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Why Assume There Will Be a 2020 Election?

The upcoming American elections are just around the corner and everyone is wondering if the new president will be named Trump, Biden, Sanders or none of the above. I can hear the incredulous reader exclaim: Wait, what does “none of the above” mean?? It’s certainly going to be one of those three, isn’t it?? It […]

David Simon didn’t like ‘The Plot Against America’ when he first read it. Trump’s election changed his mind.

(JTA) — David Simon originally read Philip Roth’s novel “The Plot Against America” around the time it was released in 2004. An alternate history, it posits that Charles Lindbergh defeated Franklin Roosevelt in the 1940 presidential election, signed a non-aggression pact with Hitler that doomed Britain and promoted an increasingly violent anti-Semitic agenda that ultimately […]

Rigged US primaries aren’t the problem – the rigged election system is

With hashtags such as #RiggedDNC and #RiggedPrimary trending, there has been a flurry of calls for outside monitors on social media and by activists, who cite a series of voter-suppression acts and possibly rigged voting machines. CODEPINK and the Grayzone Project staged a demonstration Tuesday outside of the Organization of American States (OAS) headquarters, calling on the […]

Anti-Palestinian incitement spikes online with Israeli election season

A social media post inciting violence against Palestinians and Arabs was published every 64 seconds during the first two rounds of Israeli elections in 2019, a new report finds. According to the latest annual “Index of Racism and Incitement in Israeli Social Media,” produced by the organization 7amleh – Arab Center for the Advancement of […]

Trump’s interference in Israeli election backfired, leaving Netanyahu and ‘Deal of Century’ at risk

The news from Israel is that Netanyahu’s victory celebration of one week ago was premature. The indicted prime minister is as far from a governing majority as any time in the three Israeli elections, at 58 seats out of 120. Netanyahu’s relentless racebaiting only helped the big winners of the election, the Palestinian Joint List, […]

Trump Slams "Pathetic, Slow" Fed As Democrats Take Lead In 2020 Election Odds

It would appear that two things have sparked fear in President Trump’s heart this morning: 1) The prediction markets are now betting on a Democrat win in November… 2) And Trump knows that any meaningful fiscal policy juice to rescue stocks (oh yeah and the economy) will take weeks if not months if ever to […]

Bernie or Biden – doesn’t matter. Trump’s election wasn’t a glitch & the trends say he’ll beat the Dems again

Unlike most political commenters I didn’t bother staying up late for Super Tuesday. It’s not just that I need my beauty sleep. The results really were a matter of indifference. Why? Trends, dear boy, trends. Any decent racing tipster will tell you that the best way to predict the result of big races is to […]

War on ‘fake news’ made Facebook users more gullible – just in time for the 2020 election! Is anyone surprised?

When Facebook sent its army of fact-checkers to do battle with the disinformation scourge, ordering them to tag all “fake news” with a label to warn future readers, they must have known that even the fiercest truth-warriors couldn’t possibly get to every single false story. Facebook claims to have 1.25 billion daily users, and mere […]

Netanyahu swings from hubris to hate in 48 hours after Israeli election

Hubris: At the news of the exit polls of Israel’s (first?) 2020 elections, when voting ended at 10 PM Monday, rightwing pundits did not hide their smiles: The polls showed the would-be Netanyahu coalition with 60 seats (out 0f 120). This was considered, and accepted, as a major victory: Last time, the rightwing coalition had […]

Israel’s fragile Jewish-Arab fabric the big loser in election nobody has yet won

In limbo for days as it awaited the results of Monday’s elections, Israel is likely to remain in limbo even as the figures are finally confirmed — with the essential character of the country potentially at stake. Exit polls on Monday night indicated that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud had outscored his main rival, Benny […]

Netanyahu’s election day manna from heaven: The emblematic saga of Amalia, age 4

Out campaigning at a polling station in north Tel Aviv on election day, Blue and White No. 2 Yair Lapid ran into an adorable little girl named Amalia. “Who are you voting for?” he asked her cheerfully, his hands on her little shoulders, her pigtails swaying, as they both looked into a cellphone camera. “For […]

Netanyahu claims victory in election, but remains shy of needed majority

By Tuesday morning, more than 90 percent of the ballots had been counted in Israel’s unprecedented third consecutive election, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was celebrating what he called a “massive victory.” His right-wing Likud party was poised to celebrate the party’s strongest ever showing in an election, with 29.35% of the points, representing […]

Podcast: Oliver Vargas on US Election Meddling In Bolivia and the Country’s Indigenous Uprising

Welcome to the re-launch of MintCast, the official weekly MintPress News podcast hosted by Mnar Muhawesh and Whitney Webb. MintCast is an interview podcast featuring dissenting voices, independent researchers and journalists who the establishment would rather silence. One such voice is independent Bolivian-British journalist Oliver Vargas. He joins MintCast to discuss his exclusive on the […]

Where’s the outrage over Netanyahu trying to interfere in the US election?

For the last four years, there’s been a national debate regarding the scope of Russian interference in the 2016 election. The issue might end up dominating discourse in 2020 as well. Last month, intelligence officials warned House members that Russia is allegedly meddling in an effort to get Trump reelected. Concerns about Putin’s impact on […]

‘NY Times’ election coverage whitewashes anti-Arab racism among Jewish Israelis

A brief look at “anti-Arab racism among Jewish Israelis.” Eminent Jewish Israeli journalist Bradley Burston aptly sums up the horrors Israel inflicts on Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and occupied East Jerusalem: “Occupation is Slavery” EXCERPT: “In the name of occupation, generation after generation of Palestinians have been treated as property. They can be […]

Netanyahu approves new settlement units in E1 one week before election

Just one week before elections, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced his approval of 3,500 new illegal settler homes in the highly contested ‘E1’ area of the central occupied West Bank. “I have given instructions to immediately publish for deposit the plan to build 3,500 housing units in E-1,” Netanyahu said in a speech […]

Merkel’s CDU produces worst ever election result in Hamburg amid party chaos

   The CDU has failed its first electoral test since Angela Merkel’s protegee refused to run for chancellor in 2021. Hamburg is a center-left heaven and the conservatives weren’t after a win, but they didn’t expect to do so badly. “For us at the CDU, this is a bitter election result,” Daniel Guenther, the CDU […]

Clinton Calls President Trump ‘Putin’s Puppet’ Says He Can’t Win Election Without Russia’s Help

Hillary Clinton has pounced on latest ‘Russian meddling’ report to start bashing President Donald Trump. She quickly to seize upon the latest claim that Russia is ‘interfering’ in the 2020 election to renew her attacks on Trump. Meanwhile a lack of evidence casts the vague report into doubt. So far any efforts to get to […]

“Russia AgainGate”: Phony Accusations of Russian “2020 Election Meddling”.The Big Lie that won’t Die

The NYT falsely warned of Russian meddling to re-elect Trump that hasn’t occurred. Nor does any evidence suggest it’s coming ahead. Earlier accusations of Moscow electoral interference to help Trump defeat Hillary in 2016 were bald-faced Big Lies. Not a shred of evidence suggests Russian election meddling occurred in the US or anywhere else — […]

Illegal Alien Sentenced To Prison In Texas For Voting In 2016 Election Using Fake ID

An illegal alien living in Texas was sentenced to nearly 3 years in prison for voting in the 2016 election by using a stolen ID. Enrique Salazar Ortiz, 63, a Mexican citizen living near the San Antonio, Texas area was convicted of making a false statement on a passport application, unlawful voting by an undocumented […]

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