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Mayoral Elections is Seoul and Busan

On April 7, 2021, early elections were held for the heads of four administrative units, including the mayors of the country’s two largest cities of Seoul and Busan, as well as 17 deputies of local legislative assemblies in the Republic of Korea. Their result is an indicator of public sentiment before the presidential elections of […]

More suicidal GOP gaffes as McConnell scolds corporations: Forget fair elections but keep paying off

What a joke: the billionaire party attacks big business for getting “involved in politics” Trumpist stupidity is washing over the party, transforming alleged wizard Mitch McConnell into a world-class bumbler – contrary to his shrewd Machiavellian image. The void of irony is as conspicuous as is the predictable, boomerang outcome. Since when do paid, upstart […]

Democrats Warn That If HR 1 Isn’t Passed, Republicans Could Win Some Elections

WASHINGTON D.C.—As states like Georgia move to change voting laws, Democrats are pushing a federal voting law, HR 1, to take over voting in all states and counteract such moves. And as they promote the law, Democrats have a dire warning: If HR 1 isn’t passed, Republicans could sometimes win elections. “If we don’t radically […]

‘Disaster, Collapse’: Tensions in Fatah rise as it fears defeat in elections

Browse > Home / News / ‘Disaster, Collapse’: Tensions in Fatah rise as it fears defeat in elections April 5, 2021 by Baruch Yedid – TPS Read on for article There is a great deal of tension within the Fatah’s ranks and senior officials told TPS that there is an atmosphere of rebellion against the […]

The missing lessons from Israel’s latest elections

“A major setback” was the recurring term in many news headlines reporting on the outcome of Israel’s general elections of March 23. While this depiction specifically referred to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s failure to secure a decisive victory in the country’s fourth elections in two years, this is only part of the narrative. Certainly, […]

The next stage of the Israeli elections announced

Browse > Home / News / The next stage of the Israeli elections announced March 30, 2021 by J-Wire Newsdesk Read on for article President Rivlin will start consultations next Monday with all parties elected to the Knesset and will then continue to talk with candidates recommended by the parties to be entrusted with the […]

Canada Elections Act motive for homicides of Barry and Honey Sherman

Canada Elections Act provides the primary motive for the targeted double homicides of Toronto billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman. Events prior and post the targeted murders leads to the conclusion that the homicides were politically motivated. That the homicides are linked to the Aug 26, 2015 fundraiser the murdered couple hosted for 2015 election candidate Justin Trudeau. […]

Nightmare scenarios: Israeli and Palestinian elections

Subscribe: Overcast / Apple / Google / Spotify / Stitcher / TuneIn / Deezer This episode is all about elections. On March 23rd Israel held its fourth national election in two years. And starting in May Palestinians in the occupied territory will be holding their first elections in 15 years. Both elections will serve as […]

Israeli Elections: Netanyahu Close To Forming Ultra-Right Wing Racist Government

Israel’s election this Tuesday has again resulted in a deadlock, posing the possibility for the most Ultra-Right wing Israeli government in history, to be led by Benjamin Netanyahu, or perhaps a fifth round of elections in only two years. Whatever the result of the elections, one thing is for sure, Netanyahu will likely remain Israeli […]

Israeli Elections 2021: With Most Votes Counted, Arab Party Ra’am Poised to Play Key Role as Netanyahu’s Advantage Slips Away

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a speech to supporters following the announcement of exit polls in Israel’s general election at his Likud party headquarters in Jerusalem, March 24, 2021. Photo: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun. With 87% of the vote counted in Israel’s 2021 elections, the political ground appeared to shift on Wednesday, with Naftali Bennett’s Yamina […]

Armenia’s parliament votes to lift martial law ahead of June elections

Armenia has moved to lift martial law, introduced at the end of September at the start of the war with Azerbaijan for control of the breakaway region of Nagorno-Karabakh. This decision, approved by 118 of the 132 deputies in parliament, is part of an agreement between Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and the opposition to defuse […]

Israel awaits final results of elections, Netanyahu appears to be in the lead

Browse > Home / News / Israel awaits final results of elections, Netanyahu appears to be in the lead March 24, 2021 by Aryeh Savir – TPS Read on for article After a night in which the constantly updating exit polls fluctuated, Israeli citizens are awaiting the results of the elections to see who will […]

US Interfered in 81 Foreign Elections

No Neocon bastard or pinhead is running around with pitchfork saying that the United States needs to be attacked for interfering in at least 81 countries. By Jonas E. Alexis -March 23, 2021 …introduction by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor Whenever you hear a Neocon or some political whore start talking about bombing or attacking another country because […]

Eternal gridlock: No clear winner in Israeli elections

The results also signaled a continuing shift of the Israeli electorate toward the right wing, which supports West Bank settlements and opposes concessions in peace talks with the Palestinians. That trend was highlighted by the strong showing of an ultranationalist anti-Arab religious party. After three previous inconclusive elections, Netanyahu had been hoping for a decisive […]

Israel Employs High-Tech Solutions for Elections During Pandemic

(Israel Hayom) The election for the 24th Knesset, similar to the three before it over the past two years, poses many challenges to the Central Elections Committee, mainly due to the trauma of the coronavirus, which some experts fear could see a surge in its wake. The committee has prepared for this round, as the […]

Ahead of elections, Netanyahu places cornerstone for new Samaria neighbourhood

Browse > Home / News / Ahead of elections, Netanyahu places cornerstone for new Samaria neighbourhood March 23, 2021 by Aryeh Savir – TPS Read on for article Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Israeli community of Revava in Samaria on Monday to participate in the unveiling of a new neighbourhood, a day before Israel […]

Report: Israel Asked Abbas to Call off Palestine Elections

Posted on March 21, 2021 by uprootedpalestinians March 20, 2021 Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. (Photo: Mahmoud Abbas Facebook Page) Head of Israel’s Shin Bet Security Agency Nadav Argaman has secretly met with Palestinian Authority (PA), Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas and asked him to call off Palestinian elections, Israeli media […]

Diaspora Jews Closely Watching Security Issues as Israeli Elections Near, Says Algemeiner Editor-in-Chief

Algemeiner Editor-in-Chief Dovid Efune appears on i24 News. Photo: Screenshot With Israel looking ahead to elections on Tuesday, many Jewish voters in the diaspora are focused on security issues, with relatively more support for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu found in communities outside the United States, said Algemeiner editor-in-chief Dovid Efune during an interview with i24 […]

Israeli Startup SPS Selected to Help Israelis Navigate Its One-of-a-Kind Covid Elections

Israelis count the remaining ballots from soldiers and absentee voters one day after national elections, April 10, 2019. Photo: Noam Revkin Fenton/Flash90. CTech – Israeli startup SPS, which develops information and navigation solutions, has been selected by the Israeli Interior Ministry to provide its web service to help people vote in the upcoming elections. March […]

The differences between Israel’s 2020 and 2021 elections

March 18, 2021 by Alex Traiman – Read on for article Israelis will head to the polls next week for the fourth parliamentary elections in two years. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Finance Minister Yair Lapid at a cabinet meeting on October 7, 2014. Photo by Marc Israel Sellem/POOL/Flash90 The voters will determine which […]

Elections Committee Bars Netanyahu From Using Health Ministry Slogan In Campaign

The Central Elections Committee on Tuesday banned Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party from using the campaign slogan “Returning to life,” a reference to Israel’s recovery from the pandemic. The slogan was disallowed because it had been taken from a Health Ministry campaign to encourage vaccination, the Walla news site reported. Judge Uzi Fogelman said […]

The Last Week: A Short Guide to Israel’s Coming Elections

Next Tuesday is rapidly coming, and with it, Israel’s fourth election in two years. Here are the five things to look at and remember as you prepare — anxiously or indifferently — for this crucial day of voting. Are there 61 seats for Netanyahu? Forming an Israeli coalition is an exhausting exercise, but the basic […]

Ahead of elections, Israel set to allow citizens to return from any destination

The government on Sunday decided to allow Israelis to arrive from any destination with the aim of enabling citizens to reach the country in time for next week’s elections. Previously, Israelis could only take incoming flights from a shortlist of destinations in the US, Europe, and the Far East. However, the government kept in place […]

China Limits Hong Kong’s Elections Because Democracy Activists Kept Winning

The Chinese leadership is drastically increasing control on Hong Kong’s governance by introducing a mechanism to vet candidates’ loyalty to Beijing and reducing the share of directly elected lawmakers.  The proposed change, passed in China’s rubber-stamp parliament on Thursday with zero objections and one abstention from 2,896 national lawmakers, is expected to keep the names […]

Military will stay in power for ‘certain time’ then hold elections, says Myanmar junta while accusing ousted Suu Kyi of corruption

Myanmar’s military council has said it will hold elections and hand over control when an unspecified period of time has elapsed – but it also made fresh claims that former leader Aung San Suu Kyi had been involved in corruption. Speaking on Thursday, Brigadier General Zaw Min Tun, spokesman for Myanmar’s ruling military council, said […]

China endorses plan to tighten control of Hong Kong elections

China’s annual congress has approved government plans to reduce democratic representation in Hong Kong’s elections, following a wave of pro-democracy activism in the region. In the latest move to tighten control of Hong Kong, a pro-Chinese government committee would get power to appoint more of Hong Kong’s lawmakers, reducing the number elected by the public, […]

Names of Army Generals No Longer Resounding in Israeli Elections due to Military Defeats: Report

Posted on March 11, 2021 by martyrashrakat March 10, 2021 A new factor has started to influence the Israeli Knesset elections as the occupation entity is set to hold on March 23 the fourth poll round within two years due to the political stalemate. The army generals can no longer attract the Zionist voters for […]

Elections under Fire: Palestine’s Impossible Democracy Dilemma

Many Palestinian intellectuals and political analysts find themselves in the unenviable position of having to declare a stance on whether they support or reject upcoming Palestinian elections which are scheduled for May 22 and July 30. But there are no easy answers. The long-awaited decree by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas last January to hold […]

Gaza elections give Hamas an advantage ahead of Palestinian vote

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Ambassador ran Yaakoby casts the first vote in the world for the Israeli elections

Browse > Home / News / Ambassador ran Yaakoby casts the first vote in the world for the Israeli elections March 11, 2021 by J-Wire photo story Read on for article This morning in Wellington Ambassador Ran Yaakoby cast the 1st vote in the world for the 24th Knesset. Ambassador Ran Yaakoby casts the first […]

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