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London’s National Gallery reopens its doors to the public as England’s lockdown is lifted

Cultural venues in England were able to finally reopen their doors after the country exited a month-long lockdown on Wednesday. Most of the country remains under restrictions as a new regional tiered system for cutting coronavirus infection rates kicked in. The four-week lockdown, which began in November, was imposed to stop surging rates of infection, […]

Coronavirus: 2.5 million of most vulnerable people in England to be sent vitamin D pills

Almost three million vulnerable people, including the sick and elderly, in England are to be given free vitamin D pills as part of the country’s efforts to combat COVID-19 this winter. The vitamin helps regulate nutrients that are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. While the body creates vitamin D from direct sunlight […]

Unmasking King Richard I: Does the Lionhearted King of England Have a Better Reputation Than He Deserves?

Cruel. Courageous. Scheming. Chivalrous. These are just some of the contradictory words that have been used to describe King Richard I, a ruler with a ‘Lion heart.’ But lions are not always majestic creatures, they can be downright vicious… perhaps this nickname really does suit the famous king? Richard I was an English king who […]

Member of Church of England’s General Synod Claims It Is ‘Harmful’ to Call Homosexuality Sinful

(The Christian Institute) — LGBT activist Jayne Ozanne has accused the Oxford Inter-Collegiate Christian Union (OICCU) of homophobia for affirming the Bible’s teaching on sexual morality. Ozanne, a member of the Church of England’s General Synod, praised an article in the student newspaper The Oxford Student, which criticized OICCU over its biblical position on sexual […]

England planning Christmas ‘travel window’ allowing students to return home in December

The UK government has said university students will be able to travel home to spend Christmas with their families during a “travel window” after national lockdown restrictions are set to end on December 2. “We know this Christmas will feel different, and following this incredibly difficult year, we are delivering on our commitment to getting students back to their loved ones as safely as possible […]

London streets quiet as England goes into second coronavirus lockdown

London’s streets were quieter on Thursday as England entered the first day of its second national lockdown. Aerial footage shows the normally bustling central areas of Trafalgar Square, St Paul’s Cathedral and the South Bank almost empty. The British government and the Bank of England joined forces on Thursday to provide further support to an […]

England enters day one of second lockdown as Wales emerges from ‘firebreak’

As England embarks on four weeks of lockdown, Wales is coming to the end of a two week “firebreak”. The devolved government in Cardiff listened to the UK government’s scientific advisers who warned six weeks ago that a short lockdown was needed to contain the surge in new cases. Many owners of English bars and […]

Coronavirus: England goes back into lockdown as cases spike around Europe

England has entered a second confinement period in an attempt to stop the spread of coronavirus. People enjoyed a final night out in pubs, bars and restaurants on Wednesday, before the second lockdown came into force, with authorities hoping to stop the healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed. Non-essential shops and businesses, such as pubs, restaurants, […]

Coronavirus: England would see ‘twice as many deaths’ during winter as in spring without lockdown

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has defended his decision to take England back into a coronavirus lockdown, saying there was “no alternative” to the measure. Addressing the House of Commons, he added without action there could be twice as many COVID-19 deaths in winter compared to the first wave of the virus. Johnson sought to […]

England to enter new lockdown as UK virus cases surpass 1 million

LONDON (AP) — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Saturday announced a new month-long lockdown for England after being warned that without tough action a resurgent coronavirus outbreak will overwhelm hospitals in weeks. On the day the UK passed 1 million confirmed COVID-19 cases, Johnson made a sudden about-face and confirmed that stringent restrictions on […]

England win 2020 Six Nations championship after Ireland fail in Paris

England won the 2020 Six Nations rugby title after thrashing Italy on Saturday, but they had to wait for the result of a tense match between France and Ireland in Paris before they could celebrate. Eddie Jones’ side triumphed on the final day of what became the longest Six Nations tournament in history due to […]

Over half of England’s population comes under new virus restrictions

About 28 million people in England, more than half the population, are now living under tough restrictions imposed on Saturday as the country battles a surge in coronavirus cases. The government of Prime Minister Boris Johnson has introduced a three-tier alert system to try to contain the disease, with some virus hotspots seeing bans on […]

New England Journal of Medicine Breaks Non-Political Policy, Urges to Vote Trump Out Without naming names, editors of the longest-running US medical journal have outright adopted the platform of Democratic candidate Joe Biden, urging Americans to vote out their “political leaders” over their Covid-19 response. Titled ‘Dying in a Leadership Vacuum,’ the editorial – dated October 8 but made public on Wednesday – says the US leadership “failed” the Covid-19 […]

Report: Church of England ‘Created a Culture Where Sex Abusers Were Able to Hide’

Photo Credit: Julia Schwab/Pixabay (Evangelical Focus) — The latest British Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse’s (IICSA) report recently published, has focused its investigation on the Church of England and the Church of Wales. It is based on the inquiry’s public hearings held in July 2019. The report explains that “convictions of sexual abuse of […]

OBEY OR ELSE: New England Journal of Medicine says people refusing MANDATORY coronavirus vaccines should be severely punished, locked in their homes and fired from their jobs

All about vaccines, nothing about strengthening your immune system, healthy food, sunshine, Vitamins, fresh air / oxygen … nothing either about avoiding bad food, junk food, synthetic food, gm food, just about the vax. National Addiction News Welcome to the new medical fascism of 2020. The New England Journal of Medicine, the same fake science rag […]

This is why not-so-merry England and stoic Russia have always existed like oil and water.

By Katerina for the Saker Blog In this my third and hopefully last essay I will try to analyse an ingrained and totally unresolvable animosity between England and Russia. Here what riles me a lot is when some people would describe England as “Britain”. I have lived in both Scotland and England and I have […]

In pictures: Migrants attempt to cross from France to England

The number of migrants attempting to cross to England from northern France has spiralled during the summer. It’s part of a general upward trend: authorities say 6,200 migrants attempted the crossing in the first eight months of this year, compared with 2,294 for the whole of 2019. On Tuesday, 88 migrants were rescued during five […]

Abortions Set for Another Record High in England and Wales

Photo Credit: Engin Akyurt/Pixabay (The Christian Institute) — Almost 110,000 abortions were carried out on residents of England and Wales between January and June this year, the government has revealed. Figures released by the Department for Health and Social Care indicated there had been an increase of more than 4,000 on the same period last […]

Even the Royal College of Surgeons of England Study Proved Masks Were Worthless

Arthur Firstenberg on facial masks: “As a person who went to medical school, I was shocked when I read Neil Orr’s study, published in 1981 in the Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Dr. Orr was a surgeon in the Severalls Surgical Unit in Colchester. And for six months, from March through […]

England limits gatherings to six people in order to curb spread of COVID-19

England will limit social gatherings to six people, a “simple” guideline that will be easy for police to enforce, UK health secretary Matt Hancock announced. He said there would be exceptions made for school, work, weddings, funerals and christenings but that they wanted a guideline that would be clear for people. Hancock said that gatherings […]

The Anarchy: A Whirlwind of Chaos and Warfare in Medieval England

Anarchy. The word itself is enough to paint a stark picture of lawlessness and disorder, a picture of a world in which no rules exist – for anyone. Such a world is bound to collapse under its own weight, like a building without supports, it caves in on itself. But what happens when anarchy actually […]

COVID-19: Secondary school pupils to wear mask in England’s lockdown areas

The UK government has changed advice on face-covering at school for children in year 7 or above. In a statement published on Tuesday, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said that children aged 12 or above, as well as adults, should wear masks at school in England’s lockdown areas – which include the towns of Leicester and […]

Ten Amazing Ice Age Artworks By The Magdalenians Discovered In England

Ten carved stones discovered in England a few years ago have been dated back to the last ice age . Researchers discovered the ten ice age artworks between 2014 and 2018 at an ancient hearth at Les Varines in southeastern Jersey, one of the English Channel islands. A team of archaeologists from Newcastle University and […]

England’s Jewish Aristocracy

England’s Jewish Aristocracy May 24, 2019 by Henry Makow PhD. Did you know that Simon Cowell, the acerbic judge on American Idol,  is half-Jewish? British Jews keep a low profile but they are extremely influential. Similarly, it is hardly known that the British aristocracy largely is half-Jewish too, and that, in the words of L.G. […]

500,000-Year-Old Horse Bone Tools Discovered in England

Every doctor, physician and nutritionist who has ever donned a white coat would agree that, to a great extent, we humans really are what we eat. But over recent years, with advances in scanning technologies, archaeologists and anthropologists have begun to harness this undeniable fact, under the right circumstances, by using the dietary data contained […]

A Fascinating Roman Industrial Complex Has Been Excavated In England

The remains of a Roman period industrial complex has been uncovered by archaeologists in England, and includes kilns for making lime, mortar and pottery, and this discovery represents a detailed picture of what life was like for working class folk in the Roman outpost of Britannia. The Ruined Legacy of Roman Builders in England In […]

Thousands Of England’s Coronavirus Deaths To Be Wiped From Official Records

Thousands of Coronavirus deaths recorded in England are set to be removed from official records following an urgent review into ‘counting flaws’. Last month UK health secretary Matt Hancock ordered an urgent review into how the daily death coronavirus counts were calculated in England after a ‘statistical flaw’ was dicovered. Scientists raised the alarm after […]


ENGLAND BUILDING TO THE EXPULSION OF USURIOUS ASHKENAZIS IN 1290 CE It was not about religion, it was about usury debt slavery and nothing else. ENGLAND BUILDING TO THE MOST COMPLETE EXPULSION OF USURY IN 1290 CE 600 CE-1065 CE: ENGLAND BUILDS TO EXPULSION OF USURIOUS ASHKENAZIS — During the Early Middle Ages the British […]

England: Cambridge Gets a ‘Golden Dome Mosque’ as 3rd World Colonization Escalates

The famous and historical university city of Cambridge, England, has unveiled a huge $22 million golden domed mosque as the Third World colonization of that country proceeds apace, with the government’s Office for National Statistics predicting that a further 5.2 million “immigrants” will settle in the UK in the next ten years. According to a […]

The Crown of England is Owned and Operated by the Vatican — They Control 1.2 Billion ‘Slaves’

The Vatican is one of the most powerful corporations in the world. It is powerful because it controls the Crown of England and nearly every church in the world, especially Catholic churches. Furthermore, the Vatican operates under Roman law and controls most of the Western courts and some Eastern courts. In the USA today, nearly […]

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