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Rabbi Predicted 40 Years Ago: Israeli Elections but No Gov’t Signals Arrival of Messiah

Forty years ago Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri, a Kabbalist from Baghdad, predicted that the Messiah would arrive at a time when elections resulted in no government. The Israeli elections last week resulted in no coalition being formed. Many mystics and end-of-day experts say the dissolution of the government is a precursor to the resurrection of the […]

Elections reveal a seismic split within Israel’s right

Once the ascendant elite, the settler movement’s political power is on the decline. By Meron Rapoport Israeli security forces guard as Jews tour the Palestinian side of the old city market in the West Bank city of Hebron, June 15, 2019. (Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90) While political analysts wonder if we have come to the […]

25 Ways The Canadian Health Care System Is Better Than Obamacare For The 2020 Elections

Everybody in, nobody out, free choice of doctor and hospital. It will produce far less anxiety, dread, and fear. Can you hear that, Congress and the White House? Dear America: Costly complexity is baked into Obamacare, and although it has improved access to healthcare for some, tens of millions of Americans still cannot afford basic […]

As Israeli elections near, the right wing is polling ever stronger

On Tuesday, Israel will be going to elections for the second time this year, since the failure to create a government in the wake of the April elections. Today, Friday, is the last day for polls to be published. The law prohibits polls from the end of the last Friday before elections. Although the major […]

What do Palestinians in Gaza really think about the Israeli elections?

On the eve of the elections, four young Palestinians in Gaza open up about their thoughts on Israeli political parties, whether they think there’s hope for change, and what life is like under siege.  By Yuval Abraham Palestinian fishermen prepare their nets near the sea in Khan Younis in the southern Gaza Strip on March 10, 2019. […]

Netanyahu: Israel Might Launch Full-Scale Gaza War "Before The Elections"

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appears ready to risk launching a major Middle East war rather than see his chances of re-election to a record fifth term dwindle.  Desperately trying to shore up more votes ahead of Tuesday’s election by trying to “out-hawk” his opponents in the center-right Blue and White Party, he said Thursday Israel will […]

Israel’s repeat elections and the Arab vote 

On April 9, 2019, the Palestinian leadership inside Israel — represented by the Joint List (JL), the four major Arab parties who formed an unprecedented alliance in 2015 elections — woke to a shocking reality: more than 51 percent of Palestinian citizens boycotted Israel’s national elections. This move dropped JL representation in the Knesset, the […]

It’s true: Google stole the 2018 midterm elections FOR Democrats by targeting select voters with “Go Vote” icon

(Natural News) If you needed any more proof that Google is a) a monopoly; b) is far too big; and c) is collecting way too much data on users (mostly without our permission), this story ought to provide it. In recent months you may have read about research conducted by psychologist Robert […]

#Brexit #BorisJohnson #UK Brexit, Elections, Resignation…What is Boris up to? 9/5/2019

Blog of Staś Staś Source Article from Related Posts Tesla solar panels EXPLODE amid calls for Elon Musk’s resignation (Natural News) Tesla solar panels are exploding –but not in popularity. The Italy’s Conte Announces Resignation, Setting The Stage For Prime Minister Salvini Until today, Italy has had 61 governments since World […]

The Italian Elections, Duff on Press TV

Jonas Alexis – Ian Greenhalgh Kevin Barrett – Bob Nichols Preston James – Michael Shrimpton Carol Duff – Johnny Punish Sami Jadallah – Stuart Littlewood Jack Speer Williams – Gilad Atzmon Source Article from Related Posts Journalists call on Labour to restore Asa Winstanley’s press pass Ali Abunimah Rights and Accountability 30 August 2019 “Ordinary Labour members now feel that […]

Why Israeli elections don’t make a difference

In 11 days, on the 17th of September, Israelis will be going to elections. Again. The recent April elections failed to result in a governing coalition, the parliament was dispersed, and new elections were scheduled. But it’s not just a repetition in that sense – it’s also a monotonous repetition in the sense that it […]

Noam Chomsky Calls Out Israel For Interfering In US Elections & Says Russian Interference Is “A Joke”

The Facts: Noam Chomsky calls out Israel for interfering in the US elections. He also confirms the obvious, that the Russian Interference narrative is a joke. Reflect On: Why does the media only focus on certain figures to create a narrative? Who is guiding the media to create these narratives? It’s important to understand why […]

Netanyahu may meet Putin before elections, officials indicate

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may meet Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow before the September 17 elections, officials at the Prime Minister’s Office indicated Wednesday. The officials said plans were underway for the prime minister to visit the Russian capital “soon.” But officials at the Russian Embassy in Tel Aviv cast some doubt on the […]

Zehut bows out of elections after Netanyahu promises Feiglin a cabinet post

Moshe Feiglin announced Thursday that his Zehut party will drop out of the running in the September elections, in exchange for a promise from Likud of a ministerial post and the liberalization of the medical marijuana market. Netanyahu has been putting intense pressure on several small right-wing factions to drop out of the election in […]

Does Israel interfere in American elections?

by Phil Giraldi, …with The Unz Review [ Editor’s Note: The short answer is yes, and frequently. And if trends continue as they seem to be going, stating this my be a felony hate crime when the Israel Lobby gets around to drafting the appropriate legislation. God bless Phil for his banging this drum year […]

In run-up to Canada’s elections, Palestinian activists launch ‘#IVotePalestine’

The federal election in Canada is coming up on October 21, 2019 and once again there is a debate, both within the Palestinian community and the solidarity movement, on the best tactics and strategies to hold politicians to account. Parameters have shifted dramatically since 2015; four years ago, current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of the […]

Maduro Government Showed ‘Willingness’ for New Elections During Secret Talks reports… Earlier this year, Norway was hosting multiple rounds of talks between Venezuela’s actual government, and the US-backed opposition, which posits a future situation in which they will end up being the government. The demands from the opposition and the US are to hold new elections, and according to those familiar with the May […]

Opposition Delivers A Blow To Macri In Argentina’s Primary Elections

Opposition Delivers A Blow To Macri In Argentina’s Primary Elections Above Photo: From Yesterday Argentine President Mauricio Macri recognized it was “a bad election” without giving any figures, without explaining why, he did not speak in public to the Argentinean people, rather only to the little group that was in his bunker. But the sound […]

Tens of thousands rally in Moscow in support of free elections

Thousands have gathered in Moscow to demand free elections despite a police crackdown. It is the fourth consecutive week when large numbers of people have taken to the streets of the Russian capital to demand opposition-minded candidates be allowed to run in a Moscow election next month – something the authorities have so far refused […]

Israeli elections c’tee hasn’t taken any steps to stop Arab voter intimidation

Four months after the ruling Likud party led a voter intimidation campaign against Palestinian voters, the government body responsible for ensuring free and fair elections says it hasn’t made any changes to its process. An Arab woman casts her vote at a polling station in the city of Lyd on October 22, 2013. (Yossi Zeliger/Flash90) With […]

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