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Madrid Enforces Emergency Measure Even After Court Rejects Lockdown

Sam JonesThe Guardian © Manu Fernández/APA customer sits inside a bar in Madrid on Friday. The Spanish government has declared a state of emergency to keep Madrid in partial lockdown as countries across Europe struggle to deal with the continuing surge in new coronavirus cases. The move came as Italy logged more than 5,000 new […]

Microsoft launches “PEOPLE ANALYTICS” an AI that enforces social distancing

Microsoft has launched AI that enforces social distancing. While an impressive technology with more uses than calculating the distance between people, there are privacy concerns and ethical issues raised in this new coronavirus surveillance age. In a virtual event, Microsoft launched Ignite Spatial Analysis, which is part of Redmond’s Cognitive Services, machine learning services intended for […]

Clintons Threatened Attorney General With Her Life

Attorney General Loretta Lynch was threatened by Bill Clinton, according to a Department of Justice source, which then set in motion an ‘obvious and ridiculous’ chain of events that culminated in Hillary Clinton being let off the hook, despite FBI Director James Comey essentially stating that she broke the law. The chain of events was […]

Erasing Dad… The War on Fathers

Censored and attacked for showing how family courts tear fathers away from their children after divorce. Shocking testimony. This version is for the USA and other countries where the original version has been blocked. ~ Documentary December 9, 2015. Argentina. (ONN) Apparently, the war on dads isn’t just an American phenomenon. Millions of fathers can […]

Lady Takes A Full Cart To The “10 Items Or Less” Line – Then, THIS Happened!

Subscribe is a website dedicated to truth and patriotism. Every single person writing on this site is a long time patriot. Don’t miss out on our breaking news! Subscribe by entering your email below. God bless America! Dean James III% AMERICAS FREEDOM FIGHTERS – Every now and then America’s Freedom Fighters likes to take a […]

Alabama enforces toughest immigration law in US

Starting today, be prepared to be stopped on the streets of Alabama. Law enforcement officials within the state have the power to question suspected immigrants without provocation and the governor says they’re going to do just that. Anti-immigration law activists say the new laws in the state of Alabama are perhaps the strictest in the […]

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