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Canada’s War Years and C.D. Howe’s Battle with the British Empire — The Duran

From the Canadian Patriot Review At the end of 2018, I wrote a three part history series entitled “Origins of the Deep State in North America” with part one ending in 1940 with the deaths of the Laurier Liberals O.D. Skelton, and Ernest Lapointe who had kept Canada’s Department of External Affairs free of the […] […]

Venezuela And Iran Show Solidarity Can Overcome US Empire

Venezuela And Iran Show Solidarity Can Overcome US Empire Commemorating 100,000 COVID-19 Deaths The official milestone of 100,000 dead in the United States from COVID-19 is near. This figure is certainly an undercount as thousands of deaths from COVID-19 are not being recorded. Before our weekly news analysis, we pause to commemorate those deaths. The […]

The Empire Is A Mirror

The Empire Is A Mirror Let us see that the virus allows us to reflect on ourselves, not simply at a national level, but at a civilizational level – at the level of the human species. In a matter of a few months, our world has undergone profound disruptions and change. In fact, much of […]

New Yorkers need calm during coronavirus crisis, not the Empire State Building screaming death and despair

Most people have probably experienced a turbulent flight, where things got so shaky that the passengers began to sneak nervous glances at the crew for confirmation that everything was normal. So long as the stewards and stewardesses appear unfazed then everything is believed to be under control. Once the crew begins to show signs of […]

Empire State Building Debuts Dystopian Red ‘Siren’ Light

The Empire State Building debuted what appeared to be a spinning red ‘siren’ light atop the iconic structure in what many observers saw as a dystopian sign of the times. Scientist Rita J. King explained that the light was not actually spinning but was made to look that way. The @EmpireStateBldg […]

British Jew Empire and their Opium Wars

British Jew Empire and their Opium Wars Hits: 23

Decadent like the late Roman Empire, the West is committing suicide through its irrational response to Covid-19

For years, I was puzzled as to why the Roman Empire ceased to exist and was replaced by communities that were uncivilized by comparison. How and why could mankind’s progress reverse in this way? Recent experience has eliminated the mystery. No special devastating event was needed; the cause of Rome’s demise was simply the loss […]

Covid-19 has taken away bread and circuses, laying bare the true American empire

Anyone who has eyes to see can clearly make out that America is an addled empire in steep decline that is firmly entrenched in its bread-and-circuses stage. This has been brought into clear focus due to Covid-19. Since there is now a shortage of bread, as supermarket shelves are bare, and the distraction of the […]

Former Spy Interviews Author of Pedophilia & Empire, Satan, Sodomy, & The Deep State

  Joaquim Hagopian is a West Poiint graduate and former US Army officer, began to understand the pedophilia pandemic in his second career as a child advocate, discovering that the child court and services system is actually a pipeline for stealing children from their families and selling them to pedophiles. With encouragement from Robert Steele, […]

Assange: Empire Of Surveillance And Imperialism

Assange: Empire Of Surveillance And Imperialism Above Photo: From La Jornada The trial against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is a perfect metaphor for how United States imperialism operates in the world today. The Armed Forces, the Department of State, and the CIA caused thousands of deaths in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya or Syria, but it’s the person who […]

Not Flattering: FRONTLINE Film “Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos” Airs on PBS

February 25, 2020 By B.N. Frank This new FRONTLINE film about Amazon provides a detailed summary about why everyone should be concerned about how powerful Amazon has been allowed to become. Of course, they aren’t the only tech company that seems to be calling all the shots despite the consequences to the rest of us […]

China Accurately States That the US is an Empire of Hackers After They’re Accused of Hacking

Andrew Anglin Daily Stormer February 18, 2020 It is a bit like the pot calling the kettle a nigger when the US claims that everyone in the world is hacking them – even if it were true that everyone in the world was hacking them, which we have no evidence of. Because […]

Victims of The Jewish Sackler Family’s Opioid Empire, Study The “Model Drug Dealer Liability Act” (DDLA)

Report: Jewish Sackler Family Conspired With Jewish Marketing Head Michael Friedman To Deceive Americans Into Believing Their Opioids Weren’t Addictive or Deadly (read more) Daniel Bent, 2010 Legislatures across the nation are passing a unique new statute that provides redress for those injured by illegal drugs. This new law, known as the Model Drug Dealer […]

When Motherhood Kills: The Effects Of For-Profit Healthcare In Empire’s Capital

When Motherhood Kills: The Effects Of For-Profit Healthcare In Empire’s Capital Above Photo: Youtube Screenshot/ A special episode that looks at a grotesque statistic and asks the question – if you can judge a government by how they treat their most vulnerable and marginalized — how more pointed is that judgement when you look at […]

In Our American Empire, “Never Give a Sucker an Even Break…”

Kudos to the 1941 W.C. Fields comedy film “Never Give a Sucker an Even Break” for the inspiration. Well, this certainly does fit with what is transpiring now in our American Empire. This writer lives in an area I have always labeled as Death Valley USA, this Daytona Beach area. For the most part it […]

Iran Attack on Two US Bases, The “Evil Empire” Strikes Back. The Casualties?

After their excessive and macabre display of delight and satisfaction, and even celebration, over the killing of Solemani, the White House was tight-lipped about Iran’s almost immediate retaliatory missile attack on two US bases in Iraq, with Donald Trump soon claiming only a bit of physical damage, announcing on Twitter a day after the attack, “No Americans […]

Khazar History – An Ancient Jewish Empire That Threatens Modern Israel? — Rebel Voice

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Why The Bloated Military Budget Threatens To Bring Down The US Empire

Why The Bloated Military Budget Threatens To Bring Down The US Empire Above photo: From The continued, unchecked, expansion of the American military budget, as described in this month’s CPNN bulletin reminds me of what happened to the Soviet empire in the 1980’s. In the beginning of the 1980’s there were three things that foreshadowed the […]

Oliver Stone: United States is ‘the Evil Empire’

Oliver Stone, the award-winning American director and a relentless critic of US administrations, has called his country an “evil empire”. The term was coined by President Ronald Reagan in 1983 when he was referring to the Soviet Union and its arms race with the United States. Things have changed a lot since then, at least […]

“My trip to China exposed shameful lies peddled by American empire” – Danny Haiphong — The Wall Will Fall

In diplomatic terms, this indicated that China is very aware that the United States is holding back global progress toward peace and prosperity by way of its imperial model of governance. via “My trip to China exposed shameful lies peddled by American empire” – Danny Haiphong — The Wall Will Fall Filed under: American Lies, China, […]

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