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BLM Co-Founder Admits Praying To Dark Entities (Satanism) – They Burn Churches And Chant ‘Hail Satan’ And ‘F**K Your Jesus’

After Terrorizing Churches, BLM Witchcraft Exposed: ‘hail satan’ There is now proof that there are very dark forces behind Black Lives Matter, and it’s not just the blatant Marxism of its founders and leaders. The darkness literally includes summoning dead spirits and allowing them to work through BLM leaders. Sound crazy? BLM bosses admit it. Clues […]

How Government Entities Use Geolocation Data To Identify Everyone

July 28, 2020 By MassPrivateI An infographic from the Future of Privacy Forum describes how mobile devices such as smartphones interpret signals from their surroundings – including GPS satellites, cell towers, Wi-Fi networks, and Bluetooth – generate a precise location measurement (latitude and longitude). This measurement is provided by the mobile operating system to mobile […]

Is Planet Earth Being Terraformed By Non-Human Entities?

Editor’s note: This article is not about whether the earth is flat or round or a taurus field etc. because for me, it really doesn’t matter what shape the “Illusion” is in. Please enjoy reading this article written by Buck Rogers and originally published at Waking Times. Some things happening on planet earth today just […]

5D Shift: Dealing with the Influence of Ancient Entities in the Field

February 26th, 2018 By Open Contributing writer for Wake Up World Day by day the shift gathers a pace. And as we pass through the Inflexion Point, the crossroads between the old and the new paradigms, then the karmic construct gets increasingly challenged. Many layers of the matrix have been opened up and a river of light is fast […]

How Some of the World’s Elite Use Black Magic Rituals To Conjure Up Entities For More Power

Next Story “The underlying, primary psychic reality is so inconceivably complex that it can be grasped only at the farthest reach of intuition, and then but very dimly. That is why it needs symbols.” – Carl Jung What is ceremonial magic? The works of multiple scholars, from Plato to Manly P. Hall and further down the line, […]

What Mystics & Prophets Have Revealed About Hyper-Dimensional Entities

Makia Freeman, ContributorWaking Times Hyper-dimensional entities have been recognized, discussed and warned about for literally millennia throughout the history of humanity. Naturally, there are many people who scoff at the very idea of such beings, believing them to be fictitious inventions of the human mind. However, the fact that so many cultures, traditions, religions and […]

Iran could declare US armed forces ‘terrorist entities’ – analyst

With the US tackling both the Korean crisis and threatening to scrap the Iran nuclear deal, President Trump has decided to lump together his two adversaries by accusing Tehran of supporting Pyongyang. As Donald Trump is expected to “decertify” the nuclear deal with Iran, there are reports the US could target Iran’s crucial security force, […]

Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities

Southern Poverty Law Center Transfers Millions in Cash to Offshore Entities Washington Free Beacon August 31, 2017 The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a liberal, Alabama-based 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization that has gained prominence on the left for its “hate group” designations, pushes millions of dollars to offshore entities as part of its business dealings, […]

U.S. sanctions 18 Iranian individuals, entities over country’s missile program, other non-nuclear issues

AP — The Latest on the Trump administration’s move to let the nuclear deal continue while its Iran policy review continues (all times local): 8:30 a.m. The Trump administration is slapping new sanctions on 18 Iranian individuals, groups and networks over non-nuclear behavior such as support for ballistic missiles development. The move comes the day […]

Two US senators aim to impose sanctions on financial entities dealing with North Korea

     US senators will soon introduce new sanctions targeting financial institutions dealing with Pyongyang. The bill threatens to expel those conducting business with North Korea from the US financial system. US Senators Chris Van Hollen (D- Maryland) and Patrick Toomey (R- Pennsylvania) proposed bipartisan legislation on Wednesday aimed at “achieving a nuclear free Korean Peninsula” […]

Jackfruit: Can This Nutritional Powerhouse Prevent Widespread Famine?

3rd July 2016 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World Unlike the United States — where self-sufficiency and food security is persecuted — the government of Venezuela is pushing its population to grow urban gardens and raise chickens in response to severe food shortages. Venezuelan president Maduro himself produces everything his family eats with […]

One killed, 5 injured in car bombing in Iraq’s Karbala

A car bomb has exploded in Iraq’s Holy city of Karbala, leaving a least five people dead and 11 others wounded. The incident took place in central Karbala near the house of Karbala Governor Aqil al-Turaihi on Tuesday, Iraq’s almaalomah news agency reported. Iraqi sources said the bombing occurred five kilometers away from the shrines of the […]

Assad Accuses Israel Of Being ‘al-Qaeda’s Air Force’

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad famously declared in an interview: “How can you say al-Qaeda doesn’t have an air force? They have the Israeli air force.” “It’s very clear. Because whenever we make advances in some place, they attack in order to undermine the army,” Assad said last year. reports: “Putin is the big Satan, […]

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