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Thousands pay homage as Serbia’s Patriarch is laid to rest after dying of COVID-19

Thousands of mourners paid homage on Sunday to the leader of Serbia’s Orthodox Christian Church who died of COVID-19 last week. Ninety-year-old Patriarch Irinej tested positive for the virus soon after presiding over the funeral of his number two, who also fell victim to coronavirus, at a ceremony in which basic safety measures were neglected. […]

Ninth Ward Residents Dying in Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Homes From Toxic Mold

BANK OF ANGE  EXCLUSIVE Mar 18 2020, 11:37 ET Updated: Mar 18 2020, 11:44 ET BRAD Pitt’s controversial housing charity has been given a $500,000 loan by ex wife Angelina Jolie to help fight his legal battle with victims of Hurricane Katrina. The actor’s charity Make It Right is facing a class action lawsuit by New Orleans residents, who lost […]

A viral tweet said RBG dying on Rosh Hashanah made her a ‘tzaddik.’ Is that true?

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New UCLA/Stanford study finds that, if you’re between 50 and 64, your chances of dying from COVID-19 are 1 in 19.1 million

A new study from medical researchers at UCLA and Stanford University found the chances of contracting or dying from coronavirus are much lower than previously thought. One America’s Pearson Sharp has the details. VIDEO AT THE LINK LINK; Image by ArtTower from Pixabay Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Hits: 3

Nearly five times more people dying of flu and pneumonia than coronavirus

Nearly five times as many people are now dying of flu and pneumonia than with coronavirus in England and Wales, new figures have revealed. Numbers published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show 917 flu and pneumonia deaths were registered for the week ending on July 31. In comparison, 193 people died that week […]

Dying Alone: Technocrats Drive Heartless, Anti-Human Outcomes

It’s a horrifying thought, not being able to see your loved one before they pass away. The sad truth of 2020 is that’s what’s happening all over the United States. A recent study finds a dramatic shift in where Americans are spending their final moments. Patients with COVID-19 this year are 12 times more likely […]

SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Dying for Company’ (2018)

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SUNDAY SCREENING: ‘Dying for Company’ (2018)

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How Commies Destroy: “Seattle is Dying”

This video shows what happens to a city like Seattle when the Commie-loving pAntifa thugs take over the City Council and Mayor’s office: The city goes slowly to waste. Seattle’s Mayor Durkan, the one who blessed the Commie pAntifa thugs taking over part of downtown, until they got her address and started raising hell. Then […]

‘What did you do when Gaza was dying?’ A visit with the freedom flotilla in Copenhagen

There is a Freedom Flotilla to Gaza taking place this summer with several boats from various countries. Several boats docked in Copenhagen for a couple of days as part of their journey to Gaza, which they plan to reach in late July. From 2008 through to 2016, 31 boats have challenged the blockade. (The flotillas […]

Watch: Activists Face Up To 60 Years In Prison For Rescuing A Dying Piglet From Factory Farm

Next Story Four activists from Direct Action Everywhere, or DxE are now facing up to 60 years in prison for rescuing a dying piglet from Smithfield, an abusive factory farm. 60 years?! Yes, that is more time than many convicted child molesters, rapists and even some murderers receive. How and why is this happening? Let’s […]

Morality, Truth, Facts Have Exited from the Dying West

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Dying John McCain Bans Trump From Attending Funeral

With just days left to live, John McCain has announced that the Trump family are barred from attending his funeral service. As the former Senator says his goodbyes to loved ones at a Hospital near his Arizona ranch, close associates have informed the White House directly that Trump is not welcome at the service. […]

‘I Don’t Want To Die In Your Cell,’ Woman Told Police Shortly Before Dying In Jail

An Ohio woman told police she didn’t want to die in custody just a few hours before she was found dead in her jail cell bed. Ralkina Jones, 37, was found unresponsive on July 26, 15 hours after she discussed her medical issues with police. “I’m not asking for an exception to any rules, but […]

Council On Foreign Relations President: The New World Order Is Dying

The president of the Council on Foreign Relations, Richard Haass, warns the New World Order is going to collapse this year due to the overwhelming public rejection of globalism. In an article, titled “Liberal World Order, R.I.P.” Haass warns that populist leaders such as Trump pose a massive threat to the New World Order. reports: […]

The Dying Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor

Dylan Charles, Editor Waking Times The Prophecy of the Eagle and the Condor is a story about the unification of the indigenous peoples of North America with those of South America. The Eagle of the north is said to represent masculine energy, as well as the energy of technological advancement and the focus of […]

Big Pharma Panic As Vaccinated Children Keep Dying From Flu Across U.S.

Unprecedented numbers of children across America are dying from influenza after getting the flu shot, and Big Pharma are scrambling to cover-up the enormity of the scandal. According to the CDC, this year’s flu has already killed 44,116 people, with the flu vaccine proving completely ineffective against this year’s particularly nasty H3N2 strain. Via The […]

A Response To The Alan Dershowitz “Challenge” Written With The Blood Of The Dead & Dying

Renegade Editor’s Note: I usually do not like criticizing Israel as being “racist” and “apartheid” as it gives segregation a bad name. I prefer to call Israel out as being a genocidal terrorist state, but it is true that they practice the worst forms of racism and apartheid. Israel should not be held up as […]

Young children dying from flu in growing numbers

     The family of a 12-year-old boy in Florida is grieving after flu is suspected in the child’s death on Tuesday. Dylan Winnik had sniffles and was exhausted, symptoms his family initially thought were a cold. Now, they believe it was flu. Health officials aren’t sure yet, but Dylan may be the latest in a […]

Why are so Many Healthy People Dying from the Flu After Receiving the Flu Shot?

Why are so Many Healthy People Dying from the Flu After Receiving the Flu Shot?   Photo courtesy WISN. Health Impact News Editor Comments Another flu death of an otherwise healthy person after receiving the flu vaccine has been reported in Wisconsin. WISN in Wisconsin is reporting that 26-year-old Katherine McQuestion has died from flu complications, after she […]

Living in a Rural Area Reduces the Risk of Dying from Cancer by 29%

Living in a rural area has a multitude of benefits – cleaner air, less noise, and more relaxing surroundings, just to name a few. If you’re fighting cancer from a rural area of the country, your location may also boost your odds of survival quite significantly, research shows (though it may be because of the […]

Going Underground – Why Are People in Tory Britain Dying Earlier Than in Other Developed Nations?

Going Underground – Why Are People in Tory Britain Dying Earlier Than in Other Developed Nations? Going Underground with Afshin We speak to one of the world’s greatest geographers, Professor Danny Dorling about stalling life expectancy in the UK. LIKE Going Underground Going Underground Afshin Rattansi on Instagram… View the […]

Act Out! Whites Are Dying, But It Isn’t Genocide

This week on Act Out!, the cries of white genocide are growing. What’s the psychology behind white death, white suffering and what can we do to prevent legitimate rage from turning into illegitimate white supremacy? Next up, net neutrality, calling on and calling out Congress, plus Aaron Swartz Day. And finally, the latest attempt to […]

Palestinian prisoner gets '10 minutes' to see dying son

by Zena Tahhan Palestinian political prisoner was given “10 minutes” to visit his terminally ill teenage son, according to his family. The visit between Rajab Tahhan, who is serving a life sentence, and his son, Majd, who suffers from leukaemia, took place on Monday morning at the Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem.  Like our page on Facebook Follow […]

Repeated Claims of 6 Million Jews Dying Decades Before Hitler Vs Ignored Soviet Death Camp Tolls

By John Wear The Atlanta Journal and Constitution newspaper estimates that only half of the Jewish “Holocaust survivors” around the world in 1985 had received restitution under the BEG.[24] If this 50% estimate is accurate, it would mean that approximately 5.8 million European Jews survived German persecution during World War II. Such a large number of surviving Jews […]

Dying Gaul and the Realism of Details

From Colors of Europe The marble Dying Gaul also called the Dying Galata now in Rome’s Capitoline Museums is a Roman replica of an original bronze statue attributed to Epigonus, a Hellenistic sculptor from Pergamum, who likely created it in the first half of the 3rd century BC. The valiant warrior belonged to a people […]

Is Brexit Dying on the Vine Along with England?

October 16, 2017 By Jon Rappoport The cradle of individual liberty became the cradle of the nanny State The deep sickness that infects England infects every large government in the world: once a people’s decision (like Brexit) is made, the leaders who carry out its provisions are the people who rule from […]

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist: Mainstream Media Is Dying

Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges claims that the mainstream media are in their final death throes – as the public increasingly reject their elitist agenda.  Hedges claims that the silencing of alternative media taking place right now is a last-ditch attempt by the elites to take back control of the minds of the public before its […]

Puerto Rico is Dying

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