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China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station: The Epicenter of the California Earthquakes and Hub of Geoengineering is Exposed by a Former Insider

  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Weather Mod & China Lake Connection: Part 1 – The Secret City by Anthony Etienne Jaime The Truth Denied Weather Modification & The China Lake Connection Part 1 – The Secret City by Anthony Etienne Jaime “Neither the Bible nor the prophets; neither Freud nor research; neither the revelations of […]

The Hidden World of Burning Man – The Greatest Party on Earth or an Epicenter of Consciousness?

September 18th, 2017 By Nanice Ellis Contributing writer for Wake Up World Burning Man: The greatest party on Earth or an epicenter of consciousness? As an experiment in consciousness, 70,000 people from all walks of life gather in the harsh desert and build community from the ground up. For one week each year, Black Rock City […]

DNA-ing dog poo: Spanish city to create database of dog owners falling ‘foul’ of the law

The plan will look to crack down on pet owners in the central Spanish city of Guadalajara, with local residents saying that dog mess is one of the major problems affecting them. “This measure will increase the vigilance on the streets in order to prevent dog-owners from leaving their pets’ feces in the public roads,” […]

Evidence of Government Infiltrators in Oregon Stand Off Event

Evidence of Government Infiltrators in Oregon Stand Off Event NOTE: Post changed after new information provided by our posters; many thanks to them. Apologies for any confusion created. There is federal infiltration of this element, which is seen by the role of certain agents who were involved in the stand-off. Some of the initial information […]

Nuclear Plant Near Epicenter Shuts Down

  NBC Washington August 23, 2011 A nuclear power plant located in Louisa County, the epicenter of the earthquake in Virginia, has shut down. The North Anna Power Station, operated by Dominion Power, has two reactors. Both reactors tripped automatically at the time of the quake and shut down. Fresh food that lasts from eFoodsDirect […]

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