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The Most Dangerous Places on Earth (Video)

    Source Article from Related Posts Austrian govt in the crosshairs as German media releases video of sting operation implicating Vice-Chancellor for ‘meeting with Russians’ – UPDATES    Austria’s ruling coalition party is under fire after a leaked video showed the vice ‘We won’t be complicit’: Italian dock workers refuse to load Saudi […]

On Earth Day, Remembering the US Military’s Toxic Legacy

Media outlets gave minimal attention to recent news that the U.S. Naval station in Virginia Beach spilled an estimated 94,000 gallons of jet fuel into a nearby waterway, less than a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. While the incident was by no means as catastrophic as some other pipeline spills, it underscores an important yet […]

Friends Of The Earth Netherlands Submits Legal Summons In Historic Climate Case Against Shell

Friends Of The Earth Netherlands Submits Legal Summons In Historic Climate Case Against Shell   Above Photo: From The Hague, April 5, 2019 – Today Friends of the Earth Netherlands will deliver a court summons to Shell to legally compel the company to cease its destruction of the climate, on behalf of more than 30,000 people from […]

Appalling that the UK gov’t supports Saudi regime, one of the most brutal on Earth – Ken Livingstone

On Saturday, as part of his Gulf tour, Hunt was in Riyadh for talks on human rights and the Yemen conflict. This comes after his failure last month to convince Germany to lift its ban on arms sales to Saudi Arabia, which, in Hunt’s words, was damaging for the British and European defense industry. The […]

NASA Happily Reports The Earth Is Greener, With More Trees Than 20 Years Ago Thanks To China & India

The Facts: Cervical cancer rates in several countries have risen since the introduction of the HPV vaccine, and pap smear tests have dropped. When pap smear tests were routinely conducted, cancer rates remained low. Reflect On: After reading the article, is it really worth it? It doesn’t make much sense, so why is it so […]

Mars One dreams plummet back to Earth as company goes bankrupt

The company hoped to send people on a one-way trip to Mars where they would settle for the rest of their lives as we on Earth watched it all unfold from the comfort of our couches. Also on Mars One being one-way ‘is the biggest appeal’: RT talks to prospective candidates News of the […]

The Extraordinary Diversity of ET Star Souls On and Around the Earth

February 7th, 2019 By Open Contributing writer for Wake Up World I still find it somewhat amusing that we’re waiting for “Disclosure” — that some report or particular evidence would hit the mainstream to convince us of what we already know. Ever felt like you didn’t belong here or didn’t fully fit in? Or that somehow your […]

Earth’s Natural Schumann Resonances Are Being Manipulated By CERN, HAARP & GWEN Towers

The Earth itself, has a heartbeat, known as the Schumann Resonances. And it has surrounded and protected all living beings in a natural steady frequency of 7.83 Htz for thousands of years. And was identified as the sacred cosmic sound of the Hindu’s. Claims have been found that there is evidence that HAARP, CERN and […]

A Supermassive Black Hole Is Heading Towards Earth at 110km per Second

A massive black hole millions of times bigger than our sun is plunging towards Earth at a rate of 110 kilometers per second, scientists have warned.  The black hole is currently positioned at the midpoint of the Great Andromeda Galaxy – the Milky Way’s closest neighbor. reports: At the middle of the most known […]

NASA’s Kepler Telescope Finds First Planet Similar To Earth

While looking for possibly hospitable planets outside the solar system, the Kepler telescope has recently found a planet some 1,400 light years away, NASA said in a press release on Thursday. The planet was discovered in the constellation Cygnus and is about 60 more massive than the Earth. It’s believed to be rocky and there’s a […]

Close up photos of hippo-shaped asteroid approaching Earth

     It’s not an Armageddon event, but a huge asteroid made a close approach to Earth early on Saturday showed its curves in a NASA photo session. Asteroid 2003 SD220 is its official name, but American space scientists called it “hippopotamus wading in a river.” The radar images made by the US space agency’s antennas […]

Google’s Earth: How the Tech Giant Is Helping the State Spy On Us

Google’s Earth: How the Tech Giant Is Helping the State Spy On Us December 20th, 2018 Via: Guardian: The purchase of Keyhole was a milestone for Google, marking the moment the company stopped being a purely consumer-facing internet company and began integrating with the […]

The Contract – Holodeck Earth

Rosanne Lindsay, Contributor Waking Times We are in a dream-state manipulation, a simulated fold of time-space in an artificial timeline. Our minds are running the machines. In order to rouse to wakefulness, we must crack the illusion through the process of unveiling the human soul.- Aug Tellez DIRECTIVE TO EARTHLINGS: The current game is Duality […]

A UFO The Size Of Planet Earth Seen Hovering Near Saturn

The Facts: Below is a video from 1962 where people share their beliefs about life on other planets. There are mixed answers, but it’s easy to see how the topic was still taboo at the time, and not really contemplated. Reflect On: The search for extraterrestrial life and the topic of UFOs have become one […]

Crimes Against the Earth

“Dear Caesar  Keep Burning, raping, killing But please, please Spare us your obscene poetry And ugly music “ (From Seneca’s last letter to Nero) The excavation of more than 600 billion tons of toxic carbon and hydrocarbon geological remains of previous biospheres and their transfer to the atmosphere as carbon gases constitutes nothing less than […]

Most Evil people on Earth

Most Evil people on Earth Assassination Monopoly Email Published: Friday, 15 June 2012 00:00 They murdered 8 U.S. presidents, 5 Russian czars, the kings of England, France and many other countries, and are still killing. Who are they? THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE OBVIOUS ANSWER!   The official history of presidential assassinations depicts them as […]

Most CO2 is Bound Up in Earth’s Core, Which is Why CO2 Levels Rise When Continents Move

Mainstream media would have you believe that the fluctuations in the carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the atmosphere are completely man-made. They insist that technological advances as well as overpopulation have driven our planet to a state of crisis – one evidenced by a rapidly warming atmosphere. However, a basic understanding of the global carbon […]

Coconut – The Earth’s Most Widespread Medicinal Fruit Plant

Sayer Ji, Green Med Info Waking Times Besides hemp, there are few if any plants that produce as much food, shelter, and medicine as the coconut palm.  A new scientific review on the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera), referred to as “the most naturally widespread fruit plant on Earth,” reveals its various constituents, which include husk, root, oil, water, and […]

The Real Globalist Plan Isn’t Merely To Overthrow America, But To Overthrow Earth

When people get awakened to the truth about what’s happening in our world, they tend to think too small. The truth, it turns out, is much bigger — and much more horrifying — than what almost anyone imagines. Many people realize there’s a battle taking place on Earth right now between globalism and populism. A […]

Earth, Water, Air & Fire: Why Is The Fifth Element (Aether) Completely Ignored?

The Facts: A new physics theory posits that creation comes from the void, which is characterized by non-physical properties. This has been categorized as “ether” by scientists in the past, but today we can actually detect it. Reflect On: Our two explanations of human creation might be completely false, they could also be true to […]

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