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Queen Elizabeth Strips Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein Of His CBE

Queen Elizabeth has formally stripped Hollywood movie producer Harvey Weinstein of his honorary ‘Commander of the British Empire’ (CBE). The move follows his conviction for sexually assaulting a former production assistant and raping an actor. Weinstein was awarded a CBE, one of the U.K.’s more prestigious honours for services to the British movie industry in […]

Queen Elizabeth formally strips Harvey Weinstein of his British honour

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Empress Nur Jahan and Queen Elizabeth I: Female Icons Ahead of Their Time

Our world has numerous examples of kings who have left a significant impact upon the lives of their people. As the saying goes, “behind every powerful man is an extraordinary woman.” Queen Elizabeth I, however, is an exception. Having ruled by herself, she was famously known as the “Virgin Queen”. Unlike some women, who had […]

Elizabeth Warren and colleagues call for investigation into death of army sergeant

Image Credit: AP Sen. Elizabeth Warren and several of her colleagues are calling for an official investigation into the death of U.S. Army Sergeant Elder Fernandes who was assigned to the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, Texas. After the sergeant reported that he had been groped by a male superior, his body was discovered […]

Elizabeth Warren Displays Children’s Toy Blocks Spelling BLM In Background During Her DNC Speech

Viewers watching the third night of the Democratic National Convention couldn’t help but notice a covert message behind Senator Elizabeth Warren as she delivered her speech. Warren’s subtle tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement was mocked on social media after she had the letters BLM laid out with childrens toy alphabet blocks in the […]

Teddy Sheean: Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II approves top military honour for Australian war hero

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II has given her approval to award an Australian war hero a top military honour — 77 years after his death. Edward “Teddy” Sheean is to be posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for sacrificing his life for his shipmates in the Second World War. In late 1942 near East Timor, the crew […]

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes charged with $700m fraud

The founder of a US start-up that promised to revolutionise blood testing has agreed to settle charges that she raised over $700m (£500m) fraudulently. The Securities and Exchange Commission, a top US financial regulator, said Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos deceived investors about the firm’s technology. The agency also said the firm had […]

ALERT: Queen Elizabeth is connected to the globalists’ fake ET operation

See the latest Special Note at the top of the overwatch entry for details as they develop. Source Article from Hits: 0

Queen Elizabeth Asks Police To Arrest ‘Homeless Vagrants’ Ahead Of Royal Wedding

Queen Elizabeth has ordered British police to arrest and detain homeless people around London, ahead of the Royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.   According to activist comedian Russell Brand, Buckingham Palace want to clear the homeless from the area surrounding the wedding so as not to embarrass the Royal Family when millions of […]

Elizabeth Warren squirms when reporter confronts her about her wealth, attacks on 1%

     U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren was recently confronted with a simple question, and her reaction speaks volumes. WRKO radio host Jeff Kuhner caught up with Warren the other day and recorded his brief encounter, during which he asked the Massachusetts senator an easy question. “You often say, and I agree with you, that the 99 […]

Elizabeth Warren opposes Israel Anti-Boycott Act

Ali Abunimah Activism and BDS Beat 8 August 2017 Senator Elizabeth Warren has announced she opposes the Israel Anti-Boycott Act. “I think the boycott is wrong, but I think outlawing protected free speech activity violates our basic constitutional rights,” Warren told constituents in Massachusetts on Friday. Jewish Voice for Peace published this video of Warren’s […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 16 – Rand Paul and Elizabeth Warren: The NWO leaders of the Republican and Democratic Parties (continued – 5)

Behold the controlled-opposition leaders who will take power after the Big Crisis… …From In The Multilateral/Multipolar New World Order will seem like heaven… at first, I wrote about what the REAL NWO will look like once it’s introduced… The globalists are in the process of running a problem / reaction / SOLUTION scam on […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2017: Update 16 – Rand Paul and Elizabeth Warren: The NWO leaders of the Republican and Democratic Parties (continued – 1)

Behold the controlled-opposition leaders who will take power after the Big Crisis… …From In The Multilateral/Multipolar New World Order will seem like heaven… at first, I wrote about what the REAL NWO will look like once it’s introduced… The globalists are in the process of running a problem / reaction / SOLUTION scam on […]

Elizabeth Warren pushing for government-run health care system to "solve" the problem of government-run health care systems

(Natural News) After the disaster Democrats created in passing Obamacare, the last thing tens of millions of Americans want to hear is more health care reform advice from another Marxist Democrat. And yet, Sen. Elizabeth Warren seems to think otherwise. As Republicans go soft on repealing and replacing Obamacare, Warren has dredged up the same tired, […]

Elizabeth Warren’s Granddaughter BUSTED Selling Drugs In NYC

In yet another example of the hypocritical left, the liberal champion Elizabeth Warren’s granddaughter was just arrested in New York City selling the popular street drug, ecstasy — or “Molly” as the kids call it these days. BREAKING: Julie And Nicole Pelosi Dragged Into Court In Handcuffs Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts is best known […]

Feel the burn: Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren call for more violence against conservatives

     One week has passed since a Bernie Sanders staffer went on a shooting rampage at the GOP congressional baseball practice field in Alexandria, Virginia. Bernie appeared outraged by the act of violence. Fast forward one week later, and the progressive left is back at it, encouraging followers to “fight back” by any means necessary. […]

How Queen Elizabeth Uses Her Handbag To Send Secret Signals – Not Many People Know This

The Queen’s trademark structured handbags come from Launer London. Her love affair with the brand began when she was sent a bag in 1968 by Sam Launer, and the company was later given the Royal Warrant. Launer is since believed to have supplied more than 200 bags to the Queen. Although the black patent model is […]

(((Bernie Sanders))), Elizabeth Warren and Other “Progressives” Attack UN for Criticizing Israel

Eric StrikerDaily Stormer May 1, 2017 The UN better stop criticizing Israel for using children as goyim-shields. Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and other “progressive” members of the Senate signed Marco Rubio’s letter condemning the United Nations for tepid calls on Israel to stop torturing Palestinian children to death. Most of the Senate […]

Queen Elizabeth Warns ‘World War 3 Must Start In 2017’

Queen Elizabeth “completely ruined her own party” yesterday when she announced to close friends and family that that “World War 3 must break out this year” in order for the Illuminati to usher humanity into the next phase of their sick and twisted masterplan. “2017 is a very special year. It will go down in history as the start of World War […]

People With High Levels of ‘Bad Cholesterol’ Actually Live Longer Than Those With Low Levels

Mainstream medicine promotes in large what they want to sell from a fear perspective. They don’t sell health.  They can’t, because they sell little fear pills that have consumers in the billions gobble up out of fear fictitious diseases. by Marco Torres Bad cholesterol is a good example because there is nothing bad about any […]

How Do We Stop Climate Engineering? There Is Only One Way Forward

30th June 2016 By Dane Wigington Guest writer for Wake Up World How do we stop the toxic aerosol spraying atrocities that are being carried out in skies all over the globe? What can we do to put an abrupt end to the weather/biological warfare assault? What is the “silver bullet” in the battle to […]

72,000 USD a Week Pay Rise for Queen Elizabeth

nsnbc : Queen Elizabeth, the monarch of the United Kingdom, is set to be given a 72,000 U.S. dollars a week pay rise under a formula devised centuries ago. The Queen’s income is based on a percentage of money earned by the Crown Estate, one of the wealthiest real estate owners in Britain. Courtesy Dominic […]

Congresswoman Diane Black joins calls to remove judge in Stanford rape case

     Tennessee Republican representative: “I’m appalled.” Congresswoman Diane Black (R-Tenn.) is the first to admit that her background is in health, not law, but she has joined calls for the removal of the California judge who sentenced a Stanford rapist to just six months in county jail. Judge Aaron Persky ignited national controversy when he […]

ALERT! Everyone who lives in these states needs to contact their governor and representatives to encourage this action to stop Obama’s invasion…

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Congressman Confirms that Voting Doesn’t Matter and the US Govt Thinks We are All ‘Sheep’

The Internet exploded this week over Congressman X, a new book due out in about two weeks detailing the rantings of a supposed current or former congressmen identified only as a Democrat. by Claire Bernish But though this anonymous congressmen (or congresswoman, considering we have no knowledge of the politician’s identity, whatsoever) waxes damningly about […]

First Human Race Came From Australia, NOT Africa

Over the last decade, all manner of unexpected archaeological discoveries have led to many experts questioning much of what was assumed to be fact. Recent findings and field-work relating to little ‘hobbits’ in Flores Island, Siberian hominids with mtDNA connections to people of Papua New Guinea, the exclusivity of our distinct genetic Homo sapiens code […]

Benefits of Soaking Your Feet in Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, otherwise known as cider vinegar or ACV, is a type of vinegar made from cider or apple must and has a pale to medium amber color. Apple cider vinegar is incredible ingredients that can do wonder with our health. The effective health properties allow it to be powerful cure in treating many […]

Trump Jumps Fence To Escape Mob Of Protestors

Donald Trump narrowly escaped a mob of protestors on Friday after being forced to jump over a highway barricade after a campaign rally held in California. The Republican presidential front-runner jumped a highway barricade in order to safely exit the rally held outside a hotel in Burlingame, near San Francisco. reports: As video from […]

Is This Video Proof Of A UFO In Area 51?

A UFO researcher has claimed he has found a UFO in the mysterious Area 51. His reasoning? UFO Sightings Daily founder Scott Waring claims to have found the UFO thanks to… Google: “It will be a matter of about 3 months or less before Google sees this video and deletes the UFOs from their satellite […]

Jean-Claude Van Damme: Rockefeller & Rothschild Families Won’t Let Trump Win

Jean-Claude Van Damme sensationally told a French political show that the Rockefeller and Rothschild families won’t let Donald Trump win the presidency because he is an anti-globalist candidate. by Paul Joseph Watson Appearing on Le Grand Journal, the Belgian actor was keen to express that he was “aware” of who was really shaping the US […]

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