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Rifles of Emperor Menelik II: Ethiopian Gewehr 88 and Karabiner 88

In 1889, Emperor Menelik II ascended to power in Ethiopia, and would rule for 20 years, moving Ethiopia (aka Abyssinia) forward into the modern age. He brought railways, sewer systems, telegraph lines, and other modern amenities to the country, particularly the capital of Addis Ababa. In addition, Menelik II was a very capable logistician and […]

Digging up the buried last Sikh emperor and reclaiming a ‘looted’ heritage by the British colonialists

Maharaja Duleep Singh was converted into a Christian, shipped to England, and is presently buried in a church of a nondescript village on their lands. The chances of the demand’s success, however, are one in a million. It is no small matter that the last king of the powerful Sikh empire of the 19th century […]

“Yamazaki, Shoot Emperor Hirohito!” Okuzaki Kenzo’s Legal Action to Abolish Chapter One (The Emperor) of Japan’s Constitution

Introduction At the New Year’s public opening of the Imperial Palace on January 2 1969, a Japanese war veteran by the name of Okuzaki Kenzō (1920–2005) fired three pachinko pinballs from a slingshot aimed at Emperor Hirohito who was standing 26.5 meters away on the veranda greeting about 15,000 visitors. All three hit the bottom […]

Trump unchained: How the ‘God-Emperor’ is ending American Empire with Syria gambit

At a press conference on Wednesday, Trump batted away every attempt at criticism – calling out the media for faking footage from Syria; describing the Kurdish militias that worked with US troops against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) as “no angels”; and demanding one good reason why the US should be involved in a centuries-long […]

The Emperor’s New-Old Nuclear Clothes

The Emperor’s New-Old Nuclear Clothes Above Photo: From How is it still possible to write a lengthy article about the military/strategic dynamic among the triad of Israel, Iran, and the United States while making zero mention of Israel’s robust nuclear-weapons capability? New York Times staffers Ronen Bergman and Mark Mazzetti, and their editors at the Times magazine clearly think […]

Japanese Air Force One, which flew emperor and 14 PMs, up for sale for $28mn (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

The former Japanese government aircraft, a Boeing 747-400, entered service in 1991, and has logged 16,332 hours of flight time and made 13,569 landings since then. It flew a total of 318 times in the past 27 years, making stops at 269 locations in 100 countries and yet is still classed as “one of the […]

Deepfake technology shows the emperor (or the girl of your dreams) has no clothes

Young readers of comic books circa 1970s will certainly remember the back-page ad section, where everything from Charles Atlas’ muscle-building program to live sea monkeys was shamelessly hawked to unsuspecting adolescents. The most popular item by far (I’m guessing) was the so-called ‘X-ray specs’ – a pair of horn-rimmed glasses designed on “scientific optical principles” […]

The Emperor’s New Palestine

Shhhh! The tailors are working! Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt, with the help of David Friedman are working on a new gown for Palestine. According to leaks in the Israeli Maariv daily, it will be called “New Palestine”. This “New Palestine” is the promised “deal of the century”, which only a fool would refuse to […]

Japan’s emperor calls for young to be taught about horrors of war

Japan’s emperor has marked his last birthday before his abdication next year by calling for his country’s younger generations to be taught accurately about the horrors of war and expressing relief that his reign has been a peaceful one for Japan. A record 82,850 people cheered and waved Japanese hinomaru flags as Emperor Akihito, who […]

God Emperor Mocks Stupid Lying Whore Ford Blazer

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer October 3, 2018 There are liars, there are hoaxers, there are stupid lying rape hoaxing sluts and then there’s Christina Blasey Ford – or as I like to call her, “Ford Blazer.” Scheming whore is blazing a trail straight to hell like a true Ford Bronco or a […]

Emperor’s new clothes? Germany’s Gauland ridiculed after theft leaves him in his underwear (PHOTO)

It was 32 degrees Celsius (90 Fahrenheit) last Tuesday when co-leader of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) Alexander Gauland went to bathe in Heiliger See in Potsdam which is close to his apartment. While the politician enjoyed warm waters of the lake, a stranger approached his clothes. Shouting “This is no swimming place for Nazis!” […]

Archaeologists Find Bust of Roman Emperor in Egypt

Egypt says archaeologists have discovered a bust of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius in the southern city of Aswan. The Antiquities Ministry says Sunday the head was found in the Temple of Kom Ombo during work to protect the site from groundwater. It says archaeologists have also unearthed artifacts belongs to a shrine for the […]

Neil Clark on the Collapse of the Skripal Narrative: ‘It’s The Emperor’s New Clothes’

One month ago we were told that ‘Novichok’ was the deadliest nerve agent known to man. Apparently, not anymore. British journalist and broadcaster Neil Clark who has been following this story from the onset, describes the back peddling, side-stepping and general chicanery unfolding in the wake of last week’s embarrassing Porton Down admission. “Everything we […]

The emperor’s new terrorist

The Israeli occupation prosecutors have been working arduously for two months, like the tailors in Hans Christian Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes, to tailor a case for Ahed Tamimi, in order to make her a terrorist. After her arrest, it was ruled that she must be kept in prison until the end of proceedings, because, […]

‘I, Neocon’ – the Foreign Policy of Emperor Trump

‘I, Neocon’ – the Foreign Policy of Emperor Trump Not many observers believe that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will survive as the most-neutered US Secretary of State since the days when Richard Nixon’s national security adviser Henry Kissinger called the shots on foreign policy to the chagrin of Secretary of State William Rogers. […]

Hey Advertisers: The Data-Mining Emperor Has No Clothes

When a big advertiser pulls its online adverts and its sales remain unchanged, that tells everyone who’s paying attention something important.   It’s an article of widespread faith that data-mining enables advertisers buying online adverts to target consumers with laser-like precision. Vast warehouses of servers grind through billions of records of consumer profiles […]

Stop Allowing YOUR Emperor to Threaten Nuclear Apocalypse

Stop Allowing YOUR Emperor to Threaten Nuclear Apocalypse By North Korea is open to reasonable negotiations. The United States, as embodied in the buffoon whom we have allowed to hold more power than any royal monarch has ever known, would prefer armageddon to reasonable negotiations. These are not speculations. North Korea made a deal […]

God-Emperor Trump’s Travel Ban Partly Reinstated

The Supreme Court is allowing the Trump administration to go forward with a limited version of its ban on travel from six mostly Muslim countries, a victory for President Donald Trump in the biggest legal controversy of his young presidency. The justices will hear full arguments in October in the case that has stirred heated […]

2-minute analogy: When humanity wins in an ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ moment over our .01% rogue state criminals, are you prepared for a whole new world?

2-minute analogy: When humanity wins in an ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ moment over our .01% rogue state criminals, are you prepared for a whole new world? By Carl Stories, songs, movies that are popular resonate truths people want to feel and express; sometimes these truths are veiled. Consider in two minutes: Its just a limited […]

The Emperor Has No Clothes: Podcast on Israeli Apartheid

Under international law apartheid is considered a crime against humanity. A UN report documenting Israeli practices of apartheid came under immediate attack after its publication earlier this year. US Ambassador Nikki Haley leveled furious and virulent denunciations of it at the UN, while the authors were smeared as anti-Semites in the media. Caving into pressure, […]

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