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Drugs In The Environment: The Importance of Properly Disposing Unused Medications

The Facts: The French government recently announced plans to make “unauthorized” protests illegal. This is coming as a result of the Yellow Vests movement. Reflect On: What is an “unauthorized” protest? Does this mean protests can only be legal in France if it’s ‘authorized’ by the government?’ The Yellow Vests hit the streets and began […]

Fake Facebook Pages About Feminism, Environment, Run By The Israel Project To Influence Views On Israel

The Israel Project, a major advocacy group based in Washington, is running a secret influence campaign on Facebook. This is revealed in The Lobby – USA, an undercover Al Jazeera documentary that has never been broadcast due to censorship by Qatar following pressure from pro-Israel organizations. The video above, exclusive to The Electronic Intifada, shows the latest excerpts […]

Going Underground – Sheffields Lord Mayor Magid on Hostile Environment, Suicide Prevention, Yemen, Syria & Refugees

Going Underground – Sheffields Lord Mayor Magid on Hostile Environment, Suicide Prevention, Yemen, Syria & Refugees Going Underground with Afshin Lord Mayor Magid Magid speaks in his office in Sheffield Town Hall on a whole range of topics. From his new UK Suicide Prevention Charter and to accepting more child refugees as a result […]

The FCC Is Not An Environmental Agency Even Though It Regulates Stuff That Affects The Environment

September 3, 2018 By B.N. Frank The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has nothing to do with regulating, limiting, and reducing environmental damage caused by emissions and waste from digital, electronic, and wireless technology.  That’s The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) job – even though The FCC is NOT an environmental health agency.  […]

Nanoparticles: The tiniest toxins increasingly widespread in our environment

     Researchers from University of Denmark have some rather bleak news when it comes to nanoparticles in the environment and its harmful effect on humans. Yet, it’s better to know now and deal with the issue then wait until nanotech really takes off, out of control. Interestingly, they lump nano-silver in with nano-cadmium and show […]

New Book: Population And The Environment

New Book: Population And The Environment Above photo: World Resources Forum One hopes that human wisdom and ethics will continue to grow, but unlimited growth of population and industry on a finite earth is a logical impossibility. Today we are pressing against the absolute limits of the earth’s carrying capacity. There are many indications that […]

Adapt 2030 Ice Age Report: Hudson Bay ice breakers in July, ice anomalies Environment Canada silent

     Hudson Bay with what can only be described as incredibly unusual ice accumulations in the N.E as ice breakers are now needed to open channels. Locals its extremely rare, even unheard of, Environment Canada 30 ice averages don’t even show ice in these areas at all during July, let alone the first week of […]

Vegan-friendly fashion found to be surprisingly bad for the environment

(Natural News) People who avoid fur and other animal-based materials in clothing, believing that this conscious choice makes for a better environment and planet, could be doing more harm than good in the long run, experts now say. That’s because vegan-friendly clothing is often made from synthetic fibers that, more often than […]

Going Underground – Ep. 619: World Environment Day w/ Fmr. President of the Maldives

Going Underground – Ep. 619: World Environment Day w/ Fmr. President of the Maldives Going Underground with Afshin We speak to the former leader of the Maldives, Mohammed Waheed Hassan about why is the country emblematic of all the most serious issues facing the planet, from trade wars to climate change. LIKE Going Underground […]

Trump is a disaster for the environment, for wildlife, and for human life

Trump is a disaster for the environment, for wildlife, and for human life. Trump has handed over to polluters oil and mineral rights in US National Monuments. Mining will now deface what was before Trump protected national monuments, and oil drilling will destroy the Arctic National Refuge. He has appointed polluters to run the Environmental […]

Working Class Town Goes Green, Protect Environment, Improves Lifestyle

Straddling the northeast branch of the Anacostia River just outside of Washington, D.C., is a half-square-mile patch of green called Edmonston. It’s a tiny Maryland town where, despite its distance from the Chesapeake Bay, the residents seem to understand that what they do here affects what happens there. What started in the early 2000s as an effort […]

Make your laundry cleaner for the environment: Researchers designing ways to treat wastewater from washing machines

(Natural News) You can’t see silver nanoparticles in your clothes – not even with a microscope – but rest assured these tiny particles are present in many of your underwear, towels, socks, and other garments. Ranging in diameter from 1 to 100 nanometers, they are added to give clothes anti-odor and anti-bacterial […]

Workers VS The Environment: The Fraying Of The Blue-Green Alliance

Workers VS The Environment: The Fraying Of The Blue-Green Alliance Above Photo: The ExxonMobil refinery after the February 18, 2015, explosion . (AP Photo/Nick Ut) Nothing ignites a local environmental justice campaign more quickly, in California, than a refinery fire or explosion affecting down-wind neighbors. Three years ago, an Exxon-Mobil facility was rocked by a […]

Your tax dollars for protecting the environment are actually protecting … parking spaces: EPA spent $1.5 million on parking; many spaces never even used

(Natural News) If there’s one thing that the federal government is good at, it’s taking other people’s money and blowing it on things that are completely unimportant and irrelevant. According to a report put out last month by Judicial Watch, the bloated and horribly wasteful Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) paid a total of $1.5 million […]

Product of their environment? Scientists study the link between a violent community and antisocial behavior in kids

(Natural News) Do you live in an environment where violence is present? A study finds that children and teenagers who experienced living in a violent community have more chances of being antisocial in comparison with those who live in peaceful communities. A team of researchers from the University of Basel and the University Psychiatric Hospital […]

Global Research Articles on the Environment

Related Posts Scientific Research Paper by Renowned PhD Biochemistry Prof Exposes Extreme 5G Health Dangers     5G: Great Risk for EU, US and International Health Compelling Evidence for Eight The Government’s Secret UFO Program Funded Research On Wormholes and Extra Dimensions  Your tax dollars, believe it or not, are (or at least were) being used […]

If Everyone Ate Beans Instead Of Beef, This Is What Would Happen To The Environment

Next Story The government and the media are constantly stressing that the environment is in total disarray, that we’re on our way to massively affecting our climate, and that we need to adhere to specific emissions targets in order to prevent further damage. Though we clearly need to treat the environment with more respect, the […]

Pay Attention: We’re Heavily Empowering One Industry To Destroy The Environment

Next Story The government, mainstream media, and multiple environmental organizations are constantly driving our attention toward oil and gas, transportation, and many other industries that contribute to environmental degradation and destruction. How often do you hear that animal agriculture is the leading force behind all of this? The environmental destruction that occurs as a result […]

DIESEL engines now cleaner for the environment than gas engines

(Natural News) An international study that was published on Monday, July 17 in the journal Scientific Reports showed that modern diesel cars release fewer carbonaceous particulate matter (PM) into the air than vehicles which use gasoline engines. The study, which was conducted by researchers in Norway and Switzerland with the  help from colleagues in France, Italy, […]

Plastic pollution risks ‘near permanent contamination of natural environment’

Humans have produced 8.3bn tonnes of plastic since the 1950s with the majority ending up in landfill or polluting the world’s continents and oceans, according to a new report. The first global analysis of all mass–produced plastics has found that it has outstripped most other man-made materials, threatening a “near permanent contamination of […]

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