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‘Well, this is Iceland, sorry about that’: PM shrugs off 5.6-magnitude earthquake during interview

Iceland’s prime minister Katrin Jakobsdottir was interrupted during a press interview when a 5.6-magnitude earthquake hit the country on Tuesday. The Icelandic Meteorological Office said the quake struck at 13:43 local time (17:43 CET) near Krysuvik, about 35 kilometres south of Reykjavik. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage, but the tremors briefly […]

Does the recent California earthquake swarm of 600+ foreshadow ‘The Big One’?

by Michael Snyder Over the last few days, a swarm of almost 600 earthquakes has shaken southern California, and a lot of people are becoming extremely concerned about what will happen next.  In fact, if you go on Twitter right now you will find a tremendous amount of speculation that “the Big One” could be coming.  The […]

Major M7.1 Earthquake Strikes Southern California One Day After 6.4 Quake On July 4: Also …Dutchsince Update!

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Largest Earthquake in Decades Strikes Southern CA, Measuring 6.4 Magnitude!

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Rare shallow magnitude 4.5 earthquake hits off coast of Louisiana near New Orleans

     A rare magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck in the Gulf of Mexico about 160 miles southeast of New Orleans. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the quake hit at a depth of 6 miles. No damage or injuries have been reported. Source Article from Hits: 0

Seismologists Are Warning That A Catastrophic Mega-Earthquake Could Hit USA Very Soon

Amidst panic over planets that don’t exist and conspiracy theories about the moon landing, one headline announced a more down-to-Earth sort of doom. “Deadly earthquakes could hit a BILLION people next year because of Earth’s slowing rotation,” warned The Daily Mail. While Nibiru still doesn’t exist (and the Moon landing definitely happened) the last example was based on actual research published in August in Geophysical […]

Alert: Super Earthquake Swarm At Yellowstone Lake, 74+ Earthquakes

Between Grant and Little West Thumb an earthquake swarm of shallow earthquakes is going on. It just so happens that the monitor for Grant goes off line at the same exact time. Was this deliberate or has something happened to the monitor? When there is uplift it shuts off the water to the […]

Magnitude 6.2 earthquake hits Chile, no damage reported

     A strong 6.2 earthquake struck Chile’s central region on Tuesday. There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake struck about 34 miles (54 kilometers) southwest of Ovalle, Chile at 7:19 a.m. local time. The USGS said it was detected at a depth of 47 miles […]

Earthquake swarm hits North Iceland

     Almost thirty earthquakes occurred in North Iceland and the ocean north of Iceland last night. The largest earthquake of the swarm occured at 2.30 AM at a magnitude of 3.0. Its origins were around 20 km North East of Siglufjörður. The swarm began at around 00.30 last night and most of them were at […]

Powerful shallow earthquake of magnitude 6.6 hits off Papua New Guinea

     A shallow 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck off Papua New Guinea on Monday (March 26), the US Geological Survey said, the latest in a series to hit the region in recent days, but there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage. The quake struck 180km west of the town of Rabaul, on New Britain […]

New Evidence Points to Man-Made Earthquake in Christ Church Disaster

The Article Kiwi’s have been Waiting for ~ Study Raises More Serious Questions About The Christchurch Earthquake By Peter Drew –  Feb 2, 2018 Who Knew It Was Coming And Why? A report by the New Zealand Earthquake Commission adds to speculation and mysteries surrounding possible foreknowledge of the Christchurch earthquake in 2011 What really […]

Huge earthquake strikes Ring of Fire: Papua New Guinea hit by shallow 7.5 magnitude quake – at least 55 dead (UPDATE)

     Papua New Guinea has been rocked by a huge 7.5magnitude earthquake just moments after a smaller seismic event struck Japan, increasing fears of a natural disaster impacting the dangerous region dubbed the ‘Ring of Fire’. The 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the heart of the island near the near the Southern Highlands area, with tremors […]

Catastrophic earthquake overdue for California, geologists warn: Are you prepared yet?

(Natural News) The threat of a massive earthquake may not be something that most Californians spend day after day thinking about, but truthfully, it should be. The state is actually in the middle of an earthquake drought, and the segments that make up the expansive San Andreas Fault system are becoming stressed […]

Surviving natural disasters: Earthquake and tsunami scenarios

(Natural News) Earthquakes and tsunamis are two of the most catastrophic natural disasters that cause extensive, far-reaching damage and kill thousand of lives whenever they occur. In fact, data from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) revealed that the estimated deaths associated with earthquake were more than 226,000 in 2010 alone. The Insurance Information […]

6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes off northern Japan

The quake occurred at approximately 19:51 local time Wednesday, 103km northeast of the island of Honshu, Reuters reports. No tsunami warning has been issued, reports NHK. The quake lasted approximately 30 seconds but didn’t cause any damage on land. Japan has been on high alert ever since the magnitude 9.0 Tohoku earthquake on March 11, […]

8.2 Alaska Earthquake Sparks Tsunami Warning In Alaska & Hawaii

The coast of Alaska has been hit by an 8.2 magnitude earthquake, triggering a tsunami warning in Hawaii and Alaska. Tremors along the Ring of Fire increased dramatically in the last 24 hours. The earthquake occured 175 miles (281.6 km) southeast of Kodiak City in Alaska at a depth of 12 miles (19.3 km) at 9.31am […]

7.1 earthquake hits near coast of Peru leaving 1 dead, 20 injured

Casualty figures were provided by the governor of Peru’s Arequipa region, Yamila Osorio. A 55-year-old man was killed by a rock, Osorio tweeted. Earlier she said that the quake left 20 people injured and caused minor material damage to the coastal infrastructure due to minor landslides.  The quake struck 42 kilometers (26 miles) south-southwest of […]

Earthquake cluster strikes Iran-Iraq border

The region was rocked by a devastating quake last November, in which more than 400 people were killed and around 6,700 injured. READ MORE: Deadly quake hits Iran & Iraq: 400+ killed, over 6,700 injured Up to five quakes were recorded in Iran’s western province of Kermanshah between 10am and 11am local time, Thursday. The […]

Weekly report: Magnitude 5.2 earthquake hits Malard in Tehran province

A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on December 24 IFP – IFP has taken a look at the front pages of Iranian newspapers on Sunday, December 24, and picked headlines from… Source Article from Hits: 1

17 injured in powerful earthquake in SE Iran: Official

Tasnim – Seventeen people have been injured in an earthquake measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale that jolted Iran’s southeastern province of Kerman on Tuesday, Seyed Mohammad Saberi, the head of the province’s medical emergency center said. According to the Seismological Center of the Institute of Geophysics of Tehran University, the earthquake hit an area […]

Netanyahu uses Iranian earthquake to praise Israeli ‘humanity’ and denounce Iranian ‘hatred’

Netanyahu/Israel lied… again. Quelle surprise: “Israel Claimed Iran Refused Its Offer for Humanitarian Aid. Red Cross Says Otherwise Sources close to Netanyahu said Iran’s ‘true face’ was revealed when it refused Israeli earthquake aid, but according to the Red Cross, Iran didn’t even receive his offer Israel did not receive an “immediate refusal” from Iran […]

Photos: Iran earthquake: Rubble removal in progress after 3 days

Tasnim | Abdolrahim Rafati:  Three days after a massive earthquake that struck western Iran on November 12, people in Sarpol-e Zahab, a city in the province of Kermanshah hit worst by the quake, are recovering from the shock of loss of relatives and destruction of their houses.   Source Article from Hits: 0

Photos: Many villagers left with nothing after earthquake in west Iran

‘I Am Alive’: Survivors of Iran earthquake mourn as government scrambles to help The New York Times |  THOMAS ERDBRINK: In Kuik-e Hasan, a village of 800 people in the foothills of the Zagros mountains,… Source Article from Hits: 0

Two babies born in makeshift hospital amid Iran earthquake

IFP- Two babies have been born and a brain surgery performed in the Iranian Army’s makeshift hospitals in Kermanshah province since Sunday night when a magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit the country’s western areas. The Sunday earthquake has so far left at least 430 dead and over 7,000 people wounded, many of whom are being treated […]

Photos: Rescue, relief efforts underway in Iran after big earthquake

Tasnim | Farzad Menati: Medical and rescue teams have hurried to help people in Sarpol-e Zahab, a western Iranian city hit worst by a massive earthquake that has killed around 350 people by Monday noon local time.       Source Article from Hits: 0

Turkey steps up earthquake aid to Iraq, offers help to Iran

nsnbc : Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag said a total of 3,000 tents, 3,000 blankets and supplies of food were “immediately” sent by […]

Massive 7.3 earthquake on Iran – Iraq border killed at least 355, thousands injured

nsnbc : A massive earthquake with a magnitude of 7.3 on the Richter scale struck the region on the borders of Iraq and Iran […]

Strong shallow earthquake of magnitude 5.9 southwest of Africa

     Most important Earthquake Data: Magnitude : 5.9 Local Time (conversion only below land) : Unknown GMT/UTC Time : 2017-10-23 08:32:34 Depth (Hypocenter) : 10 km Source Article from Hits: 0

North Alabama records strongest earthquake this year

     What’s believed to be the strongest earthquake to be detected in north Alabama this year occurred Friday morning near Scottsboro. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, a magnitude 2.9 earthquake was detected about 10:38 a.m. While that’s a minor earthquake likely not to be noticed, it’s the strongest one of the year so far. […]

California Prepares 9.3 Million Citizens For Imminent 7.0 Earthquake

California state officials are holding large scale emergency drills on Thursday to prepare 9.3 million citizens for an ‘imminent’ magnitude 7 or greater earthquake.  Seismologists believe California is well overdue a mega-earthquake along the fault line zone in the Bay Area of Southern California. Experts have warned that the chance of a deadly earthquake striking […]

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