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L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Announces ‘Implicit Bias’ Training for All City Employees

LOS ANGELES, California — Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Thursday that the City of Los Angeles would require all employees to undergo “implicit bias” training as part of an effort to achieve “racial justice.” Garcetti, speaking from Dodger Stadium at a press conference about the city’s coronavirus vaccination effort, said that the city would use “equity” […]

Eight German care home employees jabbed with 5 TIMES Pfizer vaccine dose, 4 hospitalized with Covid-like symptoms

Eight nursing home workers in Stralsund received five times the normal dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine, sending half of them to the hospital with Covid-19 symptoms – but the company insists the megadose is safe. A group of care home employees in the northeastern town of Stralsund was accidentally dosed with five times the […]

Ukraine Airlines to pay passengers after employees voice antisemitism

Ukraine Airlines will compensate a couple of passengers with NIS 5,000 after its representatives allegedly voiced antisemitic remarks and prevented them from boarding a flight from Vienna to Tel Aviv last year, Globes reported.  According to the lawsuit that was submitted to the Small Claims Court in Rishon LeZion, Ukraine Airlines employees humiliated the passengers […]

IVY League Colleges Are Federal Funded Colleges, Federal Employees Are a Parasite on Taxpayers (& Pedocracy)

[embedded content] Comment: What’s not mentioned is that the Federal Gov’t is infested with child predators as is the Vatican, Catholic and other churces and State governments. We are paying pensions to a bunch of child predators and these child predators make our laws. This is the real reason children de facto do NOT have […]

FBI Goes After Trump Supporters As They Are Crime Syndicate Employees of the ZIONIST Crime Syndicate

By infostormer -November 1, 20203 The FBI is actually looking into an incident involving Donald Trump supporters surrounding Joe Biden’s bus in Texas. The FBI will investigate this non-crime but won’t do anything about the rampant corruption we’ve seen from people like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and others in the Democrat Party. They also won’t do anything […]

Bus Industry Furloughs 80,000 Employees Over CoronaVirus Hoax

By infostormer -October 25, 20200 The bus industry has become another casualty of the coronavirus hoax and subsequent government lockdowns. 80,000 workers in the industry are being furloughed and their jobs are not coming back. There are some people actually saying that the bus industry should be bailed out with taxpayer funds. This is obviously nuts. This […]

Amazon Expects Employees To Operate Like Fast-Moving Machines

Above image: Molly Crabapple. This Amazon Picker Is Fighting Back. Inspired by his father and grandfather, Sean Carlisle is organizing to win stronger safety measures for his fellow workers. This arti­cle is part of a series on Ama­zon work­ers pro­duced in part­ner­ship with the Eco­nom­ic Hard­ship Report­ing Project. For Sean Carlisle (a pseu­do­nym) a 32-year-old grad­u­ate stu­dent and […]

French Employees Sabotaging Largest Phone Company

By Dafna Tachover, Director, CHD’s 5G and Wireless Harms Project Employees at Orange, France’s biggest phone company and the tenth largest mobile network operator in the world, are calling for management to stop the rollout of 5G just days before the industry plans to commit billions to their deployment in the country. About 1,000 Orange […]

Facebook Moves To Censor Internal Debate As More Employees Quit In Protest

After a handful of employees quit so they could speak out about Facebook’s insufficient internal ‘woke’-ness, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has finally decided how he’s going to handle what has been described as an internal rebellion. The surge of anti-management sentiment within the company was likely provoked by accusations, spread by the mainstream press, about […]

EEOC Sues Kroger After Store Allegedly Fires Two Employees for Not Wearing Rainbow Heart Apron

CONWAY, Ark. — The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has filed suit against The Kroger Company for violating federal civil rights law in that an Arkansas location allegedly fired two employees who sought religious accommodations not to wear an apron with a rainbow heart on the bib, symbolizing homosexual and bisexual pride. “Although [Lawson […]

OSHA Fines Smithfield Foods For ‘Failing To Protect Employees’

OSHA Fines Smithfield Foods For ‘Failing To Protect Employees’ Above photo: Some Smithfield Foods workers and their families have protested against the company’s decision not to close plants amid the coronavirus pandemic. Christina Stella / NET Radio. The Smithfield Foods plant in Sioux Falls, which was the epicenter of one of the nation’s largest coronavirus […]

US Postal Service Employees Ordered Not To Speak To Press

Above photo: Shutterstock. While the U.S. Postal Service is under attack, everyone from letter carriers to union chairs and those working behind the doors in processing facilities has sounded the alarm about what they’re seeing from the top as part of the intentional mail slow down. VICE News reported Thursday that USPS staff were sent a […]

Wisconsin state agency tells employees to wear masks during Zoom calls, even if home alone

A Wisconsin state agency is reportedly mandating that its employees wear face masksduring video conferences, even if they are home alone. In a July 31 email, the Department of Natural Resources Secretary Preston Cole reminded employees that the governor’s mask order, which requires anyone over the age of 4 to wear a face-covering while indoors, was […]

Cisco Fires Employees That Question Black Lives Matter During Company-Wide Racism Discussion

By Tyler Durden In early June, dutifully doing its part to virtue signal along with the rest of the world, Cisco Systems hosted an “all hands on deck” meeting on race, hosted via videoconference. In the comments of the online forum, visible to everyone, some workers questioned the Black Lives Matter movement and were subsequently fired from […]

FERC Employees Told Truth About FERC. What Will They Do Now?

FERC Employees Told Truth About FERC. What Will They Do Now? Note: Our allies at Beyond Extreme Energy were able to send a video to the emails of a little over 1,600 people who work at FERC. The video tells FERC employees telling the truth about the agency they work for. The reality of how FERC […]

Starbucks Employees Told “All White People Are Evil”

Starbucks have begun training employees that “all white people are evil” as part of its new “racial bias” and “racial sensitivity” training. “At one point a girl at my table actually had to get up and leave because video after video they showed black people being assaulted by police or black people being verbally assaulted […]

Google Removes “Don’t Be Evil” From Its Conduct As Employees Quit In Droves Over Project Maven

By Aaron Kesel Google has removed the phrase “Don’t be evil” from its Code of Conduct; this comes as at least 4,000 employees have expressed outrage over the company’s decision to work with the Pentagon’s Project Maven and amid a leaked video called the “Selfish Ledger” exposing internal Google dialogue to create a […]

Google employees finally wake up and realize they’re working for PURE EVIL… AI drone "terminator" project meets internal resistance

(Natural News) More than a dozen Google employees have quit working for the tech monolith in recent weeks as a response to the company’s forging ahead with a Terminator-esque artificial intelligence (AI) program that could end up weaponizing machine-learning technologies for use in military war games. Known as “Project Maven,” the Department […]

4000 Google Employees Sign Petition To End Controversial AI Drone Contract With The U.S. Military

Next Story There is a story from World War 2 that always struck me as the essence of what it meant to have a conscience. A German soldier who was a member of a firing squad told his commanding officer that he could not bring himself to fire upon and kill a lineup of helpless, […]

Leftist Starbucks employees call the cops on two black men sitting peacefully in their own store… just ‘cuz they’re BLACK

(Natural News) Our pop culture generally associates the Starbucks coffee franchise with Left-wing Seattle-like hipsters who are tolerant, diverse, and inclusive, so imagine our shock when we learned that one of the most overt acts of racism in recent memory just occurred at a Starbucks franchise. As noted by The Daily Wire, […]

Google employees are suddenly realizing their employer is pure EVIL; now they’re freaking out over Pentagon AI "terminator" project

(Natural News) The aesthetic appeal of its sprawling, modern campus with sun-lit cafeterias and lush outdoor gardens is no longer shielding the Google corporation from the scrutiny it deserves, as more than 3,100 of the search engine’s employees recently signed onto a petition demanding that their employer cease its role in advancing […]

In Letter to CEO, 1000s of Google Employees Revolt Against Military Drone Project

By Carey Wedler Google made headlines last month when it was announced it was partnering with the Pentagon to develop artificial intelligence for use in drones flown over war zones. The move divided the company, and this week, internal documentation of that conflict became available to the public in a petition signed by thousands of employees to […]

YouTube employees suddenly find themselves on the front lines of a shooting war that they started via censorship and oppression of speech

(Natural News) A shooting at the YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California, turned out to be the work of an angry Youtuber who was censored and demonetized by YouTube, after which she sought to murder YouTube employees in an act of revenge. See the full details about Nasim Aghdam / Nasima Sabz […]

FBI Geek Squad Cozy Relationship Exposed: Geek Squad Employees Used As Informants For 10 Years

March 8, 2018 By Aaron Kesel The FBI paid Best Buy’s Geek Squad employees to act as informants, according to several documents obtained by the nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). The documents expose the cozy relationship between Best Buy and the FBI that goes back at least 10 years. With the release […]

Likudnik Alex Jones accused of grooming employees for gay sex, fondling, and deceiving audience

Jones and Jacobson By Timothy Fitzpatrick March 3, 2018 Anno Domini The latest revelations by former Infowars employees confirm that Alex Jones is not a legitimate truther but a sexually compromising partisan shill for the GOP and their organized crime backers. According to an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint lodged by Ashley Beckford, a […]

Early Facebook and Google employees form coalition to fight technology dangers

     A group of Silicon Valley technologists who were early employees at Facebook and Google, alarmed over the ill effects of social networks and smartphones, are banding together to challenge the companies they helped build The cohort is creating a union of concerned experts called the Center for Humane Technology“. Along with the nonprofit media […]

Google’s mob "tolerance" encouraged "crowdsourced harassment" to condemn employees for being white

(Natural News) Earlier this week, former Google employee James Damore filed a lawsuit against his former employer on the grounds that the company, among other things, is extremely hostile towards white heterosexual males. There are a number of notable allegations made in the lawsuit, but perhaps the most significant one has to […]

Watch Ex-Twitter Employees Brag About ‘Shadow Banning’ Political Opinions They Don’t Like

Newly released undercover video footage from Project Veritas shows current and former Twitter employees bragging about their ability to censor people on the platform whose political opinions they don’t like. “One strategy is to shadow ban so you have ultimate control,” a former Twitter software engineer, Abhinov Vadrevu, says in the video. […]


SHADOW GOVERNMENT: 85+% OF OUR SO-CALLED GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES ARE CORPORATIONS NOT LOYAL TO AMERICANS AND AMERICA’S WELLBEING! SHADOW ELITISTS = ROTHSCHILDS CRIME MOB Click for Source Book on Shadow Elite Report: Federal worker ‘minimum wage’ is $100,000, 8.5 weeks off = TAXPAYERS provide most generous employee PAY & MOST ARE CORPORATE CROOKS! — Government watchdog […]

Bank of America giving its employees a special year-end bonus of $1000 to celebrate tax cuts

     Bank of America has joined the parade of American companies celebrating tax cuts by giving its employees a special year-end bonus. Brian Moynihan, the bank’s chief executive, sent an email to employees citing the benefits to the company from the lower corporate tax rate. “In the spirit of shared success, we intend to pass […]

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