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Hungary amends constitution to effectively ban gay adoption

Hungary amended the definition of family in its constitution Tuesday to allow an effective ban on adoption by same-sex couples, another win for the ruling conservatives but decried by one pro-LGBTQ group as “a dark day for human rights.”The nationalist Fidesz party of Prime Minister Viktor Orban has worked to recast Hungary in a more […]

Susan Rice: Obama ‘Very Effectively’ Turned the Knife on Trump’s ‘Incompetence,’ ‘Corruption’

Former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice said on Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Last Word” that former President Barack Obama “very effectively” turned the knife into President Donald Trump’s “incompetence” and “corruption” during a campaign speech in Philadelphia. O’Donnell said, “I thought of you today when I heard the president say in that last passage especially, […]

Louie Gohmert Reintroduces Resolution to Effectively ‘Cancel’ the Democrat Party over Ties to Slavery

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is reintroducing a privileged resolution that would have House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) essentially remove “any item that names, symbolizes or mentions any political organization or party that has ever held a public position that supported slavery or the Confederacy, from any area within the House wing of the Capitol or […]

Christian Slovakia Officially Outlaws Mosques, Effectively Banishing Islam From Their Nation

Slovakia — a nation whose Christian history and culture reaches back over 1,000 years — has officially banned mosques from being established anywhere in the country, and thereby effectively banning Islam from the Central European nation: Slovakia has introduced measures making it the country with the toughest laws against Islam in all of Europe. In […]

Qatar ‘effectively dismantles’ employment system criticized as abusive towards foreigners

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State Sets Massive Precedent, Passes Law To Effectively Ban The NSA

By Rachel Blevins Michigan has become the first state to ban the National Security Agency’s intrusive data collection practices by passing a law that prohibits law enforcement and state agencies from turning over personal data to the federal government without due process. The Fourth Amendment Rights Protection Act, or HB4430, will go into […]

Father Effectively Treats Daughters’ Crohn’s Disease by Juicing Cannabis

Anna Hunt, Staff Writer Waking Times ABC News Australia recently reported on a story about a desperate father. Stephen Taylor’s two daughters were fighting Crohn’s disease, which causes chronic inflammation of the digestive tract. When all else failed, Taylor turned to juicing cannabis and discovered that the plant may have the potential to cure […]

Internal border checks must stay until EU can "effectively protect" its borders – German minister

     Internal border checks must stay in place in Germany for as long as the EU fails to protect its external borders, newly-appointed German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said, slamming the Schengen Agreement. “As things stand now, there are not too many border points in Germany that are permanently occupied,” Seehofer told German weekly newspaper […]

Internal border checks must stay until EU can ‘effectively’ shield its borders – German minister

“As things stand now, there are not too many border points in Germany that are permanently occupied,” Seehofer told German weekly newspaper Die Welt am Sonntag. German army exposed as lacking basic equipment for NATO missions – report “We will discuss whether that needs to change. After all, it is not just about preventing people […]

Brazil’s largest newspaper abandons Facebook for "effectively banning professional journalism" with new algorithm

     The largest newspaper in Brazil, Folha de S Paulo, announced late last week that due to Facebook’s recent changes to their news feed algorithm resulting in what the paper claims is “effectively banning professional journalism,” it would cease publishing content on the social media platform. The Guardian reported that the popular Brazilian newspaper has […]

How to Share Information About Your Spiritual Awakening with Others, Effectively

February 9th, 2018 By Michelle Walling When you begin to share all that you know about the matrix control system to someone who has not felt the rumblings of awakening from their soul, you may be met with various adverse reactions. The best rule of thumb is to drop hints rather than yelling everything you know […]

How To Effectively Clean Your Mouth & Eliminate Bad Breath

Next Story Here is yet another daily practice to add into your oral health regime. Fortunately for you, this one is not only simple and fast, taking only a few seconds out of your day, but it offers benefits that can be seen right away. I am referring to the Ayurvedic practice of tongue scraping, […]

The Big 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Manifesting Effectively

December 6th, 2017 By Jeff Street Guest writer for Wake Up World When it comes to manifesting, the truth is, most of us are unwittingly sabotaging the manifestation of our true desires. And there are three major reasons for this — three areas that are shaping the energy we are putting out and hence, is reflected back […]

Cold and flu symptoms get eliminated with bio-botanical formulas safely and effectively

(Natural News) Cold and flu season is just around the corner and it’s a statistical certainty that millions of people will be affected. Naturally, we all know, getting the flu feels horrible – but, especially for immune-compromised older people, this condition can become life-threatening with over 300,000 Americans hospitalized in one year alone, according to […]

Solutions for diabetes: A LIVE, plant-based nutritional program that effectively balances blood sugar

(Natural News) Over 30 million people – almost 10 percent of the United States population – currently suffer from diabetes, with type 2 diabetes accounting for up to 95 percent of the cases. And, let’s not forget the millions of people in a prediabetic condition – which leads to all sorts of health issues, as […]

France to Effectively Decriminalize Cannabis by Ending Prison Terms

Anna Hunt, StaffWaking Times The French government is about to make some drastic changes to the enforcement of cannabis use laws. A government spokesperson revealed that by the end of 2017, France will end all prison terms for cannabis users. Existing Policy Current French law states that cannabis use is a criminal offense. It […]

Martial law effectively imposed in Canada by Letters Patent Constituting the Office of Governor General of Canada

The United States and Canadian governments have murdered the people they were elected to represent by willfully, deliberately and maliciously inflicting them with cancer, disease, viruses and/or bacteria or by inducing a heart attack? If cancer and infectious diseases in animals can be induced, at will, at thousands of medical research labs around the […]

‘Colorful revolutionaries’ fire paint-bombs at Macedonia government HQ & police (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

More than 5,000 demonstrators led by opposition leader Zoran Zaev marched from the prosecutor’s office to the government headquarters in Skopje on Monday. The demonstrators deployed makeshift slingshots and fired paint-filled balloons at the government buildings and police officers. Although the demonstrators welcomed Gjorge Ivanov’s decision to rescind pardons for government officials caught in a […]

‘Nessie’ Found At Bottom Of Scottish Loch

After years of searching and years of trying to fathom the Loch Ness monster mystery, a surprising discovery was made this week – in the form of a decades-old, nine metre (30 foot) movie prop of the fabled Scottish monster ‘Nessie’. The model of the monster used in 1970 film The Private Life of Sherlock […]

7 Imperative Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me In My Teens

While I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and there is little to no point to regret, that does not negate the importance of self-reflection, which I think is essential for our growth as individuals and for our psychological well-being. And if, in the process of considering our past actions, we can […]

Eat This Food and You Will Flush Nicotine Out of Your Lungs in Few Hours

Base on medical observation it has been proved that the body takes up to 6-8 hours to get rid of nicotine contents after you smoke cigarette. In most cases, the body is not able to remove all nicotine as some traces are left behind for up to 30 days.  That has made it necessary for […]

The complete history of Monsanto; the world’s most EVIL corporation staffed by society’s most hate-filled people

(NaturalNews) How much do you really know about Monsanto beyond the fact that the corporation is extremely evil? Most people’s knowledge of Monsanto barely scratches the surface. Monsanto is far more than just a dangerous threat to humanity that profits from weedkiller chemicals linked to cancer; it’s also the same entity that gave […]

“Mysterious and terrifying epidemic” spreads near old Soviet uranium mine

United Nations General Assembly – Human Rights Council, Sep 2015 (emphasis added): The case of Kalachi, known as a “sleeping village”, was brought to the attention of the Special Rapporteur. For the past three years, many residents of Kalachi have been experiencing health problems, suffering memory loss and hallucinations and sleeping for days, […]

In Just 10 Minutes Of Doing This Exercise Routine You Can Tone Muscle & Improve Your Health

Lack of time is often our biggest excuse for not sticking to an exercise routine. People have a tendency to think that doing things the “right” way and getting results involves a gym membership, equipment, and lots of time. In reality, the only thing you need to start making a difference in your body is 10 […]

SouthFront: 24.11.2015 Crisis News – Veterans Today

. <!– –> Home Health Agent Orange Coping Gulf War Illness (GWI) Medical Disability Benefits PTSD Investigations 9/11 Holocaust JFK Assassination Paris Attacks 2015 Sandy Hook Life Art, Books, & Entertainment Economy & Business Education Environment Food, Wine & Travel History Civil War (1861-1865) Cold War (1947-1991) Gulf War (1990-1991) Iraq War (2003-2011) Korean War […]

Benjamin Fulford Interview – "The Elites Secrecy Is Breaking!"

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FOX News Fires Reporters For Exposing Distrubing Facts About Monsanto

A couple of months ago we published an article on Sharyl Attkisson, a veteran investigative journalist and former CBS news investigative reporter who exposed how the mainstream media is funded by political, corporate, and other special interests. She also provided information about how they very effectively manipulate and distort media messages. You can read that […]

Putin: How can US criticize Russian counterterrorism effort in Syria while refusing dialogue?

     Washington’s decision to obstruct Russia’s call for diplomatic engagement on Syria is unconstructive and apparently shows a lack of will to negotiate, Russian President Vladimir Putin said. “I don’t really understand how our American partners can criticize Russia’s counterterrorism effort in Syria while refusing direct dialogue on the all-important issue of political settlement,” Putin […]

Put A Fork In It: Greece Effectively Shuts Down As Finance Ministry To Begin 9 Day Strike

Zero Hedge Wednesday, October 12, 2011 Remember the country that started it all yet was “so small nobody should worry about it.” Well, it turns out its size was juuuuust right, and while the Eurozone is now fighting contagion fires everywhere up to and including the heart of the core (thank you most-bailed-out-by-the-Fed-bank Dexia), Greece […]

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