   In 2019, the United States remained by far the world’s largest defence spender, widening the gap between it and the second largest spender, China. US investments in weapons procurement and R&D alone were larger than China’s total defence budget. The United States’ defence investments in weapons procurement and R&D were also worth around four […]

Stronger than sanctions: What’s driving countries from Turkey to India to buy Russia’s S-400?

At the Lucknow DefExpo 2020 last week, Russian officials confirmed that India will receive its first shipment of S-400s by September 2021. The $5 billion deal signed in 2018 will be moving ahead despite US warnings that such a purchase could trigger sanctions under the CAATSA (Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act), which President Donald […]

Florida: Man arrested after allegedly driving van into GOP registration tent

Feeling the Bern Gregory? Here’s another victim of the MSM induced derangement syndrome in action. ABC News report’s: A man has been arrested after allegedly deliberately driving a van into a tent full of Trump supporters who were working to register new voters at a shopping center parking lot. […]

Watch: Mobileye’s self-driving car on streets of Jerusalem

Intel Corp. has released a video showing a Mobileye self-driving car navigating the streets of Jerusalem using cameras but no other sensors. The video was released by Intel, which acquired the Jerusalem-based Mobileye in 2017 for a whopping $15.3 billion, at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where Mobileye also announced two […]

Sweden’s sexualized LGBT church altar is not ‘inclusive,’ it’s driving people away from modern Christianity

The decline in membership of the Church of Sweden should accelerate this Advent thanks to one place of worship in Malmo deciding it needed to enhance its woke credentials despite the risk of upsetting Christians elsewhere. On the first day of the Christmas season, and try not to simply raise your eyebrows yet, it chose […]

Sweden’s sexualized LGBT church altar is not ‘inclusive,’ it’s driving people away from modern Christianity

   The obsession of many Western Christian leaders with “inclusivity” has brought sexual politics and its activists into the church, turning off many seeking a simple solution to their faith, not depictions of gay sex on the altar. The decline in membership of the Church of Sweden should accelerate this Advent thanks to one place […]

Museum Workers Across The Country Are Unionizing. Here’s What’s Driving A Movement That’s Been Years In The Making

“Let us in! Let us in!” chanted a small crowd of visitor services associates dressed in black. They stood at the locked gate of the Marciano Art Foundation (MAF) on Friday, November 8, at 11 a.m., the time the museum normally would have opened to the public. Three days earlier, the austere contemporary art foundation […]

Social Media Is Driving A Global Epidemic Of Loneliness Among Millennials

A team of academics from Swinburne University and VicHealth studied 1,520 Victorians aged 12 to 25, and examined their experience of loneliness, asking questions about their symptoms of depression and social anxiety. The study confirmed that loneliness – the biggest driver behind symptoms of depression – has become a global epidemic tied to […]

Will Uber Food Delivery Drones Be As Problematic As Their Self-Driving Vehicles?

November 3, 2019 By B.N. Frank It wasn’t that long ago that a self-driving Uber killed an Arizona pedestrian.  More recently a whistleblower reported that the company’s automated vehicles still weren’t safe – despite Uber’s claims that they were.  Of course, experts and studies continue to warn that ALL automated vehicles are NOT safe (see […]

PBS NOVA’s, “Look Who’s Driving” Reports Why We Should Still Be Terrified of Automated Vehicles

October 29, 2019 By B.N. Frank No matter how you feel about Automated Vehicles, this NOVA video is worth watching. Look Who’s Driving Season 46 Episode 19 | 53m 21s After years of anticipation, autonomous vehicles are now being tested on public roads around the world. As ambitious innovators race to develop what they see […]

J.D. Power Survey: “Consumers Terrified of Self-Driving Cars; Tesla and Rideshare Screwed”

October 18, 2019 By B.N. Frank The J.D. Power survey about consumer fears was released in August.  Since then, an Uber whistleblower revealed AVs are NOT safer than human drivers and that manufacturers are hiding the truth about this.  And a AAA study determined that Semi-Autonomous Vehicles can’t see pedestrians and hit child-sized “Dummies” 89% […]

IDF officer hit by rock while driving in West Bank, moderately hurt

An Israeli military officer on leave was moderately wounded Friday afternoon after being hit in the face with a rock while driving in the northern West Bank. The 23-year-old was hit when the rock flew through the windshield of his car near the settlement of Ma’aleh Shomron, west of Nablus. The officer’s father was with […]

Court Shoots Down Cop’s Assertion That Driving Without Breaking Any Laws Is ‘Suspicious’

A logical reasoning sequence based upon some “training and experience” — because drug traffickers have been seen breathing, then breathing is an indicia of drug trafficking. Because they normally have two hands, then having two hands is an indicia of drug smuggling. Silly — maybe, but one can wonder if that is the direction […]

Israeli citizens are driving Bedouin voters to the polls in droves

After the Central Elections Committee banned a civil society group from busing Bedouin voters to the polls, dozens of Israelis are stepping in to ensure all citizens have a chance to participate in the elections. A Bedouin woman from the unrecognized village of Al-Araqib sits in front of an Israeli police van. Israel has demolished al-Araqib over 100 […]

US Ambassador Grenell’s Threat to Germany Has Backfired, Driving Germany Closer to Russia

LOST: US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, pictured with President Donald Trump. Last week, German lawmakers sent a stark message to Washington. The argument escalated following a series of flippant comments made by US ambassador Richard Grenell who had demanded Germany increase its defense spending, claiming it was “really insulting to expect the US taxpayer […]

UPS Quietly Using Self-Driving Trucks For Months

Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, UPS teamed up with TuSimple in May for autonomous delivery of cargo. Gizmodo reports UPS Has Been Delivering Cargo in Self-Driving Trucks for Months And No One Knew. UPS announced on Thursday that its venture capital arm has made a minority investment in TuSimple. The announcement also revealed that since […]

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