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Enoch Reveals The Prison For Fallen Angels Is Antarctica

Almost everything you’ve been told, almost everything you’ve heard since the time you were a child….. Is a LIE….. an untruth….. a Fabrication created and perpetuated by a lying system, under the control of the fallen angel Lucifer. Enoch And The Lie About Angels Why was the Book of Enoch removed around 500 years ago? […]


Online researcher and columnist Staś. View all posts by Staś Source Article from Hits: 8

Mike Enoch is “Our Greatest Ally”

This information is not really anything new for those who have been paying attention, but apparently a lot of pro-Whites are oblivious to semitic subversion. VeGAINator analyzes Mike Enoch’s own words and explains why we should never allow such a person to represent our interests. Source Article from Hits: 15

Unite The Right: David Duke And Mike Enoch Speak Out At The Rally In Charlottesville, Virginia

This is a must watch video of David Duke and Mike Enoch addressing the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally.       Source Article from Hits: 8

Dr. Duke & Mike Enoch Expose the ZioLies hiding the BLM, Antifa Communist Terrorists attack on our peaceful, but inspiring, Charlottesville Alt-Right Rally!

Download Dr. Duke and Mike Enoch of the Daily Shoah talked about their experiences at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville on Saturday, August 12. The Alt-right organizers and participants came with the intention of holding a peaceable assembly as guaranteed by the Constitution. They followed instructions by law enforcement regarding where to assemble […]

Blacks Celebrate White Genocide: Negress Elected to Enoch Powell’s Old Seat

Diversity Macht Frei June 11, 2017 LONGSTANDING LABOUR activist Eleanor Smith has made history by becoming the West Midlands’ first African Caribbean MP – but she’s also won a seat which is of enormous historic importance to the black community.  The swing seat of Wolverhampton South West was once the constituency of […]

Radical Agenda Ep. 302 – Mike Enoch

Christopher Cantwell May 17, 2017 Mike Enoch started, and the very popular white nationalist podcast The Daily Shoah. Before that, he was a libertarian, showing an ideological progression familiar to many members of this audience. Today he joins us for a long overdue discussion on the Radical Agenda. I had been aware […]

Caerulus Rising Episode 5 – Appalachian Huhwhitistan Posting with Enoch and Sacco

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Israel incorporates British colonial rules into its law

Charlotte Silver Rights and Accountability 16 June 2016 Addameer media coordinator Hasan Safadi was subjected to 40 days of abusive interrogation. Israel’s parliament adopted a sweeping law on Wednesday that critics warn further criminalizes Palestinian political activity by expanding what it defines as “terrorism.” Meanwhile, it has emerged that Israel has subjected a Palestinian journalist […]


Even before any major world powers were willing to go public (so to speak) with their involvement in Syria’s five-year, bloody civil war, it was difficult to keep track of the myriad rebel factions, militant groups, and jihadists battling the Assad regime for control of the country. Add To The Conversation Using Facebook Comments Source […]

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