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My Palestinian sitty embodies the humanity Israel tries to deny us

My grandmother is not just a beacon of warmth and love. Not just my first best friend. She is a survivor. She is the compass that points to justice. By Nooran Alhamdan A photo of my Palestinian grandmother, Najwa Qattan, with Jerusalem in the background. (Nooran Alhamdan) My grandmother was my first best […]

Kavanaugh Embodies the Biggest Threat to National Security: The US Government

A dictatorship does not represent the public but only the aristocracy that, behind the scenes, controls the government. Jonathan H. Adler, Professor at Case Western University School of Law, noted, regarding George W. Bush’s secret policy for the NSA to access everyone’s phone-records, that “The metadata collection program is constitutional (at least according to Judge Kavanaugh),” and […]

Um Abed: a Palestinian woman who embodies the Balfour legacy

Um Abed’s 55-year-old son, who serves as her caregiver, just had surgery on his foot and couldn’t help her go to the bathroom or change her clothes, so he called me. I knew he needed my help, so I visited their house. (In Palestinian culture, women often are called “Um”—mother—and then the name of their […]

This High School In California Embodies Sustainability At Every Possible Level

Next Story If you were to walk into a high school, you’d surely notice the amount of electricity, electronics, paper, plastic, and food being wasted each day. It’s overwhelming and devastating to see, particularly when you consider how many people around the world lack access to the bare minimum an educational environment should entail, as well […]

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