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Mistrial Declared in Kafkaesque D.C. Trial of Venezuela Embassy Protectors

The word “Kafkaesque” is thrown around liberally in the modern era, often without warrant. “The Trial,” a 1925 novel written by Bohemian writer Franz Kafka, tells the story of Josef K., a man arrested and prosecuted in a nightmarish kangaroo court while unable to properly defend himself. But nearly 100 years later, another real trial […]

Embassy Protection Collective: “We Are Not the Ones Who Violated the Law”

(VA) — The US government formally recognized opposition leader Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s head of state following his self-proclamation as “interim president” in January 2019, sparking a breakdown in diplomatic relations between the Maduro administration and US government. In March, Guaido’s US representative, Carlos Vecchio, attempted to set up shop in Venezuela’s Washington DC embassy. This was thwarted, however, […]

Embassy Protection Collective: ‘We Are Not The Ones Who Violated The Law’

Embassy Protection Collective: ‘We Are Not The Ones Who Violated The Law’ Above Photo: From For updates on the prosecution of the Embassy Protectors visit the website of the Embassy Protectors Defense Committee. The site provides information on attending the trial which begins on February 11 and should last for about one week. On […]

Protesters outside US Embassy in Lebanon decry Trump plan

BEIRUT (AP) — Hundreds of Lebanese and Palestinians held a protest Sunday near the US Embassy in Lebanon against a White House plan for ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Protesters waving Palestinian flags gathered on a road leading to the embassy northeast of Beirut amid tight security by Lebanese troops and riot policemen. “Death to America! […]

On Holocaust Memorial Day US Embassy Falsely Claims America Liberated Auschwitz

The United States Embassy in Denmark has apologized for a statement it made earlier this week that incorrectly claimed that it was American troops that liberated the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp. In fact, Red Army troops reached its gates on January 27, 1945. “We acknowledge the important contributions of all Allied Forces during WWII and remember […]

An Epic Act of Resistance and Trial of Our Times. “The Venezuela Embassy Protectors Collective”

On February 11th, four American peace activists, known as the Embassy Protectors Collective, will be tried before the U.S. empire for “interfering with certain protective functions” of its Federal government for their occupation of the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C. to prevent it from being handed over to coup leaders sponsored by the Trump administration. […]

Honduras: Jerusalem embassy move to come after Israel opens Tegucigalpa office

Honduras President Juan Orlando Hernandez said Friday that his government would transfer its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem once Israel opens an embassy in Tegucigalpa. Right-wing leader Hernandez announced the embassy move in August and a month later opened a commercial office in Jerusalem as an extension to Honduras’ Tel Aviv-based embassy. Moving an […]

After Getting Caught in Massive ‘Four Embassy’ Lie, Trump Says It Doesn’t Matter

(ANTIWAR.COM) — President Trump’s claim Gen. Qassem Soleimani was going to attack four embassies was immediately suspect, both because of the absence of evidence offered with it, and its odd specificity. It sounded made up. It was. Trump’s accusation is rapidly falling apart, with Defense Secretary Mark Esper conceding that there simply was no evidence behind […]

Trump Puts Iran on Notice: 52 Targets Set for Every 1979 Embassy Hostage

President Trump has warned Iran that the U.S. plans to attack 52 targets, one for every American hostage the Iranian regime took in the 1969 Tehran embassy takeover, in case of further attacks by Iran. Trump’s warning is in response to a threat reporter earlier Saturday by an Iranian general that Iran had identified 35 […]

Rockets Strike Baghdad’s Green Zone Close To US Embassy

Explosions rocked Baghdad’s Green Zone, a high-security enclave where the US embassy is based in the Iraqi capital, on Saturday, according to security sources At least two mortar shells targeted the Green Zone home to the US embassy and the Balad Air Base where US troops are stationed The incident comes a day after a […]

‘We can break America, but won’t lead Iran to war’ IRGC commander says after US embassy standoff

The US blames Tehran for orchestrating mass protests at the US embassy in the Iraqi capital, which involved a partial takeover of the massive compound. The protest was led by Kataib Hezbollah, an Iran-backed militia group, in response to US airstrikes on its forces. Speaking on Thursday, Brigadier General Hossein Salami said the Islamic Revolutionary […]

Pro-Iran militia vows to stay at US embassy in Baghdad despite pullback call

Austria’s conservatives set to form government with Greens VIENNA — Austria’s conservatives, led by Sebastian Kurz, are expected to hold final discussions today with the Greens before announcing a deal to form a coalition government. It will mark the first time the Green party has been in power, after Kurz’s alliance with the far-right collapsed […]

Iran’s Khamenei shrugs off Trump threat to retaliate over Iraq embassy violence

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Wednesday said that US President Donald Trump was powerless to do anything to Iran, which will not hesitate to strike against any who threaten its interests. Khamenei scoffed at remarks Trump made the previous day, in which the US leader said he was holding Tehran responsible for a […]

Militia Leader Who Led Raid on U.S. Embassy a White House Visitor

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Live Footage Of Pro-Iranian Protestors & Militia Attacking US Embassy In Iraq

  Iran’s most senior men in Iraq inc Falih Fayad, Iraq’s National Security Advisor and Hadi Al-Amiri, leader of al-Bina coalition (claims to be largest bloc in Iraq parliament) are among the so called ‘protesters‘ who have reportedly attacked the outers of US embassy in Baghdad. — Abdulla Hawez […]

US troops fire tear gas as protesters throw stones at embassy in Baghdad – reports

Dozens of protesters who’d camped overnight outside the gates of the embassy were attacked with tear gas by security personnel, reportedly after the demonstrators drew closer to the building. Purported footage of Wednesday’s clashes shows protesters shouting and throwing objects toward the compound walls, as thick smoke fills the air. Several bright flashes – likely […]

Trump accuses Iran of ‘orchestrating’ Baghdad embassy breach and violence

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday blamed Iran for an attack hours earlier by militia supporters who broke into the US Embassy compound in Baghdad and damaged property, along with previous Iraqi Shiite militia attacks on US interests. “Iran killed an American contractor, wounding many. We strongly responded, and always will. Now Iran is orchestrating […]

Protesters ‘break into’ US embassy compound in Baghdad, as crowds rally against American airstrikes in Iraq (PHOTO, VIDEO)

The crowd was able to gain access to sections of the heavily-fortified Green Zone, smashing doors and security cameras on the wall surrounding the diplomatic building, according to the Associated Press. The agency said that there was a fire in one part of the compound, and that at least three US soldiers were spotted on […]

Iraq Protesters Attack US Embassy over Air Strikes

Thousands of protesters attacked the US embassy in the Iraqi capital on Tuesday in anger at American air strikes in Iraq and Syria that killed more than two dozen Iran-backed militia fighters at the weekend. The demonstrators marched through checkpoints that usually restrict access to Baghdad’s high-security Green Zone, chanting “Death to America”, burning US […]

Mossad, the CIA, MI6 Implicated in Bugging of Ecuador Embassy to Spy on Assange

THE JULIAN ASSANGE drama drags on. Though he continues to sit in a top security British prison awaiting developments in his expected extradition to the United States, the Spanish High Court has been given permission to interview him. Assange is claiming that the Spanish company contracted with by the Ecuadorean government to do embassy security in […]

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