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EPSTEINgate: “The Club” is exposed for the first time

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EPSTEINgate Bombshell: Did they just try to kill the most dangerous witness in world history?

    Epstein Found “Nearly Unconscious” In Prison Cell After Possible Suicide Attempt Jeffrey Epstein has been found “nearly unconscious in a fetal position inside his New York City jail cell, according to the New York Post, citing sources close to the investigation. The 66-year-old convicted pedophile is being held in the Metropolitan Correctional […]

EPSTEINgate: How did Jeffrey Epstein become an CFR and Trilateral Commission member after his Pedogate operation was exposed?

    Jeffrey Epstein: CFR and Trilateral Commission Member Kurt Nimmo Back in 2003, before it was known Jeffrey Epstein had a penchant for exploiting underage girls, The Harvard Crimson ran an article telling its readers what a good guy Jeff was. In addition to linking Epstein to a number of notables, including then Harvard […]

EPSTEINgate: The Most Radioactive Data Dump in History is Imminent

    “It’s Going To Be Staggering”: Epstein Associates Prepare For Worst As Massive Document Dump Imminent As the Jeffrey Epstein case continues to unfold, a laundry list of celebrities, business magnates and socialites who have flown anywhere near the registered sex offender’s orbit are now tainted with pedo-polonium. Many of them, such as […]

EPSTEINgate Blockbuster! Raw testimony so radioactive the guilty perps are desperate to change the national conversation

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The Unknown Epstein Associate Who Will Blow EPSTEINgate Wide Open

In 2002, Junkermann acquired the rights for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany with her relatively new company Infront Sports and Media. The company was best known at this time for its president and chief executive, Philippe Blatter, the nephew of Sepp Blatter, the then president of FIFA. This overt nepotistic corruption left Junkermann’s […]

EPSTEINgate: And this is just the tip of the iceberg! (Video)

Speaking on Israel TV’s “Meet the Press,” Saturday, Barak stated he had no idea that Epstein’s charges related to molesting underage girls and defended his business relationship with Epstein. Victims of Jeffery Epstein share the emotional toll that sexual abuse has taken on them — even years after the abuse occurred. Miami Herald reporter Julie […]

EPSTEINgate: It’s Much Bigger Than Anyone Knows

by sarz Rothschild vs Trump. Will the new entry in the updated Jewish bible be Book of Trump or Book of Rothschild? The Adelsons are praying for the Book of Trump. “Would it be too much to pray for a day when the Bible gets a ‘Book of Trump’, much like it has a ‘Book […]

EPSTEINgate: British ambassador who warned that ‘Trump’s administration could collapse in disgrace’ really a [SELF-FULFILLING] prediction by May’s government

  AFP/PA MEDIA Mr Trump said he will “no longer deal with” Sir Kim Darroch   Ambassador ‘has PM’s full support’ despite Trump criticism BBC Downing Street has reaffirmed its “full support” for the UK’s ambassador to the US after Donald Trump said he will no longer work with him. The US president was responding […]

EPSTEINgate: Mainstream Media poised to pounce on Trump for Acosta appointment

  FILE – In this Sept. 17, 2018, file photo, President Donald Trump, left, and Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta listen during a meeting of the President’s National Council of the American Worker in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington. The arrest of billionaire financier Jeffrey Epstein on child sex trafficking charges is […]

EpsteinGate: How Alan Dershowitz Unwittingly Exploded the Mossad’s DC Blackmail Ring

Editor’s note: Our sources tell us that the documents that Dershowitz pushed to release, which in the video below he asserts exonerate him of child sex allegation in actuality sink his client Jeffrey Epstein.  Let’s see how it all plays out…looks to us like rats leaving a sinking ship. Source Article from Hits: 58

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