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Far-right politician Marine Le Pen would beat Emmanuel Macron in first round of French elections, new poll suggests

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Emmanuel Macron At United Nations General Assembly On Tuesday Tells Body That We Must Prepare For The ‘New World Order’ For Globalization

Wake Up To The Truth “The crisis, the collapse of our cooperation frameworks, the weaknesses that I have just mentioned require us to rebuild a new order and force Europe to take its full share of responsibility,” he stressed. Mr. Macron underscored that “in the weeks and months to come, fundamental choices will have to […]

Emmanuel Macron To Create France’s First ‘Ministry Of Truth’

French President Emmanuel Macron has unveiled plans to introduce France’s first ever ‘Ministry of Truth’ in order to combat misinformation online.  The draft law, designed to stop what Macron calls “manipulation of information” in the run-up to elections, will be debated in parliament Thursday and then put into action during next year’s European parliamentary polls. The […]

Emmanuel Macron: France Would Leave EU If Referendum Held

Emmanuel Macron admitted to the BBC on Sunday that if France held a referendum on membership of the EU, French people would overwhelmingly vote to leave.   In a stunningly candid interview on the Andrew Marr show, the French president conceded that French voters are sick of the European Union, and would quit if France held […]

Emmanuel Macron: Gender-Based Insults Now Criminal Offence In France

French President Emmanuel Macron has made gender-based insults illegal in France and warns that citizens caught doing it could face prison. Macron claims the measures are aimed at enforcing politically correct anti-sexist values with the public and schoolchildren. “Let’s seal a pact of equality between men and women,” Macron said in a speech marking the […]

FRANCE – Emmanuel Macron, Libya And The Rothschild Connection

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Emmanuel Macron and the Crisis of the Elite

Is he stumbling towards sanity? Did we back the wrong candidate in France? Is Emmanuel Macron—dare I say it—“our guy”? Only a few months ago the Great and the Good were celebrating the victory of the fanatically pro-EU and anti-nationalist Emmanuel Macron in the French presidential election. The brand-new party Mr. Macron founded then went […]

All Power to the Banks! The Winners-Take-All Regime of Emmanuel Macron

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Hail Emmanuel Caesar! The bankster Macron and pax Francais in Africa

American Herald Tribune – Thomas C. Mountain: Emmanuel Macron wears the crown of Caesar in France today, with Presidential powers of Imperial proportions with his vision for Pax Francais in Africa pointing towards more of “Hollandism”, his predecessors practice of putting more boots on the ground to insure French access to Africa’s natural resources. Africa is Pax Francais’ last […]

INSIDE MAN: Emmanuel Macron the Billionaire Banker’s Choice – What’s Next For France?

Shawn Helton21st Century Wire What’s next for France as President Emmanuel Macron takes office? Mainstream reports still maintain that the faux outsider/ex-Rothschild banker and so-called ‘centrist’ Emmanuel Macron was given little support by the establishment during the 2017 French presidential election. However, this media projection belied Macron’s background as a member of the Socialist Party and as […]

The Financial Elite Created France’s New President, Emmanuel Macron

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Emmanuel Macron takes office as French president

His predecessor, socialist Francois Hollande, welcomed the 39-year-old at the steps of the presidential place during the red-carpet ceremony. Macron won France’s presidential elections with 66.1 percent of the vote on May 7, while his rival Marine Le Pen received 33.9 percent. Hollande led Macron to the president’s office to discuss state secrets, including nuclear […]

Emmanuel Clinton And The Revolt Of The Elites

Above Photo: Flickr/ Nicolas Raymond May 08, 2017 “Information Clearing House” –   So in the end the West was saved by the election of Emmanuel Macron as President of France: relief in Brussels, a buoyant eurozone, rallies in Asian markets. That was always a no-brainer. After all, Macron was endorsed by the EU, Goddess of the […]

VIDEO: Emmanuel Macron Tied To Offshore Tax Heaven – Leaked Documents Point to Tax Evasion

Hello Zionist Report Followers! As you know, our mission is to EXPOSE THE TRUTH. And, we need your help to achieve it. We are a team of two journalists that are tirelessly working on this mission. We have grown tremendously since we launched in January. And now we are looking to take our growth to […]

Emmanuel Macron hacked emails: French media ordered by electoral commission not to publish content of messages

Emmanuel Macron hacked emails: French media ordered by electoral commission not to publish content of messages London Independent May 6, 2017 France’s electoral commission has ordered media not to publish contents of Emmanuel Macron’s leaked campaign emails to avoid influencing the election. It warned news outlets in France that journalists could face criminal charges for […]

Emmanuel Macron & the Friends He Made on the Way to Elysée Palace

Darko LazarThe politically correct Pope Francis recently offered his two cents on France’s presidential election. During his flight back to Rome earlier this month, he told reporters that he knew one of the candidates was an extreme far-right conservative, but that he didn’t even know who the other candidate was or “where he came from”. […]

Video: Obama Endorses Emmanuel Macron for French President

Video: Obama Endorses Emmanuel Macron for French President Interfering in foreign elections is fine now Steve WatsonPrison May 4, 2017 After months of accusing Vladimir Putin of interfering in the US election, former US president Barack Obama has openly endorsed Emmanuel Macron for French president, saying that “he is committed to a better future […]

Are Emmanuel Macron’s Tax Evasion Documents Real?

Editor’s Note: Jessica Gomez is the pseudonym of this GotNews guest contributor. I am an auditor with over 2 decades of experience in one of the Big Three accounting firms. I have extensive experience examining large corporations that have subsidiaries around the world, including in tax havens, such as the Cayman Islands. In the course of my career, […]

Emmanuel Macron banns RT and Sputnik. Is the Presidential hopeful out to kill free speech in France?

Emmanuel Macron has banned popular international media outlets RT and Sputnik from his campaign headquarters and his private events which most media sources are more or less automatically allowed to cover. After Macron’s victory in the first round of the French elections, The Duran asked if a nationwide ban would come to pass […]

Meet Emmanuel Macron – The Consummate Banker Puppet, Bizarre Elitist Creation

The last thing I ever wanted to do was write about France’s likely next president, Emmanuel Macron, but here we are. This post was inspired by a very telling Financial Times article sent to me by a reader, but we’ll get to that in a bit. Most Americans paying attention to […]

Emmanuel Clinton vs Marine LeTrump

April 25, 2017 by Pepe Escobar for the Asia Times Here’s the body count in the latest geopolitical earthquake afflicting the West: The Socialist Party in France is dead. The traditional Right is comatose. What used to be the Extreme Left is alive, and still kicking. Yet what’s supposed to be the shock of the […]

Marine Le Pen or Emmanuel Macron? The French Presidential Election: Nationalism, The Elite, & More

There is a massive shift in global consciousness going on right now, and it’s being reflected in the global political landscape. From the U.S. presidential election to Brexit, it’s clear that people want change, and they’re willing to use their voting power to try to achieve it. However, can any real change actually be accomplished with […]

Le Pen &Trump aren’t even close – are we stuck with Emmanuel Macr-Obama?

April 24, 2017 by Ramin Mazaheri It’s not that the National Front has changed since the 1980s – it’s that the other parties have changed so much for the worse. C’est ça – that’s the point, as the French say, and which translates into English rather ineffectively. Nobody should be happy about having to vote for […]

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