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“Invisible Enemies” Include Electromagnetic Radiation (aka “Electrosmog”) Which Includes WiFi and 5G

By B.N. Frank President Trump has started referring to the coronavirus as an “Invisible Enemy.”  It seems appropriate. Of course, referring to any biologically harmful source as an “invisible enemy” seems appropriate.  Some experts have referred to Electromagnetic Radiation (“Electrosmog”) as an “invisible threat” which is appropriate because it is also biologically harmful.  5G, Bluetooth, […]

Ripples in sky over Syria prompts speculation about electromagnetic weapons

   Alien hunters and conspiracy theorists of all sorts do not need much to get them to seek traces of extraterrestrial guests or secret governmental programmes. A clip said to be filmed in Aleppo, with a stripe-like pattern in the clouds, inspired the most bizarre assumptions, as well. Online commenters latched onto the footage of […]

Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons: The Remote Manipulation of the Human Brain

From our archives. This important article first published by GR in August 2004 brings  to the forefront the role of Psychotronic weapons as an instrument of modern warfare. It should be understood, that Electromagnetic and Informational Weapons are fully operational and could be used by US-NATO in their wars in different parts of the World. […]

Western Insanity and 5G Electromagnetic Radiation

Western insanity: the materialist-reductionist paradigm Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction ― E.F. Schumacher The Western world is insane. It suffers from a persistent delusion called the materialist-reductionist paradigm. We […]

5G Cell Phone Electromagnetic Radiation: Numerous Health Impacts, Nervous System, DNA, Cancer, Cardiac Effects, Alzheimer…

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The 5G Electromagnetic “Mad Zone” Poised to Self-Destruct: The 5G “Dementors” Meet the 4G “Zombie Apocalypse”

The entities rolling out 5G are tormenting humanity and sucking their humanity from them by taking their minds and their health, while on the other side, you have the zombie apocalypse of all the people with their 4G cell phones, blindly going about destroying the world.  The 4G zombie apocalypse lot have to wake up. […]

A Meme Illustrating Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Do Any Of These Symptoms Apply To You Or Your Family Members After An AMI Smart Meter Retrofit?

Op-Ed by Catherine J. Frompovich Very serendipitously the meme above showed up in my computer’s inbox the other day.  Attribution needs to be given to [email protected]. What an impressive graphic illustration of EHS / IEI symptoms! However, these adverse health problems probably will become nothing short of an imagined “picnic in the park” when, and […]

Venezuela Gov’t Blame Latest Blackout on ‘Electromagnetic Attack’

Blackouts across Venezuela were caused by “an electromagnetic attack,” Venezuelan Minister of Communications and Information Jorge Rodriguez said on Monday. Over half of Venezuela’s 23 states lost power on Monday, according to reports on social media. “The first results of the investigation showed that there was an electromagnetic attack targeted at power generation systems,” Rodriguez […]

Some foods trap electromagnetic radiation when microwaved: Scientists discover why grapes produce fiery plasma when "nuked"

(Natural News) It’s a cool party trick, a staple at science fairs and is commonly demonstrated on the Internet: If you slice a grape almost in half and then put it in the microwave on full power, you can create a pyrotechnic spectacle as the area where the two halves of the […]

5 Tips to Help Block Electromagnetic Radiation

You may not be able to hear them or see them, but energy, frequencies, sounds and vibrations are all-around you, and they can have a profound impact on your health.  Most people don’t want to believe that electromagnetic frequencies are problematic because electricity and electric wireless devices are so convenient. Unfortunately, chronic and heavy exposure […]

USA Government Accidentally Releases Electromagnetic Mind Control Documents In FOIA Request

When researcher Curtis Waltman of the website Muckrock received files resulting from his Freedom of Information Act request on Antifa and white supremacist groups from the Washington State Fusion Center, he got a little more than he had bargained for: an unrelated zip file entitled “EM effects on human body.” Within the file were three diagrams that present […]

Generation Zapped: Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Is on the Rise

Carrying Your Cellphone on Your Body Is a Dangerous Habit The filmmakers interview a woman named Donna, who developed multifocal breast cancer after habitually carrying her cellphone tucked into her bra. She had no family history or other predisposing risk factors for breast cancer.21 Two cancer specialists, Robert Nagourney and John West, concluded her cellphone […]

Using EMF Filters for Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

December 18th, 2018 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World Electromagnetic field (EMF) filters are particularly important for those who are electro-sensitive. Most people just don’t want to believe EMFs are problematic because electricity and electric, wireless devices are so incredibly convenient and provide us with many logistical benefits. Most public health authorities also […]

Electromagnetic Frequencies: Can You Do Something About Them If They Affect You?

By Catherine J. Frompovich Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute…it’s happening!  Everyone is being assaulted by an unseen, yet ‘coveted’, biological enemy: Technology’s ‘smart’ appliances with their ubiquitous microwave frequencies! Whoa!  What a statement to make.  Yes, that’s a rather incriminating accusation, but a factual one inertly acknowledged virtually by everyone: Those […]

Physicists Reveal That The Great Pyramid At Giza Can Focus Electromagnetic Energy

The Facts: Dr. Robert Jacobs, one of many academicians who has studied the alien abduction phenomena shares interesting facts about abductees. He points to the consistency, the physical evidence, and many more strange synchronicities that happen among them. Reflect On: With millions of people, as well as high ranking credible testimony from ‘insiders,’ all sharing […]

Is Shielding From Electromagnetic Frequencies And 5G Necessary?

By Catherine J. Frompovich Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) What are they?, you may be asking.   EMFs are the very frequencies that make modern life possible such as electric house wiring, any electrical mechanism, appliance or microwave-run device.  All electrical functions produce EMF fields or non-ionizing radiation as two frequencies: Electric and Magnetic.  Each frequency produces negative […]

Study Reveals Great Pyramid of Giza Can Focus Electromagnetic Energy

Study Reveals Great Pyramid of Giza Can Focus Electromagnetic Energy August 21st, 2018 Book from 1998: The Giza Power Plant: Technologies of Ancient Egypt Paperback by Christopher Dunn. Via: PhysOrg: An international research group has applied methods of theoretical physics to investigate the electromagnetic […]

Great Pyramid of Giza can concentrate electromagnetic energy – study

Scientists at Itmo University in Russia and Germany’s Laser Zentrum Hannover applied methods of theoretical physics to investigate the electromagnetic response of the ancient Egyptian pyramid to radio waves. Their calculations predicted that in a resonant state the pyramid could concentrare electromagnetic energy in its internal chambers as well as under its base, where the […]

Electromagnetic Frequencies And Glyphosate Will Do In Mother Nature, If Weather Geoengineering Doesn’t Get Us First

Electromagnetic radiation from power lines and phone masts poses ‘credible’ threat to wildlife, report finds Matt Shardlow, CEO of Buglife said: “We apply limits to all types of pollution to protect the habitability of our environment, but as yet, even in Europe, the safe limits of electromagnetic radiation have not been determined, let […]

Double Trouble That Will Do In Mother Nature: Electromagnetic Frequencies And Glyphosate, If Weather Geoengineering Doesn’t Get Us First

By Catherine J. Frompovich Is this little work of “living art” worth saving? (Source: Email Forward) Then stop polluting the planet! Electromagnetic radiation from power lines and phone masts poses ‘credible’ threat to wildlife, report finds Matt Shardlow, CEO of Buglife said: “We apply limits to all types of pollution to protect the […]

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