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Strange ancient Egyptian ‘head cones’ discovered in burials

   Most of the garments depicted in ancient Egyptian art are relatively straightforward to decipher, but there’s a particular wearable article that has baffled archaeologists. In statuary, murals, funerary stelae, coffins and relief sculptures dating between 3,570 and 2,000 years ago, people repeatedly appeared wearing cones on their heads, a bit like party hats. Now, […]

Egyptian Protests: A US-Fueled “Arab Spring” Reboot?

By Tony Cartalucci When the West’s leading media organizations attempt to convince audiences they know nothing about where Mohammed Aly – a Spanish-based Egyptian protest leader – came from, the first thing one can be sure of is they are being lied to. Protests have begun to spread again in Egypt after nearly a decade of […]

Egyptian Protests: A US-Fuelled "Arab Spring" Reboot

When the West’s leading media organizations attempt to convince audiences they know nothing about where Mohammed Aly – a Spanish-based Egyptian protest leader – came from, the first thing one can be sure of is they are being lied to. Protests have begun to spread again in Egypt after nearly a decade of frustration […]

Youngest son of ex-Egyptian president Morsi dies at 25

CAIRO (AP) — The youngest son of the late former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi has died of a heart attack he suffered while driving in Cairo, doctors said. Abdullah Morsi, 25, was with a friend Wednesday when he suddenly felt weak. He died shortly after arriving at a hospital in the capital, physicians said on […]

Proof: Greek and Egyptian civilizations older than 8,000BC

Proof: Greek and Egyptian civilizations older than 8,000BC October 18, 2015 by History Disclosure Team in Civilizations · 5 Comments In Plato’s book Timaeus (pronounced Teemeos in Greek), Plato writes about a discussion held between Solon the Athenian (639-559BC) and an Egyptian priest in Egypt. In one part of document, the priest mentions that the […]

Archaeologists uncover a dark chapter in Ancient Egyptian history: 60 Mummies found with evidence of GRUESOME deaths

(Natural News) Researchers finally dared to explore the grisly fates of the occupants of a tomb in Deir el Bahari, Egypt. They believed that the 60 mummies in the “Tomb of the Warriors” were soldiers who fell in battle during turbulent times in ancient Egypt. First discovered during the 1920s, the Tomb of the […]

Egyptian intelligence to prepare wide changes in media

The fate of dozens of employees, expected to be laid off in the coming period, has been uncertain as part of the gradual changes expected in Egyptian media and channels, in the framework of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate’s attempts to make extensive changes in the field of media. These changes will […]

Egyptian artist draws free gifts for hajj pilgrims

Egyptian fine artist Mahmoud Reyyad, 32, draws iconic images of Mecca to distribute as free gifts to pilgrims at a hotel on the final day of the Hajj. (Source: AFP) Source Article from Hits: 157

Discover Egyptian Shamanism: Awakening the Deities Within You – FREE Mini Workshop

Are you intrigued by the healing magic of ancient Egypt? Through Egyptian shamanism, you can reawaken your connection to the natural rhythms of the world and access the tools you need to help find truth, balance, justice, for yourself, your family and the world. Join us for this fantastic FREE video event with celebrated author and teacher […]

Egyptian delegation meets with Palestinian factions to prevent new Gaza flareup

Egyptian security officials have held talks with Palestinian leaders in recent days, in part to prevent a new flareup of tensions between Israel and the Gaza Strip, Palestinian officials said Sunday. The Egyptian delegation, led by deputy intelligence chief Ayman Badie, was in the Gaza Strip on Friday and Saturday and the West Bank on […]

Morsi ‘killed’ by Egyptian government, son says

A son of the late former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has accused incumbent President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and a number of other officials of “killing” his father. Morsi, Egypt‘s first democratically elected president who was arrested after being overthrown in a military coup led by el-Sisi in 2013, died on Monday after collapsing inside his soundproof glass cage while […]

Turkey’s Erdogan says former Egyptian president Morsi was ‘killed’

Morsi suffered a fatal heart attack following a court appearance Monday and now the Turkish leader has vowed his government “will do whatever it takes” to pursue prosecution of the current Egyptian government, whom he holds responsible for Morsi’s untimely death, in international court.   He also promised to raise the issue of Morsi’s death […]

Impact of Ancient Egyptian Culture on world civilization (video)

In this video Dr. Ashraf Ezzat interviews Prof. Rafik Khalil Prof. Khalil is the chairman of l’atelier d’alexandrie, chairman of the Medical Syndicate of Alexandria and vice-chairman of the archeological society of Alexandria. Throughout this exclusive interview Prof. Khalil provides us with great insights on the unceasing impact of Ancient Egyptian Culture on world civilization. […]

Spectacular, colorful tomb of ancient Egyptian high priest revealed (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The tomb at the Saqqara necropolis is in good condition and its walls are lined with images depicting the tomb owner, a high priest, and his family, according to Egypt’s Minister of Antiquities, Dr. Khalid Al Anani. Numerous colorful statues have also been found at the site, which dates back to the reign of King Neferirkare […]

Palestinian groups agree to Egyptian-brokered truce with Israel

Smoke rises during an Israeli air raid in Gaza [Said KHATIB/AFP] Last weekend saw an escalation of violence that started when Israeli military infiltrated Gaza, initiated a firefight, and retreated under cover of shelling. One Israeli and 7 Palestinians were killed, and Hamas responded with rockets. Today, factions in the besieged Gaza Strip say they […]

Is the Great March of Return winding down after Egyptian deal? Gaza’s protesters speak

Palestinians are still demonstrating along the Gaza-Israel border on Fridays, but in fewer numbers and with less fury than seen in recent months as Egyptian mediators work to lessen confrontations along the fence. For the last six months Palestinian youth have protested by the tens of thousands along the fence that separates Gaza from Israel. […]

Unbelievable: Egyptian Navy Kills A Palestinian Fisherman In Southern Gaza

                Palestinian medical sources have reported, on Wednesday evening, that Egyptian navy ships opened fire at a Palestinian fishing boat in southern Gaza Strip, killing a fisherman. The fisherman has been identified as Mustafa Khader Khalil Abu Odah, 32, from the Shati’ refugee camp, west of Gaza city. […]

Ancient Egyptian sphinx discovered water draining at temple (PHOTOS)

The team were working on reducing the groundwater level in Kom Ombo temple in Aswan when they made the discovery, the antiquities ministry confirmed. The sandstone statue of the mythical beast, which has the head of a human and the body of a lion, most likely dates back to the Ptolemaic era, Dr. Mostafa Waziri, […]

Leaves of this Egyptian plant could be the next big thing in alternative medicine, according to this study

(Natural News) An Italian study gave top marks to the leaves of the warka (Ficus vasta), a species of fig tree found in Egypt. Long used as an ethnomedicine for all kinds of illnesses, the leaves are reported to contain plenty of phenolics with strong antioxidant activity. Natural sources of these antioxidants […]

A superb new book on the 2011 Egyptian uprising shows how Israel helped thwart democracy there

Anyone deluded enough to believe that Israel truly wants democracy to spread in the Middle East must read David D. Kirkpatrick’s outstanding first-hand account of the 2011 uprising in Egypt and its ugly aftermath. Kirkpatrick was the New York Times’s main reporter on the scene in Cairo, and readers who remember his superb dispatches from […]

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