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Global Anger Builds As Elites Worldwide Break Quarantine Rules

Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge Waking Times “One rule for me, and another for thee” appears to be the politically-prone mantra rapidly spreading around the world. Opposition parties take shots at one another with America‘s left decrying President Trump’s maskless-golfing escapades… …and the right exposing Virginia Governor Northam’s recent non-socially-distanced, maskless-beach visit. Japanese authorities are also under pressure with Japanese Prime Minister […]

Global Anger Builds As Elites Worldwide Break Quarantine Rules — The Duran

One rule for me, and another for thee” appears to be the politically-prone mantra rapidly spreading around the world. via Global Anger Builds As Elites Worldwide Break Quarantine Rules — The Duran Source Article from Hits: 16


South Front ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE An indepth look at the recent coronavirus-related political and social developments in Russia by a regular SouthFront reader from Moscow. Implementing President Putin’s directives, Russian federal authorities intensified their efforts to contain both the economic and social impact of the nation-wide coronavirus lockdown, and also some local authorities’ overzealous efforts. This […]

UK elites’ Covid-19 PROJECT FEAR has worked, as NEARLY ALL Britons DEMAND lockdown continues despite falling cases

A new poll by Opinium in the UK reveals that the vast majority of Britons remain strongly opposed to lifting the coronavirus lockdown; just one in five want schools, pubs and restaurants to be reopened. This poll found that only 17 percent of people think the conditions have been met to consider reopening schools, as […]

Plebs pay 37% on credit card debt as elites enjoy a Covid-19 payday

The repeated rinsing of taxpayers has hollowed out the UK and US middle class, and  continued polarization will surely end in civil unrest. Covid-19 has revealed how 30 years of neoliberal politics by the ruling elite have failed. This global pandemic, which has killed nearly 200,000 people and infected more than 2.5 million, has set […]

MUST READ NOW The Dark Truth About Fauci and Birx, Bill Gates And Globalist Elites — The Duran

President Donald Trump is fighting to find a medical solution for Coronavirus in the short term, expressing hope that the anti-malaria drug Chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine can help patients suffering from the Chinese virus. The truth is that President Donald Trump is locked in an intense power struggle with Bill Gates, who is pushing his vaccines, which may […]

UFC 249 is canceled. Can we now direct our bloodlust on the elites who deserve it?

Last Thursday night Mickey Mouse and the suits at Disney put the ever ornery and defiant president of the UFC, Dana White, into a rear-naked power play/money choke-hold, forcing him to tap out and shut down UFC 249 due to Covid-19. Thus ended our last and best hope of live sports in the age of […]

Military-Style Bunkers, IV Cocktails, & Private Testing: How Elites ‘Self-Quarantine’ 

The most interesting thing about Covid-19 is that it’s a problem that is affecting everyone, mostly skewed to baby boomers, but nevertheless is a terrifying, fast-spreading virus that has consumed the world. And as medical test kits lack, no vaccine for 12-18 months, that means the super-rich can’t buy themselves out of this crisis. […]

BEST OF THE WEB: DNC elites will stop Sanders winning Democratic nomination because, unlike Trump, he represents DIRECT THREAT to their status and livelihood

   With Bernie Sanders poised for a big Super Tuesday, Krystal Ball discusses the Democratic establishment’s panic, Elizabeth Warren’s attacks on Sanders, and whether DNC elites are once again alienating the working class voters they lost in 2016. Guest: Krystal Ball, co-host of Rising and co-author of the best-selling new book, The Populist’s Guide to […]

Class: The Little Word The Elites Want You To Forget

Class: The Little Word The Elites Want You To Forget Above Photo: Mr. Fish / Truthdig Aristotle, Niccolò Machiavelli, Alexis de Tocqueville, Adam Smith and Karl Marx grounded their philosophies in the understanding that there is a natural antagonism between the rich and the rest of us. The interests of the rich are not our […]

Washington Post Claims ‘Elites’ Should Have ‘Bigger Say’ In Choosing the President

The Washington Post is taking heat over a Tuesday op-ed titled “It’s time to give the elites a bigger say in choosing the president.“ Julia Azari, the author of the article, argues that the Democrat party’s primary process is too complicated and convoluted, and the process of choosing the nominee should instead be trusted to elite politicians instead. After […]

Democratic elites take on Bernie at their own peril

   Can a septuagenarian socialist who just survived a heart attack and would be 80 years old in his first year in office be elected president of the United States? It’s hard to believe but not impossible. As of today, Bernie Sanders looks like one of the better, if not best, bets for the nomination. […]

The Trump Impeachment: A Clash Between America’s Competing Elites? KEVIN MACDONALD

The Trump Impeachment: A Clash Between America’s Competing Elites? KEVIN MACDONALD   Source Article from Hits: 37

Trump Floors Elites at Davos: ‘America Is WINNING Like Never Before’

President Donald Trump stunned world leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Tuesday after declaring that “America is winning like never before.” “This is a blue-collar boom,” POTUS stated. “Since my election, the net worth of the bottom half of wage-earners has increased by 47 percent, three times faster than the increase for […]

Chris Hedges: Rebellion Is The Only Way To Stop The Ruling Elites

Chris Hedges: Rebellion Is The Only Way To Stop The Ruling Elites Above photo: Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC, October 2011. Clearing the FOG cohosts, Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, interviewed journalist and author Chris Hedges about the significant events of 2019 and what activists must prepare for in 2020 and beyond. Hedges covered uprisings […]

Invisible Ink Tattoos Could Be Used By The Elites To Identify Unvaccinated Kids

By Mac Slavo Because it’s becoming difficult for the ruling class and Big Pharma to keep track of people who have been vaccinated and those who have not, a suggestion to use “tattoos” has surfaced. A new technology created by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology can now help authoritarians track the unvaccinated. According […]

Tyranny of the minority: The Сatalonia litmus test proves European elites ignore referendums

Spain will no doubt say that the Catalan independence referendum was illegal. They’ll point out that the reason over 92% voted for independence was that the ‘Remain’ side, to use the common parlance, had boycotted the referendum. That doesn’t change the fact that Catalonia has consistently elected pro-independence governments. I’m very much interested in whether […]

Elites, int’l contests medal-winners, heroes of talent, education, learning: President Rouhani – President described the role of students’ families and the family environment effective on the progress and flourishment of students’ talents, saying, “Elites and those who have won medals at international contests are heroes in the fields of talent, education and learning”. Speaking on Sunday in a meeting with students who have won medals […]

Saving The Planet Means Overthrowing The Ruling Elites

Saving The Planet Means Overthrowing The Ruling Elites Above Photo: Mr. Fish / Truthdig Friday’s climate strike by students across the globe will have no more impact than the mass mobilizations by women following the election of Donald Trump or the hundreds of thousands of protesters who took to the streets to denounce the Iraq War. This […]

Israel’s Ashkenazi elites won’t let Mizrahim lead the left

More than 70 years after Israel was founded, the old Ashkenazi guard of the Israeli left is still doing everything in its power to prevent Mizrahim and other oppressed groups from taking the reins. By Lev Grinberg Meretz Chairman Nitzan Horowitz (right), Former Israeli Prime Minister and leader of Israel Democratic Party Ehud […]

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